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Flight Butler and High-Speed ​​Rail Butler have completed the development of core versions of Hongmeng native applications, refreshing the smart travel experience in all scenarios

Flight Butler and High-Speed ​​Rail Butler have completed the development of core versions of Hongmeng native applications, refreshing the smart travel experience in all scenarios

On March 19, Shenzhen Vitality Tianhui Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Vitality Tianhui”) and Huawei jointly held a delivery ceremony for the core version of the Hongmeng native application, announcing that the core version of the Hongmeng native application has been completed for the Flight Manager App and the High-speed Rail Butler App. development. The two leading applications in the travel field are the first to complete the core version, providing a demonstration effect for the industry, further enriching Hongmeng Ecosystem’s territory in multiple travel scenarios such as civil aviation and railways, and will bring users a smarter and more efficient travel experience.

As a professional intelligent mass travel platform, Vigor Tianhui’s business fully covers the three major travel scenarios of civil aviation, railways and private car connections. As popular domestic travel applications, its Flight Manager App and High-Speed ​​Rail Manager App rely on the advantages of flight + train traffic data to provide users with intelligent, full-scenario travel services, covering flight/train dynamic information, air ticket reservations, and train tickets. Bookings, airport transfers, hotels, destination tours, travel guides and many other travel scenarios are urgently needed, and AI capabilities are actively used to intelligently push itinerary information, itinerary planning, air ticket recommendations, etc. to users to further improve travel efficiency and improve travel experience.

Relying on HarmonyOS’s full-scenario traffic portal and AI smart distribution capabilities, flight butlers and high-speed rail butlers can proactively provide users with accurate smart travel scenario services based on diverse user travel scenarios, reach users accurately in real time, and realize “finding people for services” “.

For example, Flight Butler & High-speed Rail Butler provide users with a new itinerary notification experience based on its own multi-dimensional flight and high-speed rail itinerary dynamic data through Hongmeng live windows, universal cards and other channels, achieving more convenient and real-time itinerary dynamic notification services. Specifically, the flight manager will intelligently create live window reminders based on the user’s flight status, and adjust the priority of push content according to the different stages of the user’s travel. For example, before boarding the plane, the live window will display boarding information first; and after arrival, the luggage carousel information will be displayed. Such smart reminders ensure that users can obtain key information in time throughout the entire journey, enjoy more personalized and convenient services, and at the same time respond to any changes in advance to enhance travel flexibility.

In addition, the Hongmeng Galaxy Edition App of Flight Manager and High-speed Rail Manager is based on innovative features such as HarmonyOS NEXT native intelligence and native interconnection, providing users with more timely and accurate services on multiple terminal devices. For example, users’ travel information can be seamlessly transferred between mobile phones, tablets, cars, watches and other devices, and can be easily grasped anytime and anywhere without worrying about missing travel information. Developers can also use its cross-terminal support attributes to achieve one-time development and multi-terminal deployment, accelerating the comprehensive layout of the two applications in the Hongmeng Ecosystem’s multi-terminals.

Today, the Hongmeng ecosystem has entered the second stage. Thousands of applications from financial management, life services, transportation, shopping and entertainment and many other fields have started the development of Hongmeng native applications to create a smart experience in the all-scenario era. With the addition of flight butlers and high-speed rail butlers, Hongmeng’s ecological territory has expanded again, which will also promote the construction of a new mobile travel service ecosystem with the Internet of Everything, and further promote the establishment of industry-leading travel service capabilities by flight butlers and high-speed rail butlers.

In the future, Vitality Tianhui will continue to embrace the Harmony ecosystem, relying on the unified ecological advantages and native intelligent AI capabilities of HarmonyOS NEXT to provide users with multi-modal, scenario-based advanced use experiences in a wider range of travel scenarios.

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