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Payment convenience + smart assistance to the elderly Bank of Shanghai was awarded the “Excellent Case of Financial Aging Services in 2023”

Payment convenience + smart assistance to the elderly Bank of Shanghai was awarded the “Excellent Case of Financial Aging Services in 2023”

  In the just-concluded 2024 financial consumer protection and service innovation themed event of China Banking and Insurance News, Bank of Shanghai was awarded the “Excellent Case of Financial Aging-Adapted Services in 2023” by virtue of its advantages in convenient payment and elderly-friendly services.

  Payment convenience warms people’s hearts

Bank of Shanghai conscientiously implements the requirements of the “Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Optimizing Payment Services and Improving Payment Convenience”, and in accordance with the unified arrangements of the People’s Bank of China, continues to optimize payment services, solve the congestion and pain points in payment convenience for the elderly, and allow elderly customers to continue to Experience warm financial services.

In response to the habit of using cash among the elderly, the Bank of Shanghai has launched a “coin purse” exchange service at all outlets in Shanghai, and self-service machines are simultaneously equipped with cash in small notes. Currently, Shanghai Bank’s ITM machines in Shanghai support 10-yuan denomination banknotes for cash withdrawals. According to the actual needs of elderly customers in the area, some machines are equipped with 5-yuan and 1-yuan denomination banknotes, making it convenient for elderly customers to withdraw cash and make payment.

In addition, the Bank of Shanghai continues to optimize the cash usage environment, adheres to the position of cash back-up, and assists market operators in foreign-related fields such as transportation, catering, scenic spots and accommodation, transportation, medical and other livelihood industries, as well as farmers’ markets and important business districts. pay. In 2023, through door-to-door centralized services, a total of more than 1 million pieces of various types of banknotes and more than 4 million coins will be provided to enterprises and institutions related to people’s livelihood, with a total amount of about 17 million yuan.

Bank of Shanghai branches also provide specialized payment convenience services based on the characteristics of surrounding areas. For example, the Yokohama Bridge Branch of the Bank of Shanghai serves medical institutions in Hongkou District and provides door-to-door “coin purse” services to 6 hospitals to meet the cash change needs of elderly patients in the hospitals; the Pengpu Branch and Baoshan Branch monitor the cash needs of surrounding merchants and based on the actual needs of the merchants, Provide “coin purse” redemption services for nearby Lawson, Liangyou and Lianhua supermarkets.

  Wisdom helps the elderly to be more considerate

Digital finance serves a better life, and elderly consumers will no longer be forgotten. Bank of Shanghai continues to improve the convenience of services for the elderly through online channels such as customer service hotline, mobile banking, and cloud outlets.

Bank of Shanghai’s personal mobile banking service for the elderly has been upgraded and launched with an exclusive large-font version. It comprehensively considers the usage scenarios and habits of the elderly, matches multiple convenient login methods such as fingerprints and face swiping, and tailors large cards, big buttons, and large fonts to make the elderly more comfortable. Users can see clearly, use it well, and operate with more peace of mind. The digital employee service has been upgraded. Chatting to ask questions and do business allows the elderly to experience companionship services. Voice screen reading supports voice introduction, solving the problem that elderly users do not know how to use it.

Taking into account the language habits of elderly customers, Bank of Shanghai took the lead in launching the “Respect for the Elderly Hotline” service in Shanghai at 95594. It also introduces intelligent voice services to provide exclusive manual services for elderly customers after proactively identifying information such as their age and whether pensions are paid on behalf of them.

Focusing on the difficulties and pain points of elderly consumers using mobile banking, Bank of Shanghai continues to promote the improvement of the elderly-friendly experience of “cloud outlets” from interfaces, interactions, processes, etc. Elderly customers only need to call in with one click, no need to fill out a form, and can handle their requests orally. “Small screen” relies on “big care”, and “cloud outlets” have greatly enhanced the accessibility of digital financial services to elderly consumers.

In order to better integrate banking services with community life and help the elderly cross the digital divide, Bank of Shanghai has also created a “Better Life Studio” and a “Bank Guide Volunteer” team to help the elderly better use various online finance Serve. A dedicated team has been set up to provide door-to-door services to elderly customers with special difficulties such as aging and illness, and to solve their urgent needs for financial services.

  “Four specialties” service creates “five hearts”

In recent years, Bank of Shanghai has created “four-specialized” services including specialized facilities, exclusive products, exclusive services, and professional teams, creating a “five-hearted” service experience of caring, comfortable, assured, secure, and heart-warming services for the elderly, enriching The old service connotation demonstrates the responsibility of “people’s city for the people” with practical actions.

Focusing on the service characteristics of elderly customers, we will start with details and use technology applications to promote the deepening of “exclusive facilities” to be pro-aging; expand cooperation with high-quality institutions, build “exclusive product” shelves, and continue to create competitive products to meet the core needs of elderly customers; persist in Tradition and innovation go hand in hand, upgrading “exclusive services”, and improving in-store services and mobile banking experience for the elderly; strengthening the construction of “professional teams”, focusing on key positions, key scenes, and key links, and continuously improving service window service awareness and professionalism , deeply cultivate service expertise in the pension financial field and promote high-quality development.

Regardless of whether they are in Bank of Shanghai branches, surrounding communities or various online service channels of Bank of Shanghai, senior citizens can enjoy more considerate technological measures to assist the elderly, more comfortable value-added services, more assured senior-specific products, and more peace of mind. Elderly-friendly service facilities and warmer outlets with high-quality services.

As a state-owned financial institution that has been deeply involved in pension finance for more than 20 years and has served more than 5 million elderly customers, the Bank of Shanghai has fulfilled its original commitment of providing finance for the people and, focusing on the goal of becoming an “expert in pension financial services”, continues to improve the level of financial services for the elderly and help the elderly. The group enjoys a good life.

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