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Shuanghui Wanlong-casting the soul of product quality and safety, effectively preventing and controlling food safety risks

Shuanghui Wanlong-casting the soul of product quality and safety, effectively preventing and controlling food safety risks

As the largest meat processing enterprise in China, Shuanghui has always adhered to the quality management concept of “product quality is no small matter, food safety is as big as the sky” for more than 30 years, and has built a “prevention first, risk management, full participation, and full control” The food safety internal control system has been established to effectively fulfill the social responsibility of large-scale enterprises and effectively protect the food safety of consumers.

Guided by excellent corporate culture, create the soul of product quality and safety. Shuanghui Group adheres to the mission of “creating a Chinese meat brand, leading the trend of meat consumption, and creating meat delicacies”, and always adheres to the quality policy of “consumer safety and health are above all else, Shuanghui brand image and reputation are above all else” , Vigorously promote the corporate development culture of “establishing the enterprise with integrity and doing the world with virtue” to lead all cadres and employees to be honest, do things with integrity, and operate according to the law. The concept of “bottom line thinking, red line awareness” has been formed to create the soul of product quality and safety.

Improve the internal control system to ensure product quality. Construct a food safety organization with clear authority and responsibility. A three-level quality and safety control model of the group, business department, and project company has been established. There is a full-time department in charge of quality and safety—the Quality Management Center, equipped with more than 1,000 professionals in animal husbandry, veterinary, food inspection, etc., distributed in the supply chain of the enterprise , production, transportation, sales and other links, responsible for the daily supervision and management of quality and safety. Clear division of labor, clear rights and responsibilities, interlocking, and layer-by-layer management and control. It also established a scientific quality and safety management system, took the lead in introducing ISO9001, HACCP, ISO22000 and other management systems, and established ten standardized internal control systems covering all links of production, supply and sales, including more than 200 documents related to product quality and safety management. More than 150 internal auditors have been trained to carry out internal audits on enterprises every year. At the same time, audit experts from CCIC are hired to comprehensively audit the enterprise’s quality and safety management system every year, and continuously improve the operation quality of the enterprise’s internal control system.

Supported by leading technology, technology promotes enterprise development. The group has an efficient technology research and development team. It is the first company in the industry to establish a post-doctoral workstation, and has set up 6 regional product R&D centers across the country. It has a highly educated R&D team of more than 300 people mainly with doctors and graduate students, and has 1,070 patented technologies. More than 5,000 sets of world-class technical equipment have been introduced from developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, and Denmark, providing a strong guarantee for the production of high-quality products. The group also has advanced detection technology. Set up a testing center at the headquarters and 29 testing rooms across the country. Invested 120 million yuan to purchase more than 3,000 sets of advanced testing instruments and facilities such as time-of-flight mass spectrometers and gas spectrometers, and comprehensively carried out testing of 876 items such as physics and chemistry, microorganisms, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals, prohibited substances, mycotoxins, and genetically modified , The factory products are tested batch by batch, and leave the factory after passing the test.

Backed by efficient execution, food safety is systematically controlled. Adhere to prevention first and effectively prevent risks. Shuanghui Group has established a comprehensive and dynamic food safety risk monitoring mechanism, formulated annual and monthly risk monitoring plans, and implemented monitoring of nearly 200 risk items in purchased raw materials and manufactured products. There is a full-time food safety administrator who conducts daily dynamic public opinion monitoring and risk information screening, and the president organizes monthly food safety risk assessment meetings to effectively prevent and control food safety risks.

Strictly control the source of raw materials to ensure procurement safety. Implement the “three evaluations” and “three nos” control measures for suppliers, and do not cooperate with those who fail the qualification review, do not cooperate with those who fail to meet the standards in the on-site evaluation, and do not cooperate with those whose supply quality is unstable and does not improve. Establish a full-time inspection team for suppliers, carry out “unannounced inspections” of suppliers, and directly disqualify suppliers who have one-vote veto items found in the inspection. Strict acceptance and inspection. Raw materials can only be accepted and used after they are checked and inspected batch by batch at the factory, and the sampling test and sampling inspection are qualified to ensure the quality of the purchase. Do a good job in sanitation management to achieve clean production, and the production water has been treated with disinfection, backwashing and reverse osmosis to meet the standard of packaged drinking water. All production personnel must obtain a health certificate before they can start work. Special personnel are assigned to carry out pre-employment health checks. When entering the workshop, they must undergo strict cleaning and disinfection to ensure personnel hygiene. We have successively invested more than 10 million yuan to install 51 foam cleaning machines and 44 sets of high-pressure foam cleaning and disinfection systems. We clean and disinfect workshop equipment and facilities, tools, walls, floors, sewers, etc. every day. On-site supervision and inspection and verification with ATP fluorescence instrument, if it is unqualified, it will not be produced. The special food additives used are stored in special cabinets, controlled by double locks, weighed by special personnel, scanned out of the warehouse, and traced to the feeding to ensure that the additives are used correctly. Install the automatic control system, lock the process parameters, start the equipment with one key, automatically alarm when abnormal, and monitor the operation by special personnel to ensure the correct execution of the heating process. Pipeline or tunnel metal detectors are also installed to detect metal foreign objects one by one, bag by bag and piece by piece of meat products and fresh products leaving the factory, so as to ensure effective control of metal foreign objects in the factory products. In the process of cold chain transportation, 25 cold chain logistics and distribution companies covering the whole country have been established, and information-based intelligent systems such as intelligent vehicle management and safety coordination have been implemented, and automatic reminders for position deviations, automatic alarms for temperature exceeding standards, and automatic reminders for fatigued driving have been realized. Monitoring information is automatically saved to ensure safe delivery of products. Established a quality and safety management system for the entire industry chain of “self-inspection, special inspection, and unannounced inspection”. Implement a three-level quality and safety self-inspection system for project managers, deputy managers, and department heads, and conduct three-level quality and safety self-inspections every month; more than 1,000 full-time quality control teams with one-vote veto power for quality management, full-time online supervision of each The quality and safety management of each link; set up 3 unannounced inspection teams to conduct unannounced inspections on the implementation of the quality and safety management system of each factory; invested more than 30 million yuan to install nearly 10,000 video surveillance in key links of each factory, and implemented the implementation of key links in the production process No blind spots, full coverage and real-time monitoring to ensure that the production process is under control.

Eight major information systems are used for control to realize effective traceability of products. Establish a large information system to implement information management and control over the entire process of the industrial chain to ensure forward traceability, reverse traceability, process control, and accountability. Achieve “six clarity” through effective traceability: clear use of raw and auxiliary materials, clear process control, clear time nodes, clear equipment operation, clear inspection status, and clear product flow.

Implement transparency to set up factories, and consciously accept supervision from all walks of life. Shuanghui Group has always adhered to the idea of ​​”opening the factory and running the enterprise transparently”, actively connected the video surveillance of key control points with the market supervision department, and consciously accepted the supervision of functional departments and all sectors of society. Through more than 30 years of strict and systematic control, and continuously building a food safety firewall, the quality and reputation of Shuanghui products have been unanimously recognized by consumers, truly reassuring consumers and ensuring the safety of ordinary people’s dining tables.

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