BluSea copyright deposit certificate platform builds a new type of cultural economy

BluSea copyright deposit certificate platform builds a new type of cultural economy

In 2022, the General Office of the State Council issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” for Cultural Development, in which plans and arrangements were made for the innovative development of the cultural industry and copyright protection. Some paragraphs pointed out that copyright protection is becoming more and more important in promoting the innovative development of industries , Infringement and piracy will seriously affect the enthusiasm for creation, and ultimately affect the benign and healthy development of the industry. Protecting copyright and promoting continuous industrial innovation requires government leadership, Internet companies and the public to participate, improve and improve the copyright-related legal system and policy system, and create a good copyright order and environment.

Legend: BluSea is an Internet platform that provides copyright deposit protection services

  Erosion originalpure land,“Infringement”Become a sharp pain point in the content industry

While the content industry is booming rapidly, the issue of copyright infringement has become increasingly prominent. According to available data, the proportion of original content on most websites is only about 10%, and creative works such as written works, picture works, and film and television works are the “hardest hit areas” of online copyright infringement. According to statistics from iResearch, the economic loss caused by pirated online literature alone can reach 8 billion yuan per year, and copyright infringement accounts for as much as 60% of WeChat complaints.

The Internet should be the forefront of intellectual property protection, but the current Internet ecology is “copycats are innocent, plagiarism is justified”, copyright infringement is serious, online copyright lawsuits are frequent, and pirated and infringing works have brought huge economic losses to property owners .

Various phenomena show that the order and rules in the field of copyright protection in China urgently need to be established and improved, and every Internet worker has an obligation and responsibility for this. “BluSea copyright deposit certificate protection platform” came into being in such an environment.

  Copyright ProtectionThe products are “uneven”, and the intellectual property industry urgently needs to “break the situation”

my country’s existing traditional copyright protection methods are mainly based on copyright registration. However, problems such as long processing period, cumbersome process, high cost and threshold, and low efficiency deter most creators. Relevant data show that the application process for copyright registration takes up to 30 working days, and the cost is relatively high. Taking written works as an example, the fee is 300 yuan per 100 words, while the fee for a fine art work is as high as 800 yuan.

In addition, with the development of network technology in recent years, although many seemingly convenient copyright protection products have appeared in China, the protection mechanisms are uneven and there is no integrated copyright solution. Most products only focus on Solving the “last mile”, that is, providing evidence collection methods for judicial proceedings, fundamentally ignores the creator’s pain point, which is also the key to copyright confirmation-how to prove the “birth time” of one’s work?

  From cold start to breaking circle, BluSea“Second-level confirmation”Create a new industrial ecology

It is against this background that the “BluSea Copyright Evidence Protection Platform” specially built for creators entered the market with Yisu Lindi’s corporate responsibility. BluSea is well aware of the characteristics of copyright (copyright) – the birth of copyright is automatically enjoyed after the creation is completed, so how to prove the “time of birth” of the work becomes the key to confirming the copyright. For creators, the most important copyright protection is to quickly save authoritative records of their original works during the creation process.

Especially in the Internet age, copyright confirmation has become more important than ever.

BluSea aims to protect creators’ ideas, inspirations, and creative content at every stage. Provide copyright ecological solutions for the entire life cycle of works such as management, protection, and inspection services. Based on the dual credibility empowerment of “blockchain technology + Beijing Intellectual Property Notary Service Center (Guoxin Notary Office)”, realize the “digitalization” of copyright intangible assets , Real-time evidence fixation and confirmation of the copyright of the work.

During the creation process, creators can log in to the BluSea official website on mobile phones or computers to upload work files anytime, anywhere. Whether it is the finished manuscript archive on the computer or the creative inspiration temporarily recorded in the mobile phone, they can all be uploaded through the convenient and fast “one-key deposit certificate” The “function uploads in real time, and quickly obtains the work deposit certificate issued by the Beijing Intellectual Property Notary Service Center (Guoxin Notary Office), truly realizing the real-time confirmation of digital copyright rights from multiple dimensions such as the title of the work, the time when the work was completed, and the copyright owner. And all of this is done in the blink of an eye.

Legend: BluSea, an unlimited copyright storage platform, has begun to provide official services

  ServeC-terminal,Precise and vertical, BluSea helps China’s copyright industry “go overseas”

Different from other copyright storage platforms, “BluSea copyright storage protection platform” is a blockchain storage platform for C-end creators. From the first draft, the original process can be stored in real time, so that Effectively avoid situations such as difficulties in proof, rights protection, and lack of work ownership certificates that often occur after the completion of the work, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the original creator to the greatest extent.

my country is transforming from a big country of intellectual property introduction to a big country of creation, and the era of national creativity has arrived. Faced with opportunities and challenges, BluSea has been thinking and exploring how to achieve effective protection of copyright, and maximize the effectiveness of the “BluSea Copyright Evidence Protection Platform”.

  In the digital age, copyright protection is more difficult and the situation is becoming more severe. BluSea adheres to the concept of “providing solutions and best practice references for the copyright protection ecosystem”, is not afraid of market chaos, and is willing to accompany users to cultivate the habit of self-protection from scratch, and always puts the needs of C-end users first. bit. Creativity doesn’t happen overnight, it wears away.Therefore, the BluSea copyright deposit certificate protection platform is the first and only one on the market that provides individual users with “unlimited times throughout the year” certificate deposit service

  BluSea hopes to accompany its users to grow together, witness and record their every opportunity and achievement.

It is worth mentioning that the one-year membership fee of the BluSea copyright deposit protection platform is only equivalent to the cost of one copyright registration, but the legal effect is equivalent to copyright registration, which fundamentally solves the worries of creators and improves copyright protection. Protection system construction. At present, BluSea can provide users with protection services for unlimited types of original works such as text, pictures, audio, video, design, software, etc., allowing creators to truly feel “protecting originals, from now on”.

Caption: “BluSea copyright certificate deposit protection platform” provides users with certificate deposit letters

In the digital age, BluSea focuses on the field of copyright protection of original works, strengthens the whole process of copyright protection, and provides platforms and technical support for creators, hoping to stimulate the creativity of creators by providing safe, reliable, inclusive and efficient copyright services. Innovation vitality, promote the sound development of digital content ecology, promote the construction of effective copyright protection ecology, and broaden the breadth and depth of copyright protection in the digital age.

It is reported that BluSea, as an Internet innovation application platform that “integrates blockchain technology and copyright protection ecological scenarios”, will actively explore and deeply explore more possibilities of “scientific and technological innovation + copyright protection”, and is committed to improving the copyright awareness of the whole people. The industrial ecology of my country’s copyright protection continues to empower, and ultimately promotes the all-round transformation and upgrading of China’s copyright industry.

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