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Shangpin Home Delivery

The Ministry of Commerce has designated 2024 as the “Year of Consumption Promotion”. Household consumption occupies a very important position in the consumption spectrum of the national economy. It is also one of the key anchors to continue to promote the transformation of economic growth methods and develop new productivity. In the face of changing market trends and the iteration of consumer group demands, how should home furnishing brands meet user needs? On March 17, Shangpin Zhaipei gave the answer with a Suixin upgrade conference with the theme of “Leading Fashion”.

At the press conference, Shangpin Home Delivery invited Mr. Lin from the Greater Bay Area as a special experience officer to launch two optional upgrade packages, Smart39800 to accompany your children’s travels and Smart59800 for academic success, to renew the quality of their homes with thousands of consumers. good life. The sales of this event exceeded 15 million+, setting a new high for the Greater Bay Area Alliance activity!

  Released Smart Series Packages

  Focus on parent-child families and accurately customize facial quality solutions

As the consumer demand for home decoration changes from traditional decoration of “cabinets” to “houses” and then to “life”, home space is also constantly evolving and evolving driven by different lifestyles.

Li Jiachong, general manager of Shangpin Home Delivery, said at the opening of the event that Shangpin Home Delivery has continued to focus on research on Chinese people’s lifestyles for many years, and continues to tailor solutions for thousands of people based on changes in the consumer market and changes in consumer demands.

As more and more people born in the 80s and 90s become parents, a trend of “bringing up babies delicately” and “raising babies scientifically” has begun. Based on this, Shangpin Home Delivery has once again keenly captured the market demand, centered on the two major children’s growth cycles, upgraded and iterated to choose AiLife6, and launched two high-quality and value-for-money package series – Smart39800 to accompany your children’s travels, and Smart59800 to achieve academic success, truly Achieve “good design, good quality, good service, good price, good experience” to allow consumers to enjoy high-quality home customization services.

Zhao Kun, general manager of Shangpin Home Delivery Guangzhou Branch, said that by applying AI technology and independently learning tens of thousands of real customer cases every day, and in-depth analysis of the main house types of Chinese families, space living groups, and product trends, the Smart series came into being. .

Smart39800 Accompanying Your Children is a package specifically customized for families with infants and young children aged 0-6 in a 2-bedroom apartment (70-90m²). This package is based on the core needs of companionship, safety, and storage, and is created for parent-child companionship and child growth. A more practical and diversified living space. The whole package includes 20 pieces of formaldehyde-free cabinets + 4 pieces of living room furniture + 5 pieces of dining room furniture + 2 pieces of bedroom bedding.

Another optional upgrade package – Smart59800, is mainly targeted at families with students aged 7-18 years old and a 3-bedroom apartment (90-110?), from the three dimensions of learning, independence and enjoyment. Set out to customize an elegant space that combines learning and quality life. The package covers 24 pieces of formaldehyde-free cabinets, 11 pieces of big-name quality furniture throughout the house and 6 pieces of high-end background walls.

At the same time, in the random selection mode, with the help of AI design support, designers can accurately design and match the lifestyles of different customers. You can choose any whole house style such as the popular cream style, light French style, modern style, log style, Italian style, etc. to fully satisfy consumers’ needs for bedrooms, children’s rooms, cloakrooms, multi-functional rooms, gaming rooms, study rooms, etc. Personalized customization needs for elders’ rooms, studios, etc. The entire house uses second-generation Kangqing panels that meet the new national standard ENF level to create a green home environment with high environmental standards and protect the healthy growth of children.

What’s even more important is that during the event, consumers can not only enjoy the high-quality whole-house customization of big-name brands, but also receive high-end leather art soft beds + mattresses for free for a limited time, benefiting the people with real high-quality products and sincerity, and easily realizing good life.

There are many styles, high quality, good looks, no tricks, and many discounts. This time, Shangpin Home Delivery has once again upgraded its selection of customized packages, demonstrating its determination to provide consumers with high-quality home products.

As the new product recommendation officer, Li Yang, assistant to the general manager of Shangpin Home Delivery, released a number of new products from Champs Holiday, Ready Player One, and Fanmu, covering Xiaohongshu’s most popular home styles such as light cream style, log style, and minimalist style. New home accessories such as electric massage sofas, 0-wall home theater sofas, and easy-to-lift storage beds were announced to fully meet the personalized, good-looking, and high-quality customization needs of consumers in different circles.

At the event site, specially invited experience officer Lin? and Li Jiachong, general manager of Shangpin Home Delivery, Li Quan, assistant to the president of Shangpin Home Delivery Group, Gui Yating, general manager of the supporting products division of Shangpin Home Delivery Group, Li Yang, assistant to the general manager of Shangpin Home Delivery, and Shang Zhao Kun, general manager of Pinzhaipei Guangzhou Branch, and Chen Zhijia, marketing director of Shangpinzhaipei South Region, jointly launched the launch ceremony.

  AI design hard-core assistance

  Quickly customize the ideal home in the heart of the male god

As Li Lianzhu, chairman of Shangpin Home Delivery Group, said, new productivity powered by artificial intelligence will greatly promote the high-quality development of the home furnishing industry. The development and application of AI technology will greatly change the business logic of the industry. At the same time, home decoration consumers need design drawings, floor plans, renderings, functional drawings, dynamic simulations, whole-house supporting solutions, various personalized combinations and Its flexible price decisions, etc., can all be realized with the empowerment of AI design.

At the press conference, Lin?, the specially invited experience officer, also experienced the charm of digital intelligence technology up close and started a journey of Shangpin Home Delivery product experience officer AI design.

In terms of decoration style, he said he likes the Italian light and luxurious home decoration style. After being promoted to a warm father, he said that for families with children, the issues to consider when decorating are really troublesome. Many parents don’t know where to start and what kind of space layout can satisfy the family. Meet the diverse needs of members and accompany children to grow up healthily and happily.

After understanding Lin’s lifestyle, apartment area, and hobbies and needs, Cheng Qingyi, chief designer of Shangpin Home Furnishings, used the AI ​​design factory to quickly render the drawings, and a set of exclusive whole-house solutions were presented on the big screen. Shangpin Home Delivery AI Design Factory used precise design to customize a warm and healing home suitable for a family of three. Customized cabinets have been installed in areas ranging from the living room, kitchen, bedroom to multi-function room, which fully adds a lot of storage space. In particular, the master bedroom has a dressing area and an open cloakroom to fully meet the need to store less fashion items. .

The children’s room not only has a learning and interactive area reserved, but also uses the AI ​​design factory to make real-time adjustments. It is thoughtfully equipped with a cute rabbit rotating single chair for the lively and cute baby girl, creating a childlike space. He said that the AI ​​Design Factory is like an all-round consultant who understands him very well. It only needs a simple description of needs, and it can give you a precise design and matching solution, which “makes people want to move in immediately!”

  Special guest experience officer Lin Chok shocked the audience

  Powerful parties join hands to bring quality home life

Lin Wei, who has been promoted from “TVB male god” to “Greater Bay Area brother”, has always taken every work seriously with a positive and dedicated attitude for many years since his debut, and constantly breaks through himself, interpreting every role with concentration and strength. His solid His acting skills and handsome gentleman’s character have won him loyal fans. As an all-around artist who has developed into many films, TV shows, songs and variety shows, Shao Shao has also left behind a number of popular classic songs.

Like Lin?, Shangpin Home Delivery has continued to innovate and lead development over the years, while actively embracing changes in the consumer market in recent years. One is a powerful group in the entertainment industry who dares to break through himself, and the other is a leader in technological change in the home furnishing industry. This time Shangpin Home Delivery joins hands with Lin? to jointly bring high-quality and innovative products to consumers to better satisfy the Chinese people’s desire for beauty. The yearning for life.

As the special experience officer of Shangpin Home Delivery, Lin? said that he has been looking forward to this new product for a long time. Taking himself as an example, he believes that the pace of life of contemporary people is generally faster, and a home space that understands oneself better can improve happiness. When he is not filming, he prefers to spend time with his family at home, making crafts and DIY food with his daughter. Spend warm and interesting parent-child time.

After visiting the Shangpin Home Delivery Showroom, Lin Jian also discovered many “differences”. He believed that the products are very good-looking and the display of the products is very lifelike, and he felt as if he had returned home. At the same time, Lin said that he pays great attention to details and materials. After experiencing it personally, Shao expressed his love for the design and matching of Shangpin Home Furnishings. The cabinets and furniture in the whole house are very well combined. Not only is the style unified, but the storage space is also very large. Rich, especially suitable for people like him who have a lot of things at home and don’t like clutter.

  1 Heart 1 will accompany you in your childlike journey

  Aishang Project’s 11th anniversary begins a new journey

A warm home comes from profound consumer insights and designs that accurately match lifestyles. While creating exclusive and beautiful home solutions for parent-child families, Shangpin Home Delivery also continues to pay attention to the healthy growth of children in remote mountainous areas. In line with the desire of “no matter how remote the mountainous area, children must have a new set of desks and chairs”, Shangpin Home Delivery launched the “Love Shang Plan·Love School” public welfare action in 2013 to improve the learning and growth environment for school-age children in remote mountainous areas. , lighting up children’s future.

Love means doing it, and persisting in doing it. So far, the “Aishang Project” has sent 36,474 sets of desks and chairs, 127 podiums, and 18,950 boxes of color pens to 461 rural primary schools in 28 provinces across the country, and donated 17,319 new winter clothes. Today, the “Love Shang Project·Love School” also celebrates its 11th anniversary.

At the event site, under the witness of special guest Lin?, the first stop of the 2024 “Ai Shang Plan” officially set sail. A short public welfare video titled “Ten Years of the Same” by Yishang Project aroused emotional resonance among the audience present. In the new year, Shangpin Home Delivery will continue to uphold its sense of social responsibility, join hands with caring people from all walks of life, and go to more places in need with love and hope, so that this charity marathon will continue…

Not only looks, but also quality. This “Select as You Want” upgrade conference is a continuation of the research on Chinese lifestyle matching by Shangpinzhai, and it is also a further reflection on adhering to the strategic banner of “Select as You Want”.

From fewer categories and more restrictions to a full-category selection model, from cabinet design to lifestyle space design, Shangpin Home Delivery always guides the development direction of corporate innovation and reform with “user thinking”, and constantly makes proposals for a better home life for Chinese people. By joining hands with high-quality artists to jointly taste and promote the new products of the “Xixixi” smart series, Shangpin Home Delivery has taken another solid step in leading the high-quality development of home furnishing companies, and continues to lead the new “?” fashion in home furnishings!

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