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Many netizens from the UK, the US, France and South Korea checked in to Jiangxiaobai Farm to experience China’s spring

Many netizens from the UK, the US, France and South Korea checked in to Jiangxiaobai Farm to experience China’s spring

On March 11, the “Experience Chongqing” overseas recommendation officer visit activity came to the Xiaobaijinhuangzhuang Scenic Area in Yongxing Town, Jiangjin District. Overseas recommendation officers from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Ethiopia met friends with flowers and exchanges with each other. Meet friends over tea and wine, and enjoy the beautiful pictures of spring.

Event site.Photo courtesy of Jiangjin District Party Committee Propaganda Department

Check-in at the sea of ​​flowers, hot pot in the flower fields, theatrical performances…

More than 250,000 tourists came to Huangzhuang to feel the breath of spring

On March 11, at Jiangxiaobai Golden Huangzhuang Scenic Area, groups of tourists were playing and checking in among the sea of ​​flowers, feeling the joy of spring.

“It’s such a huge field of rapeseed flowers, it’s like walking into a huge painting. Eating hot pot here is a rare and unique experience.” Overseas recommendation officers Mei Xiaobin, Salam, and Marty took photos in the flower field. Check in, taste the hot pot, and praise the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Jiangxiao Baijinhuangzhuang.

“Every spring with the arrival of the rapeseed flowering season, Huangzhuang Village will naturally form a golden rapeseed flower scenic spot. The nearly 10,000 acres of rapeseed flower sea is like a natural garden. Looking around is an endless sea of ​​golden flowers.” Yongxing Lu Quan, the mayor of the town, introduced that in recent years, Yongxing Town has made full use of selenium-rich and oxygen-rich resources to vigorously develop modern agriculture and rural tourism, promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, and successfully held eight consecutive “Golden Huangzhuang” Cauliflower Tourism and Culture Festivals. .

It is understood that this year’s event has added many new experience items compared to previous years. The three themed flower viewing areas of “Windmill Flower Field”, “Art Flower Gallery” and “Secret Flower Sea” allow visitors to enjoy spring in the sea of ​​flowers. In addition, there are popular activities such as field music shows, flower sea bicycles, circus performances, and tea art shows for tourists to participate in. Not only can tourists feast their eyes on the spectacular golden sea of ​​rapeseed flowers, but they can also eat flower field hot pot and live in space. You can stay in cabins, watch cultural performances, visit agricultural science venues, taste selenium-rich delicacies, buy farm specialties, and experience rich and interesting rural games and activities. It’s all here to see, eat, and have fun.

Data show that since the launch of this year’s Cauliflower Tourism and Culture Festival, it has attracted more than 250,000 tourists, driving comprehensive tourism revenue from surrounding farmhouses, agricultural product sales and other activities to more than 25 million yuan.

Experience intangible cultural heritage skills

Foreign friends feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture

In addition to appreciating the beautiful scenery and eating delicious hot pot, the experience of intangible cultural heritage skills is also a key experience project in Yongxing Town. At the venue of the Jiangxiaobai Agricultural Carnival, the techniques of making rice krispie treats and brewing wine attracted the attention of overseas recommenders.

“Can we make it ourselves?” After receiving a positive answer, the overseas recommenders personally experienced making rice krispie treats and puree wine, and experienced the traditional charm of Chinese culture together.

“I ate Jiangjin Rice Krispie Treats during the Chinese New Year in school. After making it today, I learned a lot of skills and felt the charm of the craftsmanship.” Overseas recommendation officer Salam happily shared his experience, “I packed the finished product and wanted to take it home to share. Give it to my friends and let them guess the making process.”

Under the guidance of the master, the overseas recommendation officers learned Jiangjin’s brewing techniques together. They put the sorghum in evenly one spoon at a time, soaked the grain in fir barrels, steamed in wooden steamer barrels, spread the brew into koji, fermented in fir barrels, and harvested quantity and quality. After the wine undergoes a total of five steps, streams of raw pulp flow out from the barrel. Luo Xing from South Korea and Marty from France drank it down excitedly, “This is my first time drinking liquor in China! I made it myself! Amazing!” while Salam from Ethiopia savored it carefully. “This wine has a silky taste. Although the alcohol content is very high, it doesn’t have a very ‘spicy’ feeling.”

During the exchange session, young friends from China and abroad shared the delicacies and traditional craftsmanship of their hometowns. Everyone added each other as friends and made an appointment to meet again when the next spring comes.

Deep integration of agriculture, culture and tourism

Concentrate efforts to create a harmonious and beautiful countryside that is suitable for living, working and traveling.

Nowadays, rural tourism is gradually emerging, and more and more tourists are pouring into the countryside and fields. Huangzhuang Village, Yongxing Town, Jiangjin, has found its own path through continuous exploration.

In recent years, Yongxing Town has vigorously implemented the “three changes” reform and introduced Chongqing Jiangxiaobai Liquor Co., Ltd., through the “Party Branch + Enterprise + Cooperative + Villagers” model, guiding villagers to transfer land to invest in cooperatives, while Jiangxiaobai guaranteed the lowest price Purchasing rapeseed and sorghum and processing it into wine and other products maximizes the activation of resource elements such as “people”, “land” and “natural scenery”, promotes farmers’ income increase, production efficiency and ecological value-added, and outpaces the “acceleration” of rural revitalization. .

“The income from land transfer is more than 4,000 yuan, and the annual income from working in the Sorghum Industrial Park is about 36,000 yuan. Plus my son’s salary from working at Jiangxiaobai Winery, our total family income this year is close to 70,000 yuan.” Talking about the current income, Yong, Jiangjin District Zhou Sifu, a villager in Huangzhuang Village, Xingzhen Town, was overjoyed.

“Using industry to drive the development of production areas, promote the integration of the three industries, and solidly implement the rural revitalization strategy is what our company is doing now and what we should do.” The relevant person in charge of Jiang Xiaobai introduced that Jiang Xiaobai, with the support of Jiangjin District Government , Jiangxiaobai Farm, a brewing raw material planting base with an area of ​​over 10,000 acres, has been built to help 20,000 surrounding farmers increase their income, effectively promote industrial efficiency, farmers’ income and village collective growth, and help rural revitalization. (Chen Xiangyu)

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