Refined operation of the membership system, Xiabu Group will open up online with Douyin members


With the increasingly intensified competition in the catering industry, how to increase the repurchase rate has become a key issue for many catering companies. Xiabu Group, a leading catering company, is building a group member user ecology and leveraging consumer service innovation to enhance consumer stickiness, improve consumer experience, form a benign and sustainable interaction mechanism, and increase consumer repurchase rates.

Xiabu Group’s multi-brand membership system was put into operation in August last year. Consumers only need to register once to become members of multiple brands such as Xiabu Xiabu, ? Functions such as integral redemption, stored value gift package sharing and transfer increase.

The multi-brand membership system pioneered by Xiabu Group is carried by the digital platform. So far, the number of members has exceeded 30 million, and it is still maintaining a rapid growth rate. According to the latest news from Xiabu Group, the company has reached a year-round cooperation with Douyin, and the membership system of Xiabu Group will be connected with Douyin members in the future.

(Illustration: Yiyao Happy Barbecue Restaurant)

The successful development of Xiabu Group’s membership system, on the one hand, benefits from the empowerment of the digital platform, and on the other hand, it mainly comes from the endless stream of innovative and affordable membership activities as operational support.

Take the membership day on the 17th of each month as an example, if you spend anytime at Xiabu Group’s brands on that day, you can enjoy the three major benefits of special dishes for members, double points, and value-for-money exchange. For example, members can enjoy a discount of 5 yuan when they order fried skewers; when the consumption amount is doubled, they can get 240 points when they spend 120 yuan, which can be exchanged for a double vegetable dish; members can unlock 1 Xiabu with 600 points. Grassland lamb single set meal 9.9 yuan coupon.

This year’s March 8th International Women’s Day and White Valentine’s Day, during the period from March 7th to 14th, Xiabuxiabu members can get product vouchers of varying quantities by recharging different amounts. Hot Pot, another brand under the Xiabu Group, also launched a joint activity with Pechoin Yinquesiting on the Goddess Festival “Together with the Birds”. Members can add limited gifts such as co-branded satchels through the value-added activity.

Under the effective membership marketing mechanism, each member is not only a beneficiary of membership benefits, but also a disseminator of brand reputation.

The refined membership operation strategy allowed Xiabu to find a breakthrough in traffic growth in the predicament of the epidemic in 2022, and also created a strong support for the performance to take off in 2023.

In fact, in 2023, Xiabu will continue to increase the construction of its membership system. Just recently, Xiabu Group announced that it will open up with Douyin members, which is currently being tested. At that time, the two parties can carry out diversified cooperation based on member recruitment, member drainage, and precise marketing.

Lai Yang, chief expert of the Beijing International Business Center Research Base, said that as a leading enterprise, it should take the lead in exploring digitalization, marketing, channels, etc., and explore new economic growth points for business in the process of transformation, upgrading, and innovation. This is not only the enterprise itself It is also the mission of leading the industry to update and iterate and lead the trend.


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