New store recommendation | The hotel’s “krypton gold” cheats, let’s look at IU Hotel 3.0 to give the answer

New store recommendation | The hotel’s “krypton gold” cheats, let’s look at IU Hotel 3.0 to give the answer

Recently, the first IU Hotel 3.0 store in the Lanzhou area – IU Hotel Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Wanda Mao Subway Station Store officially opened for operation. With its unique black technology and game attributes, it demonstrated the new gameplay of social hotels and caused heated discussions in the industry. .

IU Hotel, as the pioneer of light and mid-end categories under Jin Jiang Hotel (China), under the guidance of “extreme cost performance”, the single room cost of IU Hotel Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Wanda Mao Subway Station is only 60,000 yuan. During February, OCC84% was handed over, the highest RevPAR was 307 yuan, and the income increased steadily.

IU Hotel 3.0 has added the color of games from the time when guests enter the store to when they leave the store. Whether it is the multiplayer video game equipment in the public area, the traditional game area, or the lazy sofa rest area that can be seen everywhere, it can be used for business and office work. Or multiplayer board game battles, or retro arcade equipment in the guest room, it is created through the fast game link, so that guests can independently link with each other, and in the process of online and offline experience, guests can interact with the brand IP U small Rabbits make intimate contact. As the essence of brand culture, “play is justice” has been integrated into the hotel’s visual and space design.

The classic yellow and black “cyber” color scheme can be seen everywhere, from the public area to the guest room, from the wall to the VI, all of which are highly personalized and trendy. In addition to eye-catching visual effects, another key word of cyberpunk is technology. As a derivative of science fiction, cyberpunk is a concrete display of future life, and IU combines black technology with hotel product design and service design. It blends perfectly. At this time, high technology and good looks are perfectly unified, creating a visual and tactile sci-fi experience for game lovers.

Insight into the accommodation needs of young people, focusing on the core experience of residents

IU Hotel focused on the new youth consumer market at the beginning of the brand’s establishment. By improving the services and facilities that guests care about, it provides guests with products and experiences that are more cost-effective and comfortable at a lower price. IU Hotel implements the design concept of strong public areas and weak guest rooms, creating a “social sleeping space” for residents. IU encourages U fans to break the physical barrier of the hotel room, go to the public area, and socialize with strangers according to their interests.

From serving tea (special energy drink) and welcome card at the front desk at check-in, to the public area that integrates social area, game area, cultural and creative area, and characteristic Ubar, and then to guest room check-in, the experience of IU Hotel is always moving. Closely connected with the social cool play style. The characteristic “IU Playing Officer” will not only guide the movement of the guests, but also regularly organize activities that meet the entertainment needs of the young generation, such as weekend parties at 7:00, team battle game nights, etc., making travel and accommodation more interesting.

Relying on the strong platform support of Jinjiang Group and a large number of experienced and strong hotel talent teams, IU takes care of hotel operation services and return on investment with both hands. After redefining the concept and standards of light and mid-end, the IU team has carried out a series of optimization and upgrades for hotel products, customer service, and operating standards, and created a product methodology that belongs to IU—the pursuit of the ultimate cost performance.

At present, the cost of a single room in a mid-range hotel in the market is usually around 120,000 to 150,000, but the cost of a single room in the IU Hotel is only around 50,000, and the cost of a flop is only 20,000, which is only half of that of a mid-range hotel. The operating cost (excluding rent) of a single room per day is controlled at 60-65 yuan, the occupancy ratio is only 0.15-0.18, and the investment return period is 2.5-2.9 years.

Relying on Jinjiang Group’s “one center, three platforms” and a membership system of 182 million, IU Hotel can achieve cost savings and a huge improvement in operational efficiency. IU Hotel also has a professional operation team with more than 10 years of experience, a comprehensive revenue management and control system, and the careful preparation, tracking and supervision of the brand to ensure that the store can be opened and operated well.

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