The painted aircraft “Shenzhen” was unveiled, and its overall culture builder, Avenue Hengmei, disclosed its design concept

The painted aircraft “Shenzhen” was unveiled, and its overall culture builder, Avenue Hengmei, disclosed its design concept

As China’s cultural tourism enters the 2.0 era, compared with the development model based on traditional historical and cultural resources, it has gradually become the core competitiveness of the new tourism era driven by creativity and empowered by technology. Under this trend, focusing on the in-depth link between culture, tourism, sports industry and aviation, Shenzhen Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports and Shenzhen Airlines will join hands to build a “tourism + product” ecosystem, which will carry the image of Shenzhen’s city “Shenzhen” ” and spread all over the world.

The unveiling ceremony of “Shenzhen”

On the morning of February 28, the unveiling ceremony of the “Shenzhen” painted aircraft was grandly held at the new hangar of Shenzhen Airlines and the apron of Shenzhen Airport. This grand event is an important event to further enhance the image of Shenzhen’s cultural tourism. Zeng Xianglai, director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, Yang Yongqun, second-level inspector, Wang Yusong, deputy director of Civil Aviation Shenzhen Supervision Bureau, and Chen Chen, secretary and chairman of Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd. Prosperity, Wang Jie, President of Shenzhen Airlines, He Changqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Shenzhen Airlines, and other leaders attended the unveiling ceremony.

As the overall builder of the visual culture of the “Shenzhen” painted aircraft, Zhu Meile, the founder of Avenue Hengmei brand management, and Jiang Fan, the chief designer of the design, also attended the unveiling site to witness the moment of departure. Focusing on the cross-media communication of the image of Shenzhen Cultural Tourism and the links across mountains and seas, the successful holding of the unveiling ceremony marks the official launch of the “Shenzhen Ship” and also indicates the unlimited development prospects of Shenzhen Cultural Tourism. In the future, “Shenzhen” will carry the cultural IP of the entire city, soar in the sky, accompany global travelers on thousands of miles, enjoy every journey, and enjoy every moment of a beautiful life.

“Shenzhen” sailing time

Based on top-level thinking

Innovate and shape “urban cultural IP”

“Cities are like languages, they are the greatest works of art for mankind.” Today, with the rise of cultural self-confidence, digging out the accumulation of each city’s character and temperament and shaping the city’s super IP have become the characteristics of the new era of urban operations in China.

Entrusted by Shenzhen Airlines, the brand management of Dao Hengmei, which has been deeply involved in the brand field for many years and has been fruitful, combines professional design and contemporary art to infiltrate insight, differentiated thinking, culture and aesthetics from the perspective of the brand into the construction of the city’s IP image. With the theme of Mountains and Seas Connecting Cities, Creative City, it conveys the aviation mission of “adding wings to a better life” and adding luster to creative Shenzhen.

Therefore, in the brand building based on top-level thinking, in the design of “Shenzhen”, different from the promotion of a single city element, how to clearly position the distinctive characteristics of the city from the perspective of “city branding” and realize the following Cultural IP drives the publicity of the city’s image, arouses the association and perception of the public, and first becomes the foothold of thinking about the brand management of Avenue Hengmei.

Based on the connection between city genes and Shenzhen Airlines brand culture, and echoing the overall theme of “Creative Shenzhen, Fashion City”, we take “Mountains and Seas, Creative City” as the differentiated positioning, and strengthen Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports In addition to the joint attribute with Shenzhen Airlines, the symbolic and personalized creation of the exported city brand has also promoted the cohesion of the city’s cultural power and centripetal force.

Extract city brand contacts

wake up sensory experience

“In our opinion, a vivid city image IP should be rooted in a distinctive brand positioning, and at the same time have the inner vitality to awaken the public’s perception.” said Zhu Meile, founder of Daohengmei.

The sea breeze is warm and the climate is pleasant. The holiday charm of Pengcheng Shenzhen lies in the slow life in a fast pace. From the top of the mountain, the seaside to major art exhibitions, creative parks, cultural blocks, bustling business districts, etc., there are countless punch-in landmarks. The power index has been rising year after year. Whether it is hiking on the oxygen-rich Wutong Mountain, Meishajian and other mountains, or picnicking in Shenzhen Bay Park, camping at Jiaochangwei Beach, or visiting landmark attractions such as the Ferris Wheel, Shenzhen has a number of high-quality tourism The resort city of the route is also a popular micro-holiday destination, bringing people a unique sensory experience and physical and mental enjoyment.

Based on this, we take geographical location, natural endowment, cultural heritage, and urban memory as the real and concrete brand contacts of the “Shenzhen” that needs to carry the image of the city, depicting the new urban tourism of traveling in Shenzhen and enjoying life. The picture endows the design with rich sensory imagination.

Visual image output

Deductive cultural power and aesthetic power

After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, as a contemporary design capital, the spirit of the special zone, which is young, energetic, creative, fashionable, open, inclusive, and aggressive, has always been flowing in the blood of Shenzhen. Extending outward from this, in the specific visual image interface, we start from the five dimensions of “rejuvenation, fashion, art, localization, and life”, and in the direction of consumption upgrades and aesthetic upgrades, we interpret the creative capital. The cultural power and aesthetic power behind the image of mountains and seas.

/ City of Creativity

The City of Creativity

Shenzhen is situated in a geographical environment with mountains and seas, and the local natural elements are used by the designer. The design starts from the exploration of nature and humanity. identity coordinates. The simple strokes artistically build the relationship between natural ecology and urban development, presenting a vibrant contemporary pioneer spirit, urban vitality, and a rich and beautiful life; at the same time, apart from green mountains, Shenzhen also has vast wetland resources. It is the habitat of hundreds of rare birds. The design transforms the layers of mountains, with the details of flying birds returning to the forest, to visualize the scene of crossing mountains and seas and getting close to nature.

As a modern city, Shenzhen’s landmark buildings are not only famous all over the country, but also among the top in the world. The design extracts the rich representativeness of creative Shenzhen, and integrates architectural silhouettes such as Diwang Building, China Resources Building, Kingkey 100 Building, Ping An Financial Center, Civic Center, and the Ferris Wheel in the Heart of the Bay Area, which are highly representative of history, into the design of the fuselage. In the picture, the good times on the clouds are frozen. This represents the dual meaning of “flying over the horizon, crossing the skyline”, which is in line with Shenzhen Airlines’ cultural core of “adding wings to a better life”, allowing people to arrive at their expected destinations and enjoy the bustling city.

/ mountains and seas

The City of Mountains & Sea

This case adopts the bougainvillea in the LOGO of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports as an element, which is like a dancing butterfly, connecting colorful mountains, blue coasts and beautiful Shenzhen contemporary architectural landmarks. Flowers bloom all over the streets and alleys of Shenzhen, becoming a link to reflect social development and urban appearance, giving birth to a diversified style that is close to the soul of the public, which has a new meaning. However, the fish named Kun recorded in “Xiaoyaoyou” can transform into a Peng and soar upwards. This cultural image echoes the background of Pengcheng and the attributes of Shenhang, and it is designed as a fish jumping out of the sea. The location of the portholes.

43 years of hard work, Shenzhen is young. With the in-depth involvement of creativity in urban growth, “Shenzhen”, which depicts the image of Shenzhen, has submitted a new creative proposal for the city from the perspective of integration of culture and tourism. In the new era of new trends, it is full of people’s yearning for urban life, and it deeply embodies the wonderful possibility of Shenzhen’s continuous innovation and evolution in the future.

In the process, with the mission of being a brand owner, Daohengmei will also continue to create with cultural intelligence, drive with innovation, and lead with aesthetics, so as to influence the times and reach the future.

Big brand strategy drives business value growth

Daohengmei brand management has been committed to serving the sustainable and healthy growth of Chinese corporate brands for many years. It is a new service organization focusing on brand strategy and positioning, brand image construction and management, and brand marketing planning.

With the “big brand strategy system” as the core, we serve the fields of aviation, real estate, design, art, home furnishing and fashion lifestyle. With forward-looking brand positioning as the soul, with strategic brand planning and communication, and creative brand design, we will establish an excellent brand image in the industry for customers and continue to add value. With the original intention of “let the world know Chinese brands”, in the past 7 years, we have served more than 80 corporate brands, helped and witnessed many companies stepping into the “100 million club” from the tens of millions, and in the “100 million” unit Realize the increment of 1—N.

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