Promoting the construction of a digital ecological bank Bohai Bank made a wonderful appearance at the 7th World Intelligence Conference

Promoting the construction of a digital ecological bank Bohai Bank made a wonderful appearance at the 7th World Intelligence Conference

On May 18, 2023, the 7th World Intelligence Conference was held in Tianjin with the theme of “Intelligent Mobility, Motivating the Future”. As the only national joint-stock commercial bank headquartered in Tianjin, Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) has a booth with the theme of “rooting in the digital fertile soil, building digital innovation, and going to the blue ocean of ecology”. The S1 exhibition area made a wonderful appearance, and participated in the event with the top academic experts, industry elites, think tanks, and professional media from all over the world in the field of smart technology.

Stepping into the exhibition area, visitors seem to be on a journey of wisdom with Bohai Bank. Between the rhythm of light and shadow on the top, the “CBHB” three-dimensional installation art wall jumps into view, outlining the image of Bohai Bank in the era. The overall exhibition area is based on the design concept of “Digital Intelligence Sails the Bohai Blue Sea” and uses “Bohai Sea” as the main element to interpret and interpret. There are four themed spaces facing different directions, and the wholesale banking business is displayed to the audience through interactive games, sound, light and shadow, etc. The strategic development and digital transformation of the retail banking business, the smart financial development of retail banking, and the smart personalization and diversification of innovative products. Through multi-dimensional interactive viewing, it shows the firm determination of Bohai Bank to be concentric and peer-to-peer with the times, and demonstrates financial wisdom in a concentrated manner. , “Bohai Seal” of innovative achievements.

  deep plowing”Data Intelligence Bohai Digital transformation consolidates business advantages

Based on the new era, digital transformation is no longer a multiple-choice question, but a must-answer question. With the continuous promotion of the “Fourth Five-Year Plan” transformation of Bohai Bank, the bank actively explored the deep sea of ​​digital transformation of corporate business, and continued to consolidate the base capabilities of digital infrastructure. At this exhibition, products such as Bohai Bank’s “Smart Campus System”, “Bohai Bank Global Express” and “Bohai Bank Real Estate Flash Loan” were unveiled, demonstrating the bank’s brand image of intelligent services.

In recent years, Bohai Bank has taken digital transformation as one of the key driving forces to achieve high-quality financial development. Through blockchain, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, it has consolidated the infrastructure of financial technology and digitally transformed supply chain finance and cross-border financial services. It consolidates and enhances the advantages of corporate business, steadily improves the ability and level of serving the real economy, and builds the core competitiveness of the new era.

  build “Vitality Bohai Smart finance improves service quality

At present, the personal retail business and wealth management market have become the “battlefields” in the banking industry, and “the one who wins the retail wins the world” has gradually become an industry consensus. Centering on the strategic vision of becoming a “modern treasury steward with the best experience”, China Bohai Bank adheres to the concept of “customer-centric”, always puts customer needs first, and at the same time continuously promotes the transformation of retail banks, extending digital tentacles from financial services to life services.

The “Hi Card Credit Card”, “Special Debit Card”, “Golden Loan”, “Haihe Loan”, “Personal Pension”, “Botan Manor” and other high-quality financial products that appeared in this exhibition have passed the “Bohai Bank Smart devices such as Mobile Banking 6.1”, “Remote Banking Center Intelligent Service System” and “Outlet Intelligent Counter Equipment Group” have obtained on-site interactive experience, allowing visitors to feel that Bohai Bank regards customer experience as an important entry point for building its own moat. Customers are provided with a caring and accompanying butler service of “full life cycle, full relationship map, omni-channel access, and all-round customization”.

  Achievement”Flourishing Bohai Sea Integrity and innovation drive product upgrades

At this smart conference, Bohai Bank also showed visitors an interactive platform for financial and business education for teenagers and children in a variety of forms. This platform is a high-quality learning course created in response to the current situation that domestic children’s financial and business education is still in its infancy and educational resources are scarce. The course created the exclusive IP of financial and business education for teenagers—”Bozai”, and integrated “Bozai” into the financial and business learning scene, launching a series of interesting financial and business learning content and immersive learning experience.

During the exhibition, the reporter learned that the “Bo Xue Duo Cai” interactive platform for financial and business education for young children is based on the concept of “cultivating financial business from an early age and controlling wealth for a lifetime”. It not only provides novel and interesting original financial and business education content for families, but also supports “Bozai piggy bank” financial services, creating multiple scene-based tools such as “wish list” and “small agreement”, creating a learning atmosphere where parents and children learn together, entertaining and entertaining, and is committed to providing new ways for families to accompany their children. Enhance children’s necessary financial and business literacy, and achieve unlimited possibilities for the next generation.

Taking this conference as an opportunity, Bohai Bank focused on intelligent technology, empowering economic and social development, and demonstrated to the public the “Bohai Mark” of financial wisdom and innovative achievements. In the future, Bohai Bank will also continue to adhere to the strategic vision of “Modern Treasury Manager with the Best Experience”, continue to deepen digital transformation, accelerate financial technology innovation and application of achievements, further strengthen the real economy, serve and deeply integrate industrial digitalization, and promote digitalization The construction of an ecological bank is geared toward the future and development, with energy storage and sailing.

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