Bank of China Appears at the Seventh World Intelligence Conference

Bank of China Appears at the Seventh World Intelligence Conference

On May 18, the 7th World Intelligence Conference will be held as scheduled. Bank of China will continue to participate in the conference as a strategic partner and financial partner. It is also the only banking and financial institution that has supported the World Intelligence Conference for five consecutive years.

At this World Intelligence Conference, Bank of China will take “Innovation Promotes Development and Digital Empowers the Future” as the theme, through “Strive Forward·Digital Bank of China”, “Smart Drawing·Digital Ecology”, “Practice·Digital Empowerment” and “Encounter·Digital Future” “Four sections fully demonstrate the financial technology planning and construction achievements of Bank of China’s “Digital Bank of China +”, and demonstrate the digital finance of Bank of China’s deep integration of technological elements to create the ultimate user experience, rich scene ecology, online and offline collaboration, and flexible product innovation plan.

Compared with previous World Intelligence Conferences, Bank of China’s display project has carried out multiple empowerments, highlighting the “three +”.

Highlight “Technology +”. Bank of China uses financial technology to reshape the ecology of convenience for the people, deepens the application of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G mobile communications, and focuses on cross-border, education, sports, silver hair, and other scenarios that benefit the people, helping technology, green, and The transformation of financial business models such as inclusive, cross-border, consumption, wealth, supply chain, and county areas has accelerated the promotion of products and services from online to intelligent.

Highlight “Number +”. Focus on displaying the top priority of the Bank of China Group’s “14th Five-Year Plan” digital transformation work – “Oasis Project”, promote all-round and in-depth process integration, product integration, data integration and IT integration, and start enterprise-level capability remodeling , a new chapter of group-wide collaboration and sharing, and all-round digital empowerment. The latest version 8.0 of Bank of China Mobile Banking was displayed, reflecting that Bank of China has accelerated the value transformation of “scenario ecology” construction and formed a virtuous circle of “technology-scenario-finance”.

Highlight “Culture +”. It focuses on displaying the brand image of the century-old Bank of China. In the exhibition area, you can not only watch the promotional video, but also learn about the global layout and long history of Bank of China through interactive forms.

Lay a solid digital foundation and reshape core advantages. In the first year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Bank of China will continue to promote major projects such as the “Oasis Project”, data governance, smart operation and scene construction based on high-level services for the real economy and protection of people’s livelihood, and improve Digital operation management and service capabilities contribute more to the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy.

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