ICBC presented a number of digital financial achievements at the 7th World Intelligence Conference

ICBC presented a number of digital financial achievements at the 7th World Intelligence Conference

The Seventh World Intelligence Conference will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) from May 18th to May 21st. As a global partner of this conference, ICBC built an exclusive booth with the theme of “Digital Life, Smart Future”, divided into “Digital ICBC”, “Service Entity”, “Digital Smart Life”, “Smart Future”, and “Digital Currency Experience Area”. “Five sections, showing the application scenarios of financial technology empowering economic and social development and the latest achievements of ICBC’s digital transformation from multiple angles.

The “Digital ICBC” section presents a panoramic introduction of ICBC’s service to the real economy in the form of video presentations, creates a cooperation model with high innovation, strong links, and wide supply, enhances the inclusiveness and adaptability of financial services, and builds an open, cooperative, and win-win environment A new paradigm of digital ecological banking. It reflects the responsibility of ICBC to base itself on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, actively integrate into and serve the new development pattern, and help high-quality economic and social development. The private bank digital wealth consultant “Jin Xiao?”, which debuted for the first time, has a fresh and friendly image, realizing professional and natural communication and interaction with customers. The visualization platform of the digital human “Working Companion” specially explained ICBC’s data achievements in serving entities, inclusive finance, and rural revitalization. The unmanned financial service vehicle “Xiaorong Future” carries financial service modules that can be assembled flexibly and serves multiple application scenarios such as industrial parks, residential communities, park scenic spots, and university campuses.

The “Service Entity” section displays innovative business products such as ICBC’s support for the development of small and micro enterprises, digital empowerment of economic globalization, and electronic letter confirmation. Facing the in-depth development trend of economic globalization, ICBC uses digital application technology to create a global cash management solution, and launches the “ICBC Global Payment” digital service platform with “one-point access, global response” to comprehensively satisfy multinational customers in multiple countries and multiple time zones , Multilingual requirements, providing intensive management of multi-bank and multi-currency funds to ensure smooth flow of funds and information security. “Confirmation e-letter” is the latest electronic confirmation service launched by ICBC, which can realize the whole process of online processing, and the confirmation process can be traced back, effectively shortening the business processing time. “ICBC Treasurer” is a comprehensive service system launched by ICBC for large-scale group enterprises, which helps enterprises in digital transformation and upgrading, centralized treasury management and global business development.

The “Digital Smart Life” section showcases ICBC’s achievements in promoting rural revitalization and upgrading and transformation of financial services. “Xingnongtong” is an online comprehensive service platform created by ICBC for customers in rural areas in counties, which can provide multiple service functions such as people’s livelihood, village affairs, inclusive benefits, and service points. “Jufutong” is an open financial solution developed by ICBC for the fields of government affairs, industry, and consumption. It can integrate ICBC’s financial service capabilities with life and production scenarios in depth and in a personalized manner, effectively improving customer experience.

The “Sharing the Future with Wisdom” section includes items such as “Numbers of the Future”, “Digital Collections” and “ICBC Fantasy Island”. Among them, “Digital Future” carries a series of technical system achievements independently developed by ICBC such as “ICBC Seal Chain”, “ICBC Nebula” and “ICBC Sky Eye”, covering platform technical capabilities, business data cockpit, case applications, etc. On the one hand, the digitalization and visualization of major technology platforms have been realized. “Digital Collection” uses blockchain technology to digitally model the IP image of “Gong Xiaozhi” to generate a limited number of NFT collections. During the exhibition, visitors in Tianjin can collect them for free through ICBC mobile banking. “ICBC Fantasy Island” is a fantasy space created by ICBC with the help of metaverse technology, which will lead the audience into the “virtual world”. The fantasy island is composed of five “islands”, corresponding to mobile banking, credit cards, pensions, digital renminbi, wealth management and other business products. Viewers can participate in the check-in activity to win exclusive prizes.

The “Digital Currency Experience Zone” section displays the actual ICBC digital RMB hardware wallet. The new generation of localized intelligent teller machines can provide the audience with digital currency business experience. Riding special bicycles to complete tasks can win ICBC digital currency red envelopes, and can purchase goods at preferential prices in vending machines, allowing the audience to truly experience the benefits and convenience of digital currency payment. In the “virtual business hall”, the audience can experience interactive games immersively through VR equipment and participate in question-answering activities. The intelligent certificate and photo all-in-one machine can realize functions such as photo taking of certificates and photos, real-time card production, number guarantee and card replacement, query printing, etc., and can make conference commemorative cards for the audience on site.

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