OnePlus Ace 2V equipped with flagship chip Dimensity 9000

OnePlus Ace 2V equipped with flagship chip Dimensity 9000

On March 1, OnePlus officially announced that the “performance winner” OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with Dimensity 9000 5G mobile platform. As OnePlus’s third nuclear bomb-grade product this year, the performance of OnePlus Ace 2V is also “very mild”. AnTuTu scored 1.05 million, leading the performance of the same platform. Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, said: “The Dimensity 9000 used by OnePlus Ace 2V is a flagship chip. We hope to achieve it in one step and bring you a crushing performance experience in the same gear. We hope to impress those who are interested in Users who have the ultimate pursuit of performance and smoothness. This is a brave attempt to subvert the industry practice, starting from showing the “new trump card of gear performance”, and popularizing the flagship performance experience to the end!”

Each generation of OnePlus products is committed to providing users with an extremely smooth performance experience. The chip determines the basic experience of the mobile phone. OnePlus Ace 2V is in place in one step. It is equipped with the flagship chip Dimensity 9000 5G mobile platform. The performance and energy efficiency of the first generation are improved by 4 times. On this basis, OnePlus and MediaTek conducted in-depth joint debugging of OnePlus Ace 2V, which completely released the flagship performance strength of Dimensity 9000, leading the models on the same platform with over 1.05 million AnTuTu running points, demonstrating its performance strength.

OnePlus Ace 2V is also the third product launched by OnePlus this year, following OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Ace 2, with a running score exceeding one million. Since the beginning of the year, all OnePlus products have achieved top performance on the same platform, and their performance strength has reached the top level in the industry. With three products with a running score exceeding one million, OnePlus officially opened the “Million Running Score Club” for high-performance mobile phones. Li Jie said: “OnePlus will never stop pursuing performance. We will focus on the performance track and continue to create the most powerful mobile phones in the same gear for users!”

OnePlus Ace 2V will be officially released on March 7. This time, it will provide the “Black Rock” color matching using a new generation of silk glass technology, and the “Celadon” color matching using celadon glass technology, which has both beauty and texture. In addition, OnePlus Ace 2V completely cancels the screen bracket, starts from itself, subverts the industry practice, brings an exquisite front with extremely narrow borders, and popularizes the flagship texture to the end. For more information about OnePlus Ace 2V, please follow OnePlus official website, OnePlus mobile official Weibo and other official information platforms, so stay tuned.

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