Four key points of protection to help petrochemical companies Bots automated threat defense

Four key points of protection to help petrochemical companies Bots automated threat defense

  Today, the core target of cyber attack warfare has shifted to key infrastructure such as energy, especially the petrochemical industry, which is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood.nationIn the field of security, the network security of the petrochemical industry is becoming more and more obviousimportant.In order to help petrochemical companies to build a strong network security defense line, a few days agoChinaInstitute of Petroleum Petroleum Science and Technology Equipmentmembermeeting,Chinadevice managementassociationMajor in Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Digital Innovationmemberwill host”China“Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise Network and Information Security Technology Summit” was successfully held in Beijing.

  Zhang Fan, senior security consultant of Ruishu Information, was invited to participate in this meeting, and brought a speech entitled “Trends and Responses to Automation Threats”, sharing the status quo of Bots automation threats faced by petrochemical enterprises and how to counter them with dynamic security technology The defense idea of ​​Bots automation threat.

  Five major trends, Bots automation threat development

  Trend 1: Bots attacks tend to be normalized

  With the development of big data, 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the petrochemical industry has also begun to provide “Internet +” services;epidemicUnder the continuous influence of the Internet, many petrochemical companies have regarded telecommuting as a normal choice. Telecommuting has brought new challenges to network security. VPNs, video conferencing systems, mailboxes, and OA have all become targets of hacker attacks.

  According to Ruishu Information’s “2022 Bots Automation Threat Report”, the traffic generated by Bots is significantly higher than normal access traffic, and the proportion of Bots access will continue to rise to 59.71% in 2021. In the energy industry, the proportion of malicious robots is as high as 31.62%, and this proportion is still increasing.

  Trend 2: Zero-day vulnerability attacks continue to deepen

  With the help of automated tools, cybercriminals are discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities more efficiently and stealthily. In particular, the number of 0day vulnerability exploits and attack traffic continue to grow, and the scope of vulnerability attacks and impacts is gradually expanding. 0day vulnerability attacks are becoming more and more normal.

  According to the data disclosed by CVE and CNNVD, there will be more than 20,000 new vulnerabilities in 2021, which is a further increase compared to the number of vulnerabilities in 2020. In addition to the number, the impact of 0day vulnerabilities in open source and third-party components has expanded, and the security of the software supply chain has become a serious problem. In particular, the Log4j nuclear-bomb-level vulnerability that broke out at the end of 2021 has dealt a fatal blow to the entire JVM ecosystem and has affected it to this day.

  Trend 3: API attacks continue to rise

  Although open APIs have promoted the comprehensive external empowerment of petrochemical industry service capabilities and service channels, with the increase in the number of API calls and the rise of automation tools, the risks of data leakage and fraud involved are posing new challenges to the business security of petrochemical companies. challenge.

  More and more attackers are using APIs to carry out automated “high-efficiency attacks.” Gartner believes that by 2022, API abuse will become the most common attack vector leading to enterprise web application data breaches. API misuse and related data breaches will nearly double by 2024.

  Trend 4: Data crawlers are still rampant

  Malicious data crawlers account for the largest proportion of automated attack requests. Whether it is traditional industries, Internet industries, government enterprises, medical care, energy, education, etc., they are all subject to continuous crawler access. In 2022, the number of malicious crawler attacks monitored by Ruishu Information will reach more than 100 billion, and the information service business of various industries is the hardest hit area visited by crawlers. In terms of public data, malicious crawlers mainly focus on corporate information, public information, sensitive data, etc.

  Trend 5: AI weapons are smarter, further upgrading automated offensive and defensive confrontation

  AI technology is rapidly improving the speed and efficiency of network attacks, discovering vulnerabilities faster and more accurately, converting and using attack methods more automatically and intelligently, and generating malicious codes and attack behaviors that are more difficult to detect and identify. Big gap with the defense system. The evolution of network security from the current stage of human-to-human confrontation and human-machine confrontation to AI-based offensive and defensive confrontation is becoming more and more obvious.

  Four key points of protection to deal with the threat of Bots automation in petrochemical enterprises

  Protection focus 1: Bots automated threat protection has become a standard configuration for enterprises

  As Bots automation tools become the normal method of attack, Bots automation threat protection should also become the standard configuration of the enterprise defense system.

  Ruishu Information suggests that petrochemical companies should strengthen the status and capabilities of Bots automated threat management and protection in the enterprise application and business threat management architecture, and manage various Bots through multi-dimensional means such as Bots identification, increased attack costs, and visual display. and Threat Protection.

  Protection focus 2: focus on account + data, audit business operation behavior

  existepidemicUnder the background of remote work, employee terminals are more vulnerable to malicious code infection and phishingfraudAt the same time, the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud has become an irreversible trend, which is not only vulnerable to external intruders, but also makes it easier for internal and external collusion and fraud.

  Therefore, petrochemical companies should audit legitimate user operations in order to detect possible account theft, authority abuse, and internal and external collusion and fraud.

  Protection focus three: an integrated security protection mechanism is imperative

  Nowadays, the trend of diversified business application forms of enterprises is very clear. Web/APP/H5/microFull-service access channels such as WeChat/mini-programs have become targets that attackers can take advantage of.

  Therefore, Ruishu Information recommends setting up an integration system that supports various security capabilities such as WAF, Bot management, and API protection.sexThe defense mechanism is the best choice for petrochemical enterprises. It can help enterprises form layered and progressive protection strategies and capabilities, and realize integrated defense of web security.

  Protection focus four: Build an intelligent active security defense

  As Bots automated attacks become more concealed and efficient, traditional security protection systems have become inadequate. Zhang Fan, senior security consultant of Ruishu Information, suggested that petrochemical companies should change their protection concept from “passive defense” to “active defense”, and change the focus of protection from “human defense” to “technical defense”. At the same time, with the help of new methods such as AI artificial intelligence technology and automatic response mechanism, the continuous upgrading of cyberspace offensive and defensive confrontation capabilities is realized, and a smarter active security defense mechanism is built.

  Six advantages, dynamic security helps enterprises defend against Bots threats

  The essence of the confrontation between offense and defense is actually a confrontation of costs. Petrochemical companies should adopt an innovative perspective in security protection and completely change the rules of the game, that is, surround themselves, increase the attack cost of hackers by hiding loopholes, changing themselves, and verifying authenticity, etc., forcing hackers to give up attacks, thereby reducing the burden on corporate management , to speed up the defense response.

  Based on this innovative defense concept, Ruishu Information continues to focus on providing comprehensive and proactive security protection for enterprises based on dynamic security.

  Advantage 1: Man-machine recognition defense front transparent and insensitive

  The dynamic security architecture of Ruishu Information is composed of core technologies such as dynamic encapsulation, dynamic verification, dynamic obfuscation, and dynamic tokens. Through the unique dynamic security technology of Ruishu Information, it can get rid of the dependence of traditional security protection products on rules and features, allowing attacks Attackers cannot easily find the attack entrance, and at the same time, real-time interception and front-end risk control greatly increase the difficulty and cost of attack.

  Advantage 2: Let all black production automation tools fail

  From simple script tools, to tools with JS analysis capabilities, to screen recording operations, and real-life operations, no matter how the black industry tools are upgraded, Ruishu dynamic security technology can carry out human-machine identification and precise strikes against black industry behaviors, directly attacking black industry The lowest level of production, making automated tools unusable.

  For example, in terms of 0day vulnerability protection, which is quite a headache for enterprises, through the dynamic security technology of Ruishu Information, the inherent attributes requested by 0day vulnerability utilization tools can besexStarting out, as long as it is recognized as a tool behavior, it can directly block the 0day attack and realize the dynamic protection of the business.

  At the same time, Ruishu Information can effectively identify various malicious access behaviors through multi-dimensional portraits of the terminal environment and device fingerprints, and can track malicious terminals that hide the source of attacks through a large number of springboards in real time.

  Advantage 3: From “human defense” to “technical defense”

  Faced with the exponential growth in the number and efficiency of cyber attacks, the cost of enterprise security operation and maintenance has also increased accordingly. However, it is difficult for enterprise security personnel to maintain normal security protection with limited manpower and traditional security protection tools. The dynamic security technology based on Ruishu Information can effectively resist all kinds of automated attacks, realize the upgrade of protection capabilities, the reduction of operation and maintenance costs, more active defense, smarter confrontation, and more accurate tracking and traceability. Technology defense”.

  Advantage 4: Build a real heterogeneous three-dimensional protection system

  Zhang Fan, senior security consultant of Ruishu Information, pointed out that dynamic security and traditional security do not represent different brands of security products, but completely different technologies and different protection principles. Therefore, building a real heterogeneous three-dimensional protection system, In fact, it is necessary to organically combine dynamic security protection with traditional security protection.

  Advantage 5: Improve Web application resource efficiency

  asChinaAn innovator of dynamic security technology and a professional manufacturer in the field of Bots automatic attack protection, Ruishu Information InnovationproposeThe “Dynamic Security” active protection technology has protected trillions of enterprise customer assets and more than 500 million accounts, blocked 99% of automated attacks for enterprise customers, increased security operation efficiency by 81%, and saved 54% of the system resource.

  Advantage 6: Response to various automated attacks

  Ruishu Information’s dynamic security technology can effectively deal with various types of automated attacks, such as: vulnerability scanning, credential stuffing, crawlers, application DDOS, advanced customization tools, multi-source low-frequency, etc., providing proactive solutions for enterprise application security, data security, and business security. Security defense capabilities. At the same time, based on the dynamic confrontation strategy, it can win high-return security for the enterprise without affecting the normal operation of the business.


  In the future of network security, the concept of enterprise protection should change from “passive defense” to “active defense”, and the focus of protection should change from “human defense” to “technical defense”.

  The dynamic security technology based on Ruishu Information can effectively defend against various types of automated attacks, upgrade protection capabilities, and reduce operation and maintenance costs, making defense more active, confrontation smarter, and traceability more accurate, truly ensuring the network security of petrochemical enterprises.

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