Quick access and effective sharing, Aokan Technology helps the resource integration and application of video images in a certain area of ​​Wuxi, Jiangsu

Quick access and effective sharing, Aokan Technology helps the resource integration and application of video images in a certain area of ​​Wuxi, Jiangsu

  With the continuous advancement and deepening of smart city construction, the scale and coverage of video surveillance points in cities are also expanding. However, there are many and scattered monitoring systems built by various committees, bureaus, and social units, which has caused problems such as repeated construction of video resources and difficulties in sharing. Therefore, how to organically network, flexibly access, integrate and share video resources so that they can provide visual information support for security prevention and control, emergency response and other scenarios has become particularly urgent.

Aokan Technology joined hands with a district government of Wuxi City to deploy an Aokan video situational awareness platform on the e-government extranet, helping the district government realize “unified standards, fast access, and effective sharing” of video image resources in the region.

Unified aggregation, individual heterogeneity

The bottom layer of the smart city in this district of Wuxi City is unified by the IVS3800. In the smart city scenario, in order to meet the governance requirements of the district, all video surveillance resources in the IVS3800 are connected and managed in a unified manner. Aiming at the current situation of different manufacturers and different standards of video image resource construction, Aokan Technology combines the survey results of video resources in the area and relies on rich experience in the design and delivery of urban smart vision projects to quickly gather video resources of the 3w road in the area to the video center , a very crucial step for the construction of a video sharing mechanism.

Point management, one file for one machine, formulating video resource standards and specifications

Video point governance is different from general government data governance. After fully understanding the user demands of various committees, offices and bureaus in this district of Wuxi City and combining local standards, Aokan Technology developed a set of point governance tools to quickly complete 3w video point management, and establish corresponding equipment files for each device, and generate one file for each machine, thus completing the preliminary management of video resource standards in this area. With the deepening of use, Aokan Technology will assist the Wuxi District Government to continue to deepen the management of video resource standards and regulations.

Resource application, classification approval, standardize video data sharing process

According to the planning of the district government, Aokan Technology sorted out the sharing attributes of 30,000 channels of video resources through the platform and combined with the local government information resource sharing management method, completed the establishment of the video resource application and approval process, and helped the district government strengthen the supervision of video resource security and confidentiality and management work, and at the same time provide effective technical support for the sharing needs of users of various committees, bureaus, and bureaus.

(Flowchart of District Video Resource Application and Approval)

The launch of the Aokan Video Situational Awareness Platform has unified the management of urban video resources and made efficient use of them, giving full play to the maximum role of video resources, and greatly improving the work efficiency and comprehensive decision-making of the government and public security departments in carrying out patrol prevention and control, maintaining social stability Skills of analyze. In the future, Aokan Technology will continue to deepen cooperation and contribute the power of science and technology to the standardized management of social video resources in a certain district of Wuxi, Jiangsu, the reduction of construction costs and the improvement of security efficiency.

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