More blossoms, Vienna International Hotel will open seven more stores in February

More blossoms, Vienna International Hotel will open seven more stores in February

Starting from the end of 2022, the gradual relaxation of epidemic control has significantly accelerated the heating up of the business travel market. Since then, the arrival of the two major holidays, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, has further released the pent-up travel demand of consumers in the past three years. The business travel market has shown a typical good start, and there are obvious signs of recovery in the general environment.

The steadily increasing market popularity has further accelerated the market layout of major hotel brands. In the context of the mid-to-high-end consumer group becoming the mainstream in the business travel market and emphasizing “quality, sharing, and experience”, some hotel brands that accurately catch the profound changes in the consumer market are winning a new stage of explosive development.

Take the European classical lifestyle brand Vienna International Hotel under Jin Jiang Hotel (China) as an example. In just 28 days in February, 7 stores opened across the country, covering Suzhou, Bengbu in East China, Tianjin in North China, and Central China. Changsha, Macheng, Xi’an in Northwest China, Chengdu in West China and other core business districts in first- and second-tier cities and landmark business districts in third- and fourth-tier cities.

Vienna International Hotel Suzhou Guanqian Street Branch

The store is located in the core area of ​​Suzhou Guanqian business district, only 300 meters away from Guanqian Street in the center of Suzhou. The entrance of the hotel is the subway entrance and bus station, with convenient transportation. The hotel is adjacent to Metro Mall, Suzhou People’s Shopping Center and other shopping malls. It takes only 3 minutes to walk to the famous scenic spots in Suzhou, such as the Four Famous Gardens, Suzhou Museum, Confucian Temple, Master of the Nets Garden, Canglang Pavilion, Guanqian Street, and Shantang Street. . The hotel contains 11 types of rooms, centering on the positioning of “replicating the European classical life taste”, coupled with the continuous iteration of hardware and service upgrades in terms of health, environmental protection, sleep aid, intelligence, etc., it has brought deep and comfortable comfort to passengers. The all-round experience has won unanimous praise from consumers.

Vienna International Hotel Tianjin International Exhibition Station Mi Cube Branch

The hotel is located in Shengwang Commercial Street, Xiaozhan Ancient Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin, adjacent to Tianshan Sea World. Mi Cube, 4A-level Xiaozhan Military Training Park Scenic Spot, Daomiman Large Theme Park and other famous leisure and tourist attractions. The hotel is fully intelligently decorated, and the TV, lighting, curtains, and air conditioners can be adjusted by voice. It is equipped with a multi-functional banquet hall, a luxurious breakfast room, an above-ground parking lot, and a self-service laundry room. It is a collection of accommodation, catering, leisure and entertainment, and business meetings. A mid-to-high-end hotel is also an ideal choice for tourism and leisure.

The accelerated landing of stores is behind the hotel investors’ high recognition of the market prospect and the investment value of Vienna’s international brands. As a European classical lifestyle hotel brand under Jin Jiang Hotel (China), Vienna International Hotel integrates Western classical art aesthetics into the hotel space, providing the general public with elegant, decent, comfortable and artistic lodging service concepts, in order to meet the diversification and individuality of tourists. It provides a preferred option for the needs of modernized accommodation upgrades, which can continue to bring decent and elegant European classical life taste to passengers, and let the elegant and stylish accommodation experience enter every life.

Focusing on the core pain points of business and travel consumption, and bringing consumers unforgettable travel memories with unique artistic aesthetic expression and high-quality all-round service experience, Vienna International Hotel is leading a new round of change in the Chinese hotel market, efficiently satisfying customers’ high-quality needs living and service needs.

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