Huante Biotech won the “2023 China Cosmetics Outstanding Testing Institution”

Huante Biotech won the “2023 China Cosmetics Outstanding Testing Institution”

On March 1-2, the “2023 First China Cosmetic Raw Material Innovation and Application Forum” was co-sponsored by Meizhuang Toutiao and Shandong Cosmetic Industry Association, co-organized by the State Food and Drug Administration Key Laboratory of Cosmetic Raw Material Quality Control and Shandong Provincial Institute of Food and Drug Inspection It was successfully held in Jinan, Shandong.

At the 2023 China Cosmetic Raw Material Application Awards Dinner, Huante Biotech won the “2023 China Cosmetics Outstanding Testing Institution”; Zhou Shiyu, General Manager of Huante Bio-Cosmetic Division, was invited to do “Zebrafish Technology Empowers R&D and Upgrade of Cosmetic Plant Raw Materials” “‘s theme report, with more than 500 beauty industry experts, scholars, chief scientists, and entrepreneurs from all over the country, with the theme of “source empowerment”, they conducted in-depth discussions on new trends and new applications of raw material innovation, and jointly Find the future development direction of China’s raw material industry.

On March 1, the “2023 First China Cosmetics Raw Materials Innovation and Application Forum Award Banquet” was grandly launched, and the 2023 China Cosmetics Outstanding Testing Organization, the 2023 China Cosmetics Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, and the 2023 China Cosmetics Innovative Raw Material Enterprise were announced on the spot. The final selection results of the awards.

With its outstanding technical strength, Huante Biotech won the “2023 China Cosmetics Outstanding Testing Institution” in one fell swoop. This award represents the industry’s recognition of Huante’s one-stop cosmetics efficacy and safety evaluation technical strength and service of “zebrafish + human efficacy”, and marks Huante’s continuous use of technological innovation to help the high-quality development of Chinese cosmetics. It has won wide acclaim and a good reputation in the industry!

In recent years, plant raw materials have attracted much attention in the cosmetics industry. Source innovation, research and development of plant raw materials and technology are the key. Zhou Shiyu, General Manager of Huante Bio-Cosmetics Division, explained the application progress of zebrafish technology in the cosmetics industry in his speech “Zebrafish Technology Empowers the R&D and Upgrade of Cosmetic Plant Raw Materials”. , The application and case analysis of zebrafish technology in plant raw materials have made a new interpretation.

Mr. Zhou pointed out that cosmetic plant raw materials are widely used, and raw material components occupy an important position. The development trend of cosmetic plant raw materials is now mainly about innovation and quality. The selection of plant raw materials is more scientific and the quality control is more stringent. In recent years, the application of “zebrafish + human efficacy” one-stop efficacy and safety evaluation technology in the field of cosmetics has ushered in rapid development, and the development prospect is promising.

The history of industrial application of zebrafish technology in China is the development history of Huantec. As a global leader in the application of zebrafish technology, Huante Biotech has successfully applied the four world-leading technology platforms of “zebrafish + organoids + mammals + human evaluation” to the formulation research and development of cosmetics, drugs, health food, food, Raw material screening, production quality control, marketing endorsement, new product filing and construction and operation of zebrafish laboratory help cosmetics companies effectively improve product strength and empower beauty!

In the future, Huante Bio will rely on the four major technology platforms of “zebrafish + organoids + mammals + human evaluation” and good market accumulation, and strive to provide leading scientific research institutes for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional health food companies and research institutes around the world. , Reliable and efficient scientific research service (CRO) + smart laboratory construction + precision medical technology solutions, fully fulfill the great mission of “contributing to the cause of human health and beauty”!

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