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“If you are a drop of water, do you moisten an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, do you light up the darkness? If you are a grain, do you nurture useful life? If you are the smallest screw, will you always stick to your post in life?”

—— “Lei Feng Diary”

March 5 this year is the 60th anniversary of learning from Lei Feng. On the eve of the event, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions on the in-depth study of Lei Feng activities, emphasizing that “no matter how the times change, the spirit of Lei Feng will never be out of date” and that “the activities of learning from Lei Feng should be integrated into daily life and become regular, so that the spirit of Lei Feng can bloom in the new era.” A brighter light.” Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, Sunshine Life Insurance’s institutions at all levels have actively carried out a series of voluntary activities to learn from Lei Feng, interpret the story of Lei Feng in the new era with simple little things, and enrich and develop the connotation of Lei Feng’s spirit.

In Hunan, Liang Jun, secretary and person in charge of the Hunan Branch of Sunshine Life Insurance, visited the retired soldiers in Furong South Road Community, sent them condolence money and condolences, talked with them cordially, listened to their military deeds, and asked them carefully Physical conditions and living needs, I hope that the community and more caring people will continue to pay attention to the lives of veterans and help them solve their difficulties with practical actions; volunteers from the Zhuzhou Central Branch of Sunshine Life Insurance came to Dajing School in Lusong District to visit “one-on-one” The sponsored students will be given tuition fees, understand their family situation and learning difficulties, encourage the children to study hard, and continuously improve their academic performance. Learn legal knowledge in an atmosphere; Sunshine Life Insurance Changde Central Branch volunteers came to the square to sort out the messy parking of shared trams, and guide citizens to ride in a civilized manner and park in a standardized manner. It is recommended that everyone move the shared trams to The specified parking area forms a civilized “sharing” social atmosphere. In addition, the central branches of Sunshine Life Insurance in Yiyang, Hengyang, Shaoyang, and Xiangtan have also carried out public welfare activities such as caring for the elderly, loving blood donation, environmental cleaning, and popularizing financial knowledge, showing the demeanor of Sunshine Youth.

In Dalian, the General Party Branch of Sunshine Life Insurance Dalian Branch organized a party-day activity with the theme of “Learning from Lei Feng Memorial Day” to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and play the role of party members as pioneers and models. During the activity, the party members and comrades of the branch first came to the “Integrity and Culture Park” to visit and learn the content of the construction wall of incorruptibility culture, further enhancing the awareness of integrity and self-discipline of party members and comrades. Subsequently, comrades of the party members wore volunteer vests around the mountains around the Lianhuashan Fitness Trail, and carried out voluntary activities to pick up plastic bags, beverage bottles and other household waste for environmental protection. Citizens create a clean and hygienic living environment, and let the spirit of volunteer service warm people’s hearts.

In Sichuan, the Leshan Central Branch of Sunshine Life Insurance carried out the theme activity of “inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng and promoting the new trend of the times”, advocating all internal and external employees to be disseminators and practitioners of the spirit of Lei Feng. This activity cleans the old communities and streets in the community and beautifies the social environment. Since March last year, volunteers from the Leshan Central Branch of Sunshine Life Insurance have insisted on participating in the daily cleaning activities in the community every Friday. It has been going on for a year so far. They have truly carried forward the spirit of Lei Feng with practical actions, integrated the activities of learning from Lei Feng into daily life, and turned them into regular activities. .

In Zhejiang, the Taizhou Central Branch of Sunshine Life Insurance carried out the activity of learning from Lei Feng “carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, spread the fire of love, and build a harmonious society together”. Volunteers went to Luqiao Dapu Village to measure blood pressure and blood sugar for the elderly, and helped the elderly to cut their hair, promoting respect and love for the elderly , a good social trend of helping the elderly; Sunshine Life Insurance Quzhou Central Branch joined the “Learning from Lei Feng Volunteer Service Alliance” in the financial system of Quzhou City, and read out the “Proposal for Volunteer Service Alliance” in the financial system with representatives of various financial institutions to promote voluntary services in the financial system Normalized and long-term, contributing to the creation of a civilized city.

In Fujian, the party branch of Sunshine Life Insurance Fujian Branch carried out the “Learning from Lei Feng” activity to condolences to the old party members in difficulties. Party member volunteers came to the homes of the old party members in difficulties, cared about the physical condition and living conditions of the elderly, and sent condolences and the party branch of the organization care. The old man expressed his heartfelt thanks to the long-term care and help of the party branch of the branch office.

In Qingdao, the party committee and labor union of Sunshine Life Insurance Qingdao Branch organized a beach cleaning activity of “promoting Lei Feng’s spirit and highlighting youthful demeanor”. The branch organized volunteers to go to the beach to participate in marine environmental protection in the most direct and effective way of cleaning up coastal marine debris. During the activity, all volunteers fully carried forward the spirit of not being afraid of hardship and fatigue, actively and enthusiastically participated in it, and practiced environmental protection Public welfare.

In Heilongjiang, the Jixi Central Branch of Sunshine Life Insurance organized volunteers to carry out the theme activity of “Lei Feng Spirit, I Inherit Youth and Shine in the New Era” Learning from Lei Feng Day. Volunteers went to the community where they lived for sanitation and cleaning, cleaning up alley garbage, and creating a clean and tidy life for the residents Environment, use practical actions to arouse people’s awareness of protecting the environment and loving their homes. At the same time, masks are also distributed to pedestrians, reminding the public to wear masks during the high flu season and take precautions.

Everyone can learn the spirit of Lei Feng; dedication and love can be done everywhere. Sunshine Life will take the “Learning from Lei Feng Memorial Day” as an opportunity to continue to promote the activities of learning from Lei Feng in depth and solidity, to promote Lei Feng’s dedication to serving the people and helping others, and to internalize Lei Feng’s spirit in his heart and externalize it in his actions, so that Lei Feng The spirit is passed on from generation to generation and shines forever.


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