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Minsheng Bank Tianjin Pingshanyin Sub-branch and Gemdale Real Estate launched the theme appreciation activity of “Thousands? Read the Private Banking Road”

Minsheng Bank Tianjin Pingshanyin Sub-branch and Gemdale Real Estate launched the theme appreciation activity of “Thousands? Read the Private Banking Road”

Xinjiang, a beautiful and rich place, with continuous green hills, vast Gobi, boundless grasslands, blue lakes; Xinjiang, the hometown of singing and dancing, the hometown of melons and fruits, and the hometown of jade. Recently, Minsheng Bank’s Tianjin Pingshan India Sub-branch and Gemdale Real Estate launched the “Thousands of Private Bank Roads” appreciation activity for owners.

The owners and customers of Yueqian gathered at Tianjin Binhai International Airport and flew to Urumqi, the city farthest from the ocean in the world. The staff of Tianjin Pingshan Sub-branch of Minsheng Bank provided pick-up service at Urumqi Diwopu Airport to welcome customers.

The customer visited Kazanqi Folk Village, the only large-scale original ecological cultural scenic spot in northern Xinjiang with Uyghur ethnic customs as the main body. European-style buildings with a combination of Chinese and Western styles are distributed in the alleys of the folk village. It has a relatively complete traditional style and pattern.

The golden and splendid Zhaosu Rapeseed Flower Field, every July, the rapeseed flowers are in full bloom, and the vast field flowers bloom into a sea, stretching as far as the eye can see. Rapeseed flowers are filled with a faint floral fragrance, which attracts everyone to stop.

The Kalajun Grassland Scenic Area has a variety of scenery, including snow-capped mountains, grassland scenery, and forest canyons. The Kalajun grassland is like stepping into the ocean of flowers. All kinds of wild flowers are like stars blooming all over the mountains, and there are flocks of cattle and sheep everywhere. On the grassland full of flowers, opposite is the continuous snow peak of Tianshan Mountain, which is very pleasant! The top of Kala Jun is a high-altitude landform that slopes southward as a whole, with luxuriant grass and blooming flowers. The vast grasslands, canyons, snow-capped mountains, and pine forests constitute a majestic picture.

The Guozigou Bridge, the first long-span highway steel truss girder cable-stayed bridge in China, is a high-speed passage in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. It is located on the Guozigou Canyon and is one of the main components of the Lianyungang-Horgos Expressway (National Expressway G30). First, it is also an important livelihood project in Xinjiang.

Sailimu Lake, “the last tear of the Atlantic Ocean”, is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the lake on one side. Competing, looking around, you can have a panoramic view of the lake, and occasionally you can see a few swans cruising in the water. The surroundings are so empty and quiet, far away from the noisy big cities, so that the impetuous heart is at peace at this moment.

Dushanzi Grand Canyon is known as “the secret of Duku, a wonder of a hundred million years”. Dushanzi Grand Canyon was formed 100 million years ago. It is one of the most beautiful grand canyons in Xinjiang. reputation.

Impression of the Gobi, a red-themed education base that shows Xinjiang’s revolutionary culture, walked into the former site of the Bayi Cotton Mill, visited the production workshop with a jagged roof, well-preserved first-generation, second-generation, and third-generation looms, and listened to the advanced deeds of model workers that have emerged since the establishment of the factory. Touch with your own hands the weaving shuttle that has shuttled and made great achievements in the hands of countless sons and daughters of the Corps, experience the difficult but high-spirited years of passion, and feel the great spirit of the Corps.

In the Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area, which is called “Yaochi” in ancient Chinese mythology, the lake is as crystal clear as jade, reflecting Bogda Peak, surrounded by mountains, and the mountains are covered with tall and straight, green spruces and tasong trees. The change of light will show the color of green near and blue in the distance.

Nanshan Ranch, a famous wetland scenic spot in Urumqi, has towering snow peaks, lush forests, flowers and grass everywhere, and has a strong ethnic minority style.

The beautiful scenery of Xinjiang has amazed the owners and customers. There are vicissitudes that have been mottled by the years, and there are also amazing things that have been washed by time. A landscape, an experience, and a feeling, everyone feels the unique charm of Xinjiang.

During this trip, Tianjin Pingshan India Sub-branch of Minsheng Bank spent a good time with customers, which not only established a closer relationship with customers, conveyed the mission concept of Minsheng Bank “serving the public, caring for people’s livelihood”, but also provided more comprehensive and in-depth services for the follow-up The owners of Yueqian? have laid a good foundation. Customers have enhanced their understanding and trust in Minsheng Bank through this activity. Pingshan Yinzhi Branch will give back to every owner of Gemdale·Yueqian with the most sincere service.

Extraordinary courtesy is extraordinary. Minsheng Bank is committed to providing professional and high-quality financial services and non-financial rights and interests, sharing the great rivers and mountains of the motherland with customers, and cooperating with partners for win-win cooperation.

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