Minsheng Bank Hongqiao Sub-branch actively carried out the “National National Security Education Day” promotional activities

Minsheng Bank Hongqiao Sub-branch actively carried out the “National National Security Education Day” promotional activities

April 15, 2023 is the eighth “National Security Education Day for All” in my country. It is the basic obligation of every citizen to establish national security awareness, consciously care about and maintain national security. In order to further enhance the national security awareness of the whole people and create a strong atmosphere of national security education for the whole people, Tianjin Hongqiao Sub-branch of Minsheng Bank actively carried out a series of publicity and education activities around the theme of the event in accordance with the requirements of the supervisory unit and the head office.

  Attach great importance to special learning

The sub-branch carried out in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on national security, the Constitution and laws and regulations related to national security to enhance their awareness of national security; organized all staff to watch national security promotional videos such as “National Security and Peace in the World” and “Silent Contest” , strengthen national security warning education; organize and study national security education day answer questions for all. Organize and study the “Typical Cases of Legally Punishing Crimes Endangering National Security” issued by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and other typical cases endangering national security, and strengthen national security warning education; organize to participate in the Ministry of Justice’s “National National Security Education Day” project through the WeChat public account of “China Law Popularization” Answering Questions” activity.

  Increase publicity and create an atmosphere

The sub-branch takes business outlets as the main publicity position, makes full use of online channels such as intranet, WeChat public account, TV screen, electronic poster machine, LED screen of business outlets, self-service bank voice broadcast equipment, etc., strengthens publicity and promotion, expands the scope of publicity, and plays in a loop Propaganda slogans, posters and national security promotional videos vigorously create a strong atmosphere for national security education for all. In order to strengthen one-to-one customer safety education, we will cooperate with the Sub-district Sub-district Office of the territory to carry out face-to-face publicity activities on national security laws and regulations, publicize relevant financial knowledge such as telecommunications fraud, money laundering risks, and counterfeit currency identification on the spot, and actively answer customers’ questions about financial consumers. Issues related to the protection of rights and interests.

The national security education day publicity campaign has achieved good results, effectively improving the sense of responsibility and mission of all employees in maintaining national security, further enhancing the ability to prevent and resist financial security risks, and laying a solid foundation for maintaining national security. National security in the new era actively contributes to financial power!

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