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Mingming Electrical Appliances 2024 Dream Conference concluded successfully!The new 28m3/min ultra-thin flat-mounted cigarette machine leads the industry

Mingming Electrical Appliances 2024 Dream Conference concluded successfully!The new 28m3/min ultra-thin flat-mounted cigarette machine leads the industry

March 26, famous electrical appliances“Building Dreams, Reconstructing and Evolving” – The 12th Golden Tripod Award and the 4th Golden Cup Award at the Dream ConferenceThe awards ceremony was held grandly at the Global Culinary Arts Center of the Robam Electric Headquarters in Hangzhou.

Mr. Ren Fujia, President of Roban Electric, Mr. Xia Zhiming, Vice President of Roban Electric, Mr. He Yadong, Vice President of Roban Electric, Mr. Zhou Haixin, Vice President of Roban Electric, Mr. Zhang Guofu, Senior Director of Roban Electric, Mr. He Xiang, Senior Director of Roban Electric, and Mr. Lin Fengwei, Chief Strategy Officer of Roban Electric , Ms. Tong Jingjing, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of Robam Electric, Ms. Chen Wenjuan, Director of Robam Electric, and Ms. Yuan Leyi, Human Resources Director of Robam Electric attended this meeting. Zhu Zhongmin, General Manager of Mingren Electric Appliances, the management team of Mingren Electric Appliances, and outstanding famous dealers across the country attended the meeting.

  Two high-profile new series of products are unveiled

Products are the cornerstone of brand development. As the K-shaped development trend of the consumer market becomes increasingly evident, the market is in urgent need of products with excellent quality and more affordable prices.

On the day of the conference, Ms. Tang Lijuan, Director of the Marketing Department of Mingming Electrical Products, made a grand appearance with two series of new products, and at the same time elaborated on Mingming’s 2024 product market plan.

Based on the foresight and grasp of trends, Mingren Electric Appliances has launched two series of new products, ultra-thin flat-mounted range hoods and zero-embedded integrated stoves, based on the concept of “new pragmatism kitchen appliances”.

  New generation Z series ultra-thin flat-mounted range hoods Z3P and Z5, is the main new range hood product launched in 2024. As the third generation of the famous machine king, the Z3P hood has a body of only 350mm and is flush with the natural cabinet, creating an integrated aesthetic home;

Equipped with DC variable frequency motor, it has28m³/min ultra-large air volume, 1100Pa ultra-large static pressurecombined with the original noise reduction structure, while ensuring smoking efficiency, it reduces noise and completely solves the problem of oil fumes in Chinese cooking. You don’t have to worry about choking when frying with heavy oil. It also supports intelligent control with a wave of your hand, and you can easily turn it on and off to say goodbye to oil stains on your fingertips.

At the same time, famous electrical appliancesThe first zero-embedded integrated stove 9T series: 9T61FT and 9T61FX. The 9T61FT integrated stove adopts an ultra-thin machine head design and can be embedded into the wall at zero distance, completely solving pain points such as dust accumulation and difficulty in cleaning.

  20m³/min stir-frying air volume, 1000Pa super air pressure, 5.0kW high-power stir-frying, 63% thermal efficiency, 78L large-capacity steaming oven, easily cook a variety of delicious dishes, and unlock exclusive kitchen happiness. With industry-leading performance and quality assurance, 9T series integration is expected to allow users to achieve “ultimate trust.”

  Clear product positioning and clear market planning provide certainty in an uncertain market and also inject a “shot in the arm” for dealers present.

Later, Zhou Meiyu, chief of the regional BU section of the famous electrical appliance sales department, organized two series of new products to participate in the auction, and the atmosphere was heated.

After in-depth understanding of product information and subscription policies, many dealers placed orders one after another. The enthusiastic feedback from the market is also the greatest affirmation for these two Jihuang series products.

  Concentrate on building a new blueprint for pragmatism

At the meeting, Mr. He Yadong, Vice President of Robam Electric, delivered an important speech. First of all, he expressed high recognition of Mingming Electric’s 40% growth performance in 2023.

Mr. He emphasized that 2024 is the decisive year for the new three-year strategy of the Boss Group to inherit the past and usher in the future.Famous people should continue to concentrate their efforts, use their dreams as a guide, and build their dreams far awayreconstruction evolutionbuild a new blueprint for new pragmatism, and continue to lead the industry.

Subsequently, Mr. Zhu Zhongmin, general manager of Mingchi Electrical Appliances, also delivered a speech. In 2024, Mingchi’s core work will focus on three basic areas to complete the reconstruction of the brand, iteration of products, and the evolution of agent and store channels.

At the brand level, the reputation will firmly anchor the brand positioning of “new pragmatism kitchen appliances”, comply with the “K-shaped” growth trend, and win the market with strong demand.Famous products will focus more on the urgently needed track to achieveProduct performance leapfrog and appearance upgradecommitted to creating cost-effective products with good performance, usable functions, and durable quality.

Channels are one of the three fundamentals for Mingming’s reconstruction and evolution in 2024, and Mingming Electrical Appliances will strive to createMore efficient, more scalable, and store-centricA win-win model, through the combination of B-end distribution and C-end socialization, finally formed a traffic pool with stores as the core.

  Empowering stores Dealers share successful experiences

Subsequently, the “See” forum activity dialogue started. Mingshi has invited outstanding dealer representatives from Quanzhou, Lanling, Gaozhou, Fuyang, Liangshan and other places to talk and share successful store experiences.

    Strategy remains unchanged firmEfficiency first and user experience first

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ren Fujia, President of Robam Electrical Appliances, made a concluding speech.Kitchen appliance market prospects, channel changes and corporate planningAn in-depth analysis was conducted. Mr. Ren Fujia believes that in the face of intensified market competition and declining market confidence, we should embrace new channels and new trends.No matter how the channels change, the core of marketing is alwaysEfficiency first and user experience first.

We have observed that cost-effective brands are showing great vitality in a depressed market environment. Therefore, regarding the development plan for the next stage, Mr. Ren Fujia clearly stated,Robam Group will further support famous electrical appliancesespecially focusing on cooking, deploying multiple brands, covering the whole link, and expanding the ecosystem, to meet the needs of different segmented users and jointly build a full cooking link!

Hundreds of armies are vying for the upper hand, and the one who strives first will be the first!

Since the independent operation of the brand in 2008, Mingming Electric has always been marching forward on the road of advanced iteration and is committed to building a high-quality brand of Chinese kitchen appliances.In the future, Mingming Electrical Appliances will continue to work with partners to build dreams and compete pragmatismtuyere!

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