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Vitality helps!Hydrate your support throughout the Lushan Cup Jiujiang Marathon

Vitality helps!Hydrate your support throughout the Lushan Cup Jiujiang Marathon

On March 24, a marathon event full of passion and vitality was held in Jiujiang. Dongpeng Beverage’s brand “Hydrating La” joins hands with the 2024 “Lushan Cup” Jiujiang Marathon to provide electrolyte supplies to participants, allowing them to sweat as much as they want on the track and show unparalleled vitality. This marathon is not only a feast of sports competition, but also a vivid manifestation of Dongpeng Beverage’s diversified layout of sports tracks and deepening of its sports marketing strategic layout.

Dongpeng replenishes water and replenishes electrolytes quickly

As a partner of the 2024 “Lushan Cup” Jiujiang Marathon, Hydration played an important role in the event. In order to ensure that players can maintain sufficient energy during the competition, the rehydrating electrolyte water provided by Dongpeng Beverage is rich in sodium ions, potassium ions, calcium ions and other electrolytes, which can quickly replenish the water and electrolytes lost by the body through sweating during exercise. . Athletes can enjoy cool and refreshing water at the supply station, continue to maintain the balance of water and electrolytes during the game, and run forward with full motivation.

Since 2023, Bushuila has been committed to the promotion of sports marketing. In addition to participating in the 2024 “Lushan Cup” Jiujiang Marathon, it also joined hands with the 2024 Fengxian Bay Forest Half Marathon at the beginning of this year to provide participants with high-quality electrolyte supplies and help start the first run of the Year of the Dragon in 2024. In addition, Bushuila has also served as the official partner of the 2023 Badminton World Tour Finals, providing supply support to participating players and injecting vitality into the event.

Dongpeng Hydration Helps Badminton World Tour Finals

It is worth mentioning that the success of Buhuila in sports marketing is no accident. The key to its success lies in accurately finding sports events that fit the brand concept, and through in-depth participation and precise marketing, the brand can form a strong connection with the sports events. Huanhuila has always conveyed youthful vitality, a positive attitude of seeking breakthroughs and pursuing dreams, which is highly consistent with the spirit of sports. This fit not only makes Bushuila stand out in sports marketing, but also makes Dongpeng Beverage’s youthful brand image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

By continuing to sponsor various domestic and international sports events, Shuihuila has successfully made its mark in sports marketing and has become the official designated electrolyte water for many sports events. This is not only a recognition of the strength of the Hydra brand, but also a high degree of affirmation of its sports marketing strategy. In the future, Bushuila will continue to deepen the strategic layout of sports marketing, inspire young people’s love and pursuit of sports with healthy energy, and further promote the construction of a sports power and a healthy China.

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