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Mead Johnson Platinum has newly upgraded the new national standard, the standard requirements for children’s rations

Mead Johnson Platinum has newly upgraded the new national standard, the standard requirements for children’s rations

As those born in the 1990s and 1995s have become the main body of the new generation of childbearing, the concept of childcare has also changed. It is no longer just about having enough food and clothing, but pursuing more comprehensive and refined nutrition to protect the baby’s multi-faceted growth in an all-round way. Therefore, in Children’s rations pay more attention to the comprehensive nutrition such as brain vision, self-protection, digestion and absorption. Mead Johnson Premium has been newly upgraded to a new national standard, rich in nutrition and more comprehensive. It not only upgrades brain nutrition, but also has strength in maintaining intestinal health and strengthening self-protection.

Mead Johnson Platinum New National Standard Brand New Upgrade

I believe many parents have heard of DHA, and there are mixed reviews about it. Some people say it is an IQ tax; some people say it is better to believe in it than in its absence. So what exactly is DHA? What effect does it have on children’s growth? How to supplement it? DHA, chemical name Docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as “brain gold”, is an unsaturated fatty acid that is very important to the human body. It is one of the main components for the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells, and is also an important component of the brain and retina. It contains up to 20% of the human cerebral cortex and accounts for the largest proportion of about 50% in the retina of the eye. It is crucial to the development of intelligence and vision in infants and young children. Formula milk powder, as the main ration for infants and young children, is a good choice to supplement DHA.

Mead Johnson is the world’s leading brand of brain nutrition and has obtained 25 national patents. It has conducted empirical research on DHA for 38 years and has 39 scientific empirical results. The new upgrade adds 38-year-old proven DHA + nano-scale active extracted milk fat globule membrane, which can help children increase their brain power by +25% and increase brain synaptic density by 75%! The real and effective clinical effect helps babies’ brain development continue to benefit until they are 9 years old, and they are far ahead of babies of the same age in terms of concentration, cognition, and language skills!

Mead Johnson Pure Nutrition is more comprehensive

In addition to the upgrade of brain nutrition, Mead Johnson Platinum also has a new upgrade in digestion and absorption, adding simulated breast milk oligosaccharide HMO+A2 protein, which makes nutrition easier to absorb and digest. Proven formula & Chinese invention patent, the combination of long and short chain prebiotics also protects the intestines more comprehensively than a single prebiotic, is easy to digest and absorb, and golden soft stools will not cause irritation. A2 protein is closer to the mother’s milk source and can repair baby’s absorption bugs. It is very friendly to babies who are watery after drinking milk and babies who are watery during seasonal changes. Simulates the dual nutrition of breast milk oligosaccharide HMO + A2 protein, giving your baby a double buff!

Mead Johnson’s new national standard has been fully upgraded, with 0 added sucrose, vanillin, and solid corn syrup. It has a light taste and is not greasy, and children like it and love to drink it. Careful observation shows that the overall color of Platinum Milk Powder is a relatively deep milky yellow, with uniform particles and uniform gloss. The powder is fine and dry. It dissolves quickly when brewed with warm water and will not stick to the wall.

Mead Johnson Platinum Powder has a delicate texture and a light taste

If you want your children to grow well, you cannot lack core nutrients. Mead Johnson’s new national standard milk powder is rich in nutrients and comprehensive. It not only helps babies strengthen their concentration, cognition, and language skills, but also maintains intestinal health and strengthens immunity. Interested parents can log on to Mead Johnson’s official website to learn more.

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