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Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and gather the momentum of youth – Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch delivers charity and volunteering – Times Finance – Northern Net

Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and gather the momentum of youth – Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch delivers charity and volunteering – Times Finance – Northern Net

Spring is warm, flowers are blooming, and everything is revived. In this moment full of vitality, Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch gathered again to follow Lei Feng’s example and practice Lei Feng’s spirit with practical actions.

It coincides with the 61st “Day of Learning from Lei Feng” and the 25th “China Youth Volunteer Service Day”. The young partners of Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch enthusiastically joined the ranks of volunteer services, spontaneously conveying love and warmth, and jointly contributing to society.

Public welfare of financial knowledge in action

  On March 3, sponsored by the Social Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Communist Youth League Committee, and hosted by the Tianjin Youth Volunteers Association, the Lei Feng Learning Day and Youth Volunteers Helping the Elderly Action Launching Ceremony kicked off in the Tianjin Youth Block. . At the launching ceremony, Postal Savings Bank Tianjin Branch, as a charity donation unit, donated 50,000 yuan in materials to the Tianjin Youth Volunteers Association, using practical actions to polish the youth volunteer service brand and help build Tianjin as a “City of Volunteers”. Hexi Branch participated in the Youth Charity Fair and carried out financial knowledge popularization activities with the theme of “Financial Consumer Protection is Around to Protect Rights and Prevent Risks” to explain common financial fraud methods to citizens, help consumers establish correct financial concepts, and guide financial consumers to consciously stay away from illegal financial activities and further enhance consumers’ awareness of self-protection of rights and interests.

Ecological and environmental protection volunteer services in action

On March 5, Nan Branch and Hongqiao Branch jointly organized a co-construction activity for ecological and environmental protection voluntary service actions, organizing young employees to actively participate in environmental protection voluntary services based on the actual conditions of ecological civilization construction. Young employees picked up brooms, garbage bags and other tools to When we arrived at the Haihe River, the mother river in Tianjin, we swept away cigarette butts, paper scraps, plastic bags and other garbage along the river bank and surrounding parks. We exchanged our hard work for the beautiful new appearance of the mother river and practiced the concept of green development. Create a strong atmosphere of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

On March 4, the directly affiliated branch participated in the “Lei Feng Day” event on Datong Road and organized young employees to come to Sanli Community, Datong Road Subdistrict, to participate in community living environment cleaning activities. Pick up garbage, clean up waste, and beautify the living environment for community residents at the event site, create a clean and tidy living space for community residents, guide young employees to actively participate in environmental protection voluntary services, and create a good atmosphere where everyone cares about environmental protection and everyone participates in environmental protection. .

Prevent telecommunications network fraud in action

Hongqiao Branch organized various branches to set up volunteer service teams to lead young employees into the community, deepen and expand the activities of learning from Lei Feng, carry out anti-financial fraud publicity, and introduce to residents the knowledge of preventing telecom network fraud and safe use of bank cards. Through continuous volunteer services, we will enhance the dedication of young employees, guide young people to demonstrate their personal value in serving the society, and write the story of Lei Feng in the new era with practical actions.

On March 4, the Office of the Discipline Inspection Commission led young party members to Dawenli Community to carry out a voluntary education activity of “Integrity Culture into the Community” in conjunction with the theme party day of “Promoting Lei Feng’s Spirit and Practicing Garbage Cleaning”. During the activity, leaflets and brochures were distributed to community residents, credit knowledge was promoted, and telecom network fraud prevention cases were explained in simple and easy-to-understand language, so that residents could have a more comprehensive and intuitive understanding of integrity and help the elderly in the community. People should raise their awareness of integrity, be more vigilant in preventing fraud, keep their wallets secure, and effectively safeguard their own interests.

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