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McDonald’s China and Cainiao sign strategic cooperation to digitize supply chain

McDonald’s China and Cainiao sign strategic cooperation to digitize supply chain

On January 4, McDonald’s China and Cainiao Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on supply chain digital construction. According to the agreement, the two parties will start from the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) project and further promote the implementation and implementation of Cainiao RFID solutions in McDonald’s supply chain. At the same time, they will jointly explore cooperation in supply chain digitization, automation and other aspects to help McDonald’s China supply chain digital construction. Improve supply chain efficiency and traceability capabilities, and improve customer and employee experience.

Taking the Internet of Things as an example, according to the agreement, McDonald’s China will deploy Cainiao RFID technology in the food supply chain links. McDonald’s China will embed Cainiao RFID tags on food packaging materials. Since RFID has a group reading function and a unique identification code, the product will have a unique “digital ID” that connects the “production-logistics-restaurant” link. This allows the product to not only effectively improve cargo inventory and logistics efficiency, but also help create end-to-end smart logistics, enabling digital monitoring and traceability and supply chain information interconnection and collaboration. In the RFID pilot project currently being promoted by McDonald’s China in cooperation with Cainiao, the time required for the restaurant’s daily inventory has been reduced from one hour to 15 minutes, and the accuracy of inventory data has increased by 30%.

McDonald’s is a world-renowned catering service brand, with nearly 40,000 restaurants around the world, serving more than 68 million customers every day. As a leader in industry supply chain capabilities, McDonald’s has consistently ranked at the top of the global supply chain TOP25 list selected by Gartner, a global supply chain research and consulting organization. Taking root in China for 33 years, McDonald’s currently has nearly 5,800 restaurants in China with more than 200,000 employees. It has become McDonald’s second largest market in the world and the fastest growing market. McDonald’s China has given full play to its influence and driven the upstream and downstream supply chains to continue to promote digital layout and construction, driven by the “three-legged stool culture”, and constantly explore digital solutions and forward-looking innovative measures in the supply chain field. In China, McDonald’s has a 100% localized data and IT team, established an IT strategic R&D center, strengthened internal R&D and capacity building, made digitalization a new driving force for business growth, and allowed McDonald’s China’s digital platform to seamlessly connect consumers’ new needs. needs and new changes.

As a global leader in the e-commerce logistics industry, Cainiao not only applies technology to every aspect of logistics operations, but also provides a complete set of practical and cost-effective technical solutions to the outside world. Relying on its leading advantage in supply chain digital intelligence, it has launched a series of technological cooperation with the world’s top ten fast-moving consumer goods giants. Cainiao’s rich accumulation in automation, digital supply chain, Internet of Things, etc. has greatly promoted the quality, efficiency and digital upgrade of leading companies in the industry. In the agreement signed between Cainiao and McDonald’s China, the application of the above-mentioned technologies has also become the main direction of cooperation between the two parties.

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