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Tianjin Mobile holds 2023-2024 Partner Conference

Tianjin Mobile holds 2023-2024 Partner Conference

On January 5, Tianjin Mobile held the 2023-2024 Partner Conference of “Integration Without Boundaries, Chain Building the Future”. The conference attracted more than 50 channel agents and 53 upstream and downstream industry chain partners including Huawei, Inspur, ZTE, H3C, OPPO, and VIVO. China Mobile’s professional companies and industrial research institutes were invited to participate in this conference to discuss industry opportunities, discuss industrial cooperation, and seek the future of the industry.

Yu Hui, general manager of Tianjin Mobile, delivered a speech titled “Integration and Unbounded Chain Building the Future”. He said that Tianjin Mobile actively fulfills the responsibility and mission of “a pioneer in technological innovation, a pioneer in digital and intelligent transformation, and a main force in the network and information field”, anchoring its positioning of “creating a leading information service technology innovation company in the region”, and building a system based on 5G, computing power A new information infrastructure focusing on network and capability center, innovatively building a new information service system of “connection + computing power + capability”, and has long been committed to uniting various upstream and downstream partners to establish joint construction, sharing and win-win industrial value chain. In the future, we hope to gather the strength of partners from all over the world to set sail and set sail together, work together to cultivate and expand new industries, new models, and new momentum, continue to gather more cooperation resources, innovate better cooperation mechanisms, and build a larger cooperation ecosystem. , jointly promote the prosperity and growth of the industrial ecology.

At the meeting, Tianjin Mobile released its 2024 industrial ecological development plan. It will launch products and services such as Mobile Aijia, Wangpubao, and AI digital intelligence in terms of whole-house intelligence, store markets, and capable middle stations to continuously meet the people’s needs. The yearning for a better digital life.

In terms of whole-house intelligence, Tianjin Mobile demonstrated the “Mobile Love Home” smart home product solution on site, covering a variety of products such as gigabit broadband, mobile housekeeping, all-optical WiFi, and whole-house intelligence, allowing you to immerse yourself in the new life of a smart home. .

In the store market, China Mobile has newly released a smart store solution – Wangpubao package, which can provide stores with one-stop information services such as gigabit broadband, intelligent networking, security monitoring, payment and cashiering, and basic communications to help store stores. Smart business management.

In terms of capabilities, we have launched “Panjiang” digital employees, smart community interactive virtual digital smart people, IT digital smart collaborative product sets, smart business assistants, safety production cloud management platforms, one-click network blocking, dedicated line security guards, etc. The application of new AI digital products will continuously accumulate capabilities for the digital transformation of society.

The conference commended outstanding partners in 2023 and awarded honorary awards such as the “Supply Chain Close Cooperation Award”, “Government-Enterprise Development Contribution Award” and “Excellent Development Contribution Award” on site.

At the conference, Tianjin Mobile showed its partners new products and services such as Wangpubao, Mobile Aijia, Air-Ground Integrated Line Guard, Cloud Computer, and Virtual Digital Intelligence to its partners, attracting guests to stop by and experience the new experience of smart life.

It is understood that Tianjin Mobile has invested more than 6 billion yuan in the past three years to carefully build a “dual gigabit” high-quality network, built more than 27,000 5G base stations, and has home broadband capabilities covering 7.3 million households, realizing the city’s 5G network and gigabit broadband Full coverage of capabilities, with a data center carrying capacity of over 14,000, and continuous improvement of the ultra-low latency circle of “2 milliseconds in the core urban areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, 1 millisecond in the city, and 0.5 milliseconds in the urban area”, helping Tianjin to be selected into the first batch of gigabit cities and maintain its lead in the long term advantages and build a solid foundation for the digital economy.

Tianjin Mobile continues to explore the path of technological innovation, build a strong industrial chain docking platform in Tianjin, and build more than 230 5G projects such as Tianjin Port’s zero-carbon terminal, Airbus smart factory, and Big Rocket “5G + Security” workshop. In Tiankai Park, Tianjin Mobile has built Tianjin’s first “capability store”, opening China Mobile’s technological innovation achievements and middle-end capabilities to the whole society. In addition, Tianjin Mobile participated in the compilation of Tianjin City Brain Standards, undertook the construction of key projects such as the Sino-Singapore Eco-City Smart City, the State-owned Assets Cloud, and the Medical Insurance 12393 Hotline, and used digital intelligence technology to serve high-level government governance.

Facing the future, Tianjin Mobile will continue to shoulder the responsibility and mission of “a pioneer in technological innovation, a pioneer in digital and intelligent transformation, and a main force in the network and information field”, and will work with its partners with the most sincere sincerity, the most open mind, and the most pragmatic actions. We will work together to achieve win-win cooperation and contribute more to Tianjin’s solid advancement of Chinese-style modernization. (Wang Shi, Huo Wenrui)

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