Zhixing 318, the world’s first road trip AI robot, is released


March 18th is the first 318 Highway Festival that attracts the attention of all road trip and self-driving enthusiasts as well as fans of “must drive 318 in this life”. On this day, Zhixing 318, the world’s first AI intelligent road travel robot specially built for Highway 318, was released! Zhixing 318 is jointly developed by Yunjie Liangshu and Kunlun Wanwei Tiangong Model. The two parties use AI technology to empower the road travel ecosystem, bringing an unprecedented super-intelligent road travel experience to all travel and self-driving enthusiasts and early adopters of artificial intelligence.

G318 is known as the most beautiful landscape avenue in China and is very popular among travelers. This highway not only displays magnificent natural landscapes, but also carries profound cultural and historical heritage; “Must Drive 318 in this Lifetime” has also become the hottest and most contemporary highway IP in the hearts of self-driving enthusiasts.

Based on the Tiangong AI large language model, Zhixing 318 provides intelligent innovative services for 318 road travelers. It supports AI search, conversation, and real-time access to information such as traffic conditions, weather, and attraction recommendations; it can also intelligently plan itineraries, support 318 road sign check-in, itinerary notes, and one-click sharing of beautiful moments; it accurately meets user needs and provides travelers with “Thousands of people, thousands of faces” AI dialogue experience; at the same time, Zhixing 318 also has AI creation and one-click diffusion functions, using AI technology to empower the entire network dissemination of 318 Highway IP.


Not only that, Zhixing 318 has also planned a development blueprint of “Tools-Public Welfare-Business”. In the future, Zhixing 318 will actively introduce more partners to provide them with business opportunities and effectively promote the vigorous development of the local tourism and cultural industry; at the same time, Utilizing Yunjie Liangshu’s own innovative data technology, Zhixing 318 will be committed to gaining in-depth insights into user data, helping brands better understand consumers, and providing more attractive and practical services and products to consumers in the travel field. And assist the marketing and diffusion of brands on the consumer side.

In addition, Zhixing 318 also plans to further improve basic highway services such as destination travel & roadside assistance through continuous training and optimization of large AI models, and improve the online service level of China’s road travel.

In the future, Yunjie Liangshu will continue to delve into AI artificial intelligence + marketing and continuously optimize product functions and user experience. With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence technology and the expansion of application scenarios, Yunjie Liangshu will continue to cooperate with Kunlun Wanwei Tiangong Model to jointly explore the potential of AI technology in more industry vertical fields and explore the application of AI in consumer services and various industries. Innovative applications in marketing scenarios create value for intelligent transformation and development.

Here, Yunjie Liangshu sincerely invites you to join the vast number of travelers to register and try the Zhixing 318 mini program and experience the new era of road travel empowered by AI.


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