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[Love requires sexual happiness series 345]Sexual happiness can also be achieved during pregnancy by understanding each other and adjusting concepts.

[Love requires sexual happiness series 345]Sexual happiness can also be achieved during pregnancy by understanding each other and adjusting concepts.

Transcript◆Liang Yingxiu

(Kuala Lumpur News) Modern medicine is advanced, and many doctors will educate couples that they can have sex during pregnancy. They just need to make some adjustments, and they can also enjoy the beauty of sex during pregnancy.

The adjustment part is that in the first three months of pregnancy, because the placenta is not yet stable, sexual life is prohibited as much as possible; in the fourth month of pregnancy, the development of the fetus has gradually taken shape, and you can have some moderate sexual life. .

Finally, try not to have sex during the third trimester of pregnancy, because as the fetus grows, premature birth may occur at any time, and it is actually inconvenient for pregnant women to move around.

The fetus will feel the pleasure of the pregnant woman

Sex counselor Wu Qiming said that in the first and last three months of pregnancy, there are two stages that are not suitable. In fact, you can have sex in the middle period of pregnancy.

“If the couple doesn’t have a consensus, some women will think, ‘I’m having a hard time getting pregnant, why can’t you be considerate and accepting of you as my husband?’ Or, ‘Why do you always want sex? I don’t know how it will affect me. Or a baby?’ Wait for complaints.”

He pointed out that pregnant women will resist if they are worried. “Actually, having sex during pregnancy is helpful to the fetus.” With this knowledge, she can make adjustments in her mentality and is willing to try and cooperate with her husband.

“During sexual intercourse, the fetus will feel the pleasure of the pregnant woman.

Just like during prenatal education, playing music to the fetus or chatting with him,

It can pass through the mother’s skin tissue and belly,

Then it passes through the fetal fluid and is passed to the fetus in waves. “

In addition, changes in the mother’s body hormones will also affect the fetus, and the mother will also feel happy.

“Research has found that if the mother is depressed, sad or negative during pregnancy, the emotional part of the baby will be more negative; if the mother is happier during pregnancy, the baby will be healthier. There are studies in these medical aspects, And you can see obvious effects.”

Feeling unhappy or uncomfortable affects your mood

He said that during pregnancy, the mother’s physical changes will also cause some psychological adjustments and changes in her. This is what was mentioned above. In the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta has not yet fully developed, so sexual intercourse is not encouraged at this time; and in the second part, the mother may experience discomfort or discomfort during pregnancy. , Physiological discomfort will also indirectly affect your mood. Naturally, you will not have much willingness for sex.

“On the contrary, these conditions are not experienced by men. For men, they just think that ‘pregnant women’s belly is not that big, so there should be no problem, but they can’t wear high heels or run around.'”

In fact, men and women do have some differences in their attitudes toward pregnancy. Therefore, he discussed the following three different levels of male experience, including that some men will know in their hearts that doing so will have consequences, so they can abstain from sex, so they will not ask their wives to cooperate and do it themselves if they need it; and the second one is He is also worried about affecting his wife, but he still hopes to have safe sex. He may have absorbed some correct knowledge in this regard, and he thinks it is okay. The last one is worried about affecting his wife, so he simply solves his sexual needs externally. “

Men and women have individual views on “sex”. Women will think, “As a husband, you should be understanding!” But for men, they actually hope that their wives can understand, “As a man, you have certain sexual needs.”

It is not advisable to have sex for three months before and after

He said that both parties must be considerate of each other, because sex life involves the marital relationship, which will directly affect the intimacy of the couple. The next part also allows both parties to discuss and understand what each other’s thoughts are.

“Men also know that sex during pregnancy may affect the fetus. This is a traditional value and concept passed down. Men must abstain from sex. The 10 months of pregnancy plus the subsequent lactation period is equal to one year.”

During the counseling process, a woman also told Wu Qiming: “He lived like this before without me!”

“Men have a choice, so some men will choose abstinence. When they need it, they will masturbate. But if women can understand and understand their husbands, they will be willing to cooperate and make some adjustments so that couples can have some sexual intercourse. A suitable way to satisfactorily solve the sexual needs of both people.”

Of course, if a pregnant woman has had premature birth or miscarriage, it is not suitable to have sex. Therefore, he once again reminded everyone that it is not suitable to have sex within three months before and after.

“In fact, both men and women will have sexual needs at some stage, but most women will lose their desire during pregnancy; but when a man is not pregnant, his sexual needs are just desires. When he has desires and needs, if he can solve them by himself That’s good; otherwise, you’ll need help from your partner.”

There is also a kind of man whose wife doesn’t let him have sex during pregnancy, so he looks for other ways. But if he doesn’t want to masturbate, he will go to a sex worker or if someone gets close to him, he may have a short-term sexual relationship with the other person, such as a one-night stand. .

Kissing, hugging, caressing and bathing together

Another way to satisfy your sexual needs

Because the person who is pregnant is a woman, when her body changes, most will say, “I don’t want sex.”

Of course, there are also some women who are inspired to want sex because of changes in hormones, but they are worried about affecting fetal development and causing miscarriage.

Therefore, even if women have desires, they will suppress them and refuse to have sex with their partners. The problem is that many couples’ sex is only based on “sexual habits.”

Refuse politely

Wu Qiming pointed out that many couples do not know that sex does not necessarily have to complete the entire process. In fact, sex between husband and wife can include hugging, touching or bathing together. These parts can get some sexual satisfaction. Of course, some female friends said: “After we did these things, he wanted to come in.”

At this time, women have two choices, that is, if the fetus is stable, they can have sex; but if they are still worried, they can tell their partner in a tactful way: “I know you want it very much, and I feel wronged by you. This I won’t be able to have sex with you for a while, I’m really scared, but I can help you masturbate or perform other sexual methods to satisfy you.”

Feel your partner’s feelings

“At this time, when the husband feels his partner’s feelings, he will be relieved. Let’s not talk about whether he will cheat or not, because that is too beside the point. We are just talking about how we can refuse or open our minds when it comes to sex. .”

He finally concluded that sex during pregnancy is allowed and will not necessarily have a negative impact on the fetus. We need to adjust this idea and update our concept, “You can also enjoy sex during pregnancy!”

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