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[Local Medical]Testosterone supplements to help men improve their condition are not aphrodisiacs and fitness products

[Local Medical]Testosterone supplements to help men improve their condition are not aphrodisiacs and fitness products

Text: He Jianxing Compiled by: Liang Yingxiu

(Kuala Lumpur News) In recent years, due to the advancement of medicine, “weight training” (weight training), which used to be regarded as extreme exercise, has emerged as a “crazy weight training” phenomenon in recent years. Especially before the epidemic, gyms were Members of both sexes abound.

For men and women nowadays, the purpose of exercise is inseparable from several reasons, such as for health, to lose weight and to stay away from negative emotions. They want to have tight lines and strengthen their bodies through exercise, and even to prevent sarcopenia. For a series of problems such as sarcopenia or osteoporosis, weight training is an indispensable part.

Heavy training improves muscle endurance

Urological consultant Dr Warren Lo Hwa Loon pointed out that “weight training” refers to the use of weight-bearing to make the skeletal muscles in different parts of the body resist gravity, so that the muscles can be stimulated and exercised. Through different training movements, in addition to being able to In addition to achieving weight loss and improving posture, it can also improve muscle endurance and explosive power. It is not just a single exercise, but is also regarded as a comprehensive sports science.

He said that in the past it was used to train athletes and soldiers, but now it has become one of the sports options for the general public. In addition to various fitness equipment, even fitness-related knowledge can be searched online, including the use of testosterone supplements.

“Medically, the use of testosterone supplements is for men who have experienced ‘menopause’ and need to be treated. However, in the public or among the people, it has always been regarded by most people as an aphrodisiac to ‘strength’ or ‘rejuvenate’. With the Fitness knowledge is popularized. It can reduce fat content, increase muscle mass and bone density, and can improve concentration or physical strength. In addition, it is favored by professional bodybuilders. Therefore, in addition to being misunderstood as an ‘aphrodisiac’, it is more relevant. Labeled as a ‘fitness treasure’, while ignoring its true usefulness and potential dangers of abuse.”

“It is true that testosterone supplements are not just for sexual intercourse. They should be regarded as the key to male vitality and health. In addition to improving sexual desire and reproductive ability, it can help men regain vitality, improve their quality of life, increase muscle and bone quality, and more The important thing is to improve men’s self-confidence and self-worth.”

Therefore, from another perspective, giving suitable testosterone supplements to men in need has a positive effect on improving the condition, but it should be noted that its use is based on “improving the condition” and not just looking at it. As a side trick to achieve fitness results.

Testosterone secretion decreases every year

He pointed out that male hormones (androgen) or male hormones begin to be secreted through the testicles and adrenal glands during puberty, but reach a peak after the age of 30, and then decline at a level of 1% every year. When it drops to a certain index (less than 300ng/dL), men will feel that their physical fitness is not as good as before, and their health status, personality, or mood will also change. This is not just a problem with sexual performance, such as erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, or loss of sexual desire. At this time Men are also more likely to be tired, emotionally unstable or irritable than before.

“Menopause is a natural biological process. It is also called menopause. It generally refers to the period in a woman’s life when she will never have menstruation again and permanently loses her fertility. However, there is also male menopause (andropause). ) argument.”

“However, unlike the definition of cessation of menstruation in women, to define menopause in men, more observations must be made, including the aforementioned physical and mental changes, and at the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the testosterone level in androgens is low. Only after comprehensive data from all aspects can we conclude that he has Whether you are about to enter menopause or are already in it.”

“Although male testosterone secretion peaks at age 30,

It will decline every year after that,

By the age of 50, testosterone levels will decrease by 10% to 20% compared with their peak levels.

By the age of 70 to 80, it will be less than 50%.

However, because the testicles and adrenal glands are still there, the testosterone level will not return to zero, but the level will be disordered.

But horizontal imbalance means hormonal imbalance,

In addition to different obstacles to physical and mental health,

This will also affect the gradual enlargement of the prostate, which is a must for every man. “

Man’s discomfort endures alone

Traditionally, especially in Eastern societies, men play the role of father, husband or son. The image requirements of the first two are strong and perseverant. Therefore, even if the man as the head of the family finds that he has various physical discomforts, he does not I am willing to show it but dare not reveal it to my family, choosing to endure it silently and alone.

He said that medicine has been very advanced nowadays. In addition to observing symptoms, one only needs to draw blood to test the testosterone level in the blood to know whether it has entered the “menopausal” stage. If it has entered the period considered to be a mid-life crisis, During “menopause”, you need to consult a psychotherapist or urologist to discuss how to improve the various discomforts caused by “male menopause”. The most obvious problem is prostate problems such as enlargement. It must be noted that male menopause can continue. 15 to 20 years is a marathon journey in life.

He emphasized that there is now more awareness about male menopause in foreign countries. However, for Malaysian men, they do not know that they are in menopause, and they do not know who or organization to ask for help. In the long run, they will suffer from anxiety or depression. , in terms of sexual intercourse, the partner will be suspected of cheating due to lack of sexual interest, which will aggravate the disharmony in life. Therefore, men after middle age really need to know more about “male menopause”.

Consultant Urology: Dr Warren Lo Hwa Loon

Avoid unnecessary harm. Use testosterone supplements only when necessary.

When a man has experienced “menopausal” symptoms, especially when his testosterone level is no longer what it used to be, in addition to needing psychological counseling, are there any medications that can improve it?

Luo Hualun pointed out that the aforementioned testosterone supplements can be used, but it must be emphasized that its use must be for patients who are truly “in need”. For example, health problems caused by menopause have affected life, and even suicidal tendencies, then It is possible to give testosterone supplements, but the correct use and side effects of testosterone supplements must be clearly communicated.

Requires doctor’s diagnosis and prescription

In addition, some industries, such as athletes, police officers, firefighters and even bodyguards, require testosterone supplements to maintain physical fitness and improve concentration. They must be used with knowledge to avoid unnecessary harm.

“It is worth noting that some men have insufficient testosterone secretion and hormonal imbalance since birth, or even have had serious accidents that caused damage to both testicles. They need to take testosterone supplements to maintain healthy levels, even in adulthood. Testosterone supplements must be used under the guidance of a doctor.”

In Malaysia, testosterone supplements can only be obtained after diagnosis and prescription by a doctor. There are three ways: oral medicine, ointment and injection (divided into once a month or once every three months). All have their effects and are suitable for people, but it is worth noting that they all have side effects and potential risks, including exacerbating sleep apnea, skin sores, breast enlargement (because the final product of some testosterone supplements is estrogen), irritation Prostatic hyperplasia, liver damage, testicular shrinkage or impaired function (long-term dependence on external supplements), sperm count, baldness, allergies, stomach problems, liver damage, osteoporosis, headaches and blood clots, etc.

In addition, some medical studies have also found that it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. At the same time, it may cause bad temper, aggressiveness, or great mood changes in psychological aspects. Finally, if you are a prostate cancer patient, you should not use any testosterone. Supplements to avoid rapid progression or metastasis of cancer.

Not available for prostate cancer

He pointed out that the effects of male menopause can also be improved through a healthy lifestyle. The most common ones are a healthy and balanced diet, maintaining adequate sleep, controlling weight to avoid obesity and exercising moderately, avoiding smoking and drinking less alcohol.

According to medical research, excessive alcohol will cause testosterone to convert into estrogen, and then relieve stress, stabilize mood, and control indicators of chronic diseases, such as proper control of blood sugar and blood pressure, which can well improve the symptoms of menopause. Uncomfortable symptoms.

It is recommended to include milk, grapes, tuna, pomegranate, garlic or honey in your diet to increase testosterone levels. At the same time, avoid wearing too tight underwear or leggings in your daily life, and avoid getting too close to places with high “heat” such as stoves. , reducing sauna or various actions that damage the testicles is equivalent to protecting the testicles and increasing testosterone levels.

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