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Eco-city’s “small classroom” pretends to be “great security”

Eco-city’s “small classroom” pretends to be “great security”

On the afternoon of January 11, the safety training classroom of Tianjin Kailaiying Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. located in the Eco-City Binlv Industrial Park was officially opened.classroomThe projector plays a safety risk promotional video shot in the factory, introducing where the dangerous areas are and what dangerous operations there are, making it easier for employees to combine safety awareness with work scenarios and make safety knowledge more engrained in their hearts and minds.

In order to further strengthen the construction of corporate safety culture and improve the safety management level of regional enterprises, the Eco-city Emergency Management Bureau has turned supervision into services, actively promoted the construction of safety training classrooms for pilot enterprises in the region that have the foundation, ability and willingness, and integrated daily law enforcement inspections into Transform the pain points, difficulties, and risks into standardized, innovative, and standardized safety training models.

Break the boring training

Small classroom, customized

“The idea of ​​setting up a safety training classroom came from research and visits.” Staff from the Eco-city Emergency Management Bureau said that when they chatted with the personnel responsible for safety management of enterprises in the area, they found that the form of safety training was relatively simple, and in the past, they relied solely on PPT. Teaching safety knowledge without personal feelings and experience of safe environment places often does not achieve good results.

With the safe classroom, it is easier for enterprises to carry out “customized” training, more closely integrate the training content with the actual situation of the enterprise, and effectively improve the training effect.

Walking into the safety training classroom of Aileen, you can not only learn the key points of mechanical injury safety, material activity hazards, etc. that are closely related to enterprise production safety, but also display cutting machines, electric hand drills, impact drills, and handheld electric angle grinders. Machines and other tools with higher operational risks. Safety instructors can provide step-by-step guidance to employees.

Safety awareness has improved

There are fewer hidden dangers and lower risks

Telijia (Tianjin) Wind Power Equipment Parts Co., Ltd. set up the first safety training classroom in the Eco-City in 2021. More than two years later, how effective is this classroom in practice? Wu Benhe, director of the company’s office, gave a positive answer, “It’s useful, and I can clearly feel that employees’ safety awareness has improved.”

Wu Benhe casually picked up a damaged wiring board in the classroom. “You see its insulation has been broken and the wires are exposed. This is a safety hazard.” Wu Benhe said that after they discovered this problem during the inspection, they directly removed the wiring board I brought it back to the classroom as a “negative teaching material” on electrical safety, and it was instantly remembered by everyone.

Also feeling the improvement in employee safety awareness is Ge Junping, deputy manager of the safety and environmental department of Jieke (Tianjin) Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. “Our laboratory uses some hazardous chemicals, but many employees think the dosage is too small and don’t take it seriously.”

Ge Junping said that even if the experimental operation lasts only 5 minutes, employees will put on goggles, protective clothing, protective masks, and gloves, check the laboratory exhaust, and determine the location of emergency medicines. “People used to complain that working for five minutes and preparing for half an hour was over-protective, but now all safety measures will be implemented one by one.”

“The training content in our classroom will also be adjusted based on the needs of employees and the production needs of the company, so that it can truly play a role,” Ge Junping said.

Create a “Trinity” training system

Improve the safety management level of regional enterprises

In order to effectively help enterprises solve the problems of insufficient safety training and education resources, single format, and poor results, the Eco-City Emergency Management Bureau has established a “three-in-one” safety training system based on the establishment of safety training classrooms and further focused on content and form.

Government side

Shoot and produce a series of standardized safety operation videos and animations such as the use of straight ladders and the use of herringbone ladders to facilitate learning by various enterprises;

Enterprise side

Organize companies to shoot their own risk propaganda videos to introduce high-risk areas and behaviors in company production;

Employee side

Establish safety training classrooms that are convenient for front-line employees to learn. Through independent and professional venues, we can enhance the safety culture atmosphere and improve the risk awareness of corporate employees.

On the basis of existing pilot projects, Eco-City will replicate and promote the experience of safety training classrooms, striving to create a safety training model with Eco-City characteristics to safeguard high-quality regional development.

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