Keeping the original intention and moving forward bravely? Zhengbao Distance Education 23rd Anniversary Celebration

Keeping the original intention and moving forward bravely? Zhengbao Distance Education 23rd Anniversary Celebration

In March in the world, the breeze is warm, the grass grows and the warblers fly, and the spring is getting stronger. At the moment when all the dormant good things are quietly waking up, Zhengbao Distance Education has ushered in its 23rd birthday.

In twenty-three years, the weak baby in the swaddle has grown into a young man; in twenty-three years, the swaying tree beside the street has grown to the sky. After 23 years of precipitation, Zhengbao distance education has come all the way to today with the spirit of “innovation, progress, passion, and hard work”.

On March 8, 2023, Zhengbao turned 23 years old, and all Zhengbao people celebrated this unforgettable day in a unique way.

On this day, the girls received the women’s day red roses from Chairman and CEO Zhu Zhengdong as scheduled; the lively and warm afternoon tea also immersed the whole company in a joyous atmosphere.

On this day, Zhengbao people simultaneously held the “23rd Anniversary Celebration of Zhengbao Distance Education·Happy Run” activities in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Changsha, Xiamen and other places. Slogan, dripping sweat, happy running 23 kilometers, to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Zhengbao!

In Zhu Zhengdong’s view, the significance of running is not only running, but more importantly, the spirit of challenging oneself, surpassing the limit, persevering, and never giving up. And this kind of spirit is exactly the powerful spiritual energy that Zhengbao people have forged ahead on the road of distance education in the past 23 years.

In addition to Zhengbao people from all over the world, this year, teachers from various brand websites under Zhengbao also participated in this activity. They taught in the classroom to solve doubts, taught by precepts and deeds while running, and passed on a healthy way of life and learning to students with persistence and hard work.

Today, Zhengbao is twenty-three years old.

At this moment, looking back on the way we came, there are gains, growth, regrets and ups and downs. The high-gloss moments of glory and the countless long nights of fighting with lights have become the most precious time on the way of Zhengbao’s growth.

The 23-year-old Zhengbao has become larger in scale, more in content, better in service, and better in experience. But what remains unchanged is our original intention to strive for excellence in work, be rigorous and responsible for teaching, and do our best to ensure the quality and effectiveness of students’ learning.

Zhu Zhengdong emphasized: “Zhengbao has been able to go to today, and there are two things that are most concerned about: the first is to attach importance to teaching. The most important thing in education is the quality of teaching. Only with good teaching quality can it be recognized and survive and develop for a long time. The second is service. “Students’ interests are paramount, and everything serves students’ is the original intention of Zhengbao! From among the students, to the students, extensively listen to the suggestions of the students, and then improve the product according to the opinions and feedback of the students, and finally our products can serve Take good care of every student. All in all, the key to the development of the company is to focus on the quality of teaching on the one hand and service on the other.”

In this spring of recovery of all things, Zhengbao has entered a new year. The vigorous Zhengbao people will not forget their original aspirations, go all out, dare to fight and do, and move forward bravely!

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