Dongfeng Fengshen Haohan real car picture exposed for the first time!Cosmic styling and aesthetics disrupt the compact SUV market


Dongfeng Fengshen’s all-new SUV model Haohan has been officially exposed. The new car adopts a new generation of design language in terms of styling, which fully interprets the gathering, explosion and diffusion of cosmic energy, and also entrusts Dongfeng Fengshen’s infinite imagination of the “Beautiful Universe”. After possessing the strength of hard-core products, Dongfeng Fengshen Haohan, which has further strengthened its design in design, is expected to further disrupt the situation and break the barriers of independent compact SUVs, and issue higher and greater challenges to the market.

  Simplicity and no limit lead to boundless imagination of the universe

The new generation of appearance design language is inspired by “Junior Chasing the Deer”, and based on this theme, the design concept of energy storage and speed is extracted, and finally presents a simple, sporty and technological style.

On the whole, Haohan gives people the first impression of “future and simplicity”: the body proportions of new energy vehicles give people a smooth impression; the borderless parametric digital grille makes the whole vehicle full of restraint and orderly beauty ; The front and rear integration runs through the headlights like a star belt, deep and clear, and sharp.

The whole vehicle creates a simple and futuristic shape through interlacing lines; in the detailed carvings, it reflects the sharp shape and unique identification symbols, making people fully feel the power of simplicity and extraordinary.

  Full of movement and ready to go, bringing a full sense of security

The application of sports elements is also a highlight of Haohan’s new design: the slightly lowered front of the car brings a smaller drag coefficient, and the slightly upturned trunk lid at the rear can provide stronger body stability. Bring more comfortable and practical interior space.

In order to match the lower body shape, Haohan is equipped with powerful wheel arches and 20? feel.

  Star Dou He Han’s bright lantern language lights up the future of science and technology

Haohan uses Fengshen family symbols to decorate the lights, and the linked front face lamps and smart lights embellish the body with stars and galaxies, and also show the sense of technology to the fullest: In addition to the headlights, the new car is also equipped with extremely powerful awakening lights on both sides of the bottom area. A-shaped decorative lights, fluorescent flow, rustling meteors. The track of light, the eyes of stars, and the infinite romance are all hidden in the “Haohan” universe.

Rich decorations, technical elements full of details and ingenuity make the texture of Haohan a few positions ahead of the same-level models.

Haohan’s users are precisely positioned as the happy and fun family of Generation Z. They are young and promising, full of interest in future vision and technological intelligence; they pay attention to showing their individuality and unique self through appearance. It is precisely based on the insight into these needs of young users that Haohan shows its personality and attitude with a sporty and technological shape and smooth lines.

As the first model based on Dongfeng Group’s DSMA 2.0 platform, Haohan is positioned as a compact SUV for young users, and it also gathers many cutting-edge technological achievements of Dongfeng Group including Dongfeng Mach Power. This year’s heavy SUV will be officially mass-produced and launched in the near future.

From Yixuan family to Haoji, then to Haohan, from HEV models to PHEV and EV models, in 2023, Dongfeng Fengshen’s product lineup will continue to expand and upgrade, and make every effort to transform to electrified products, launching more high-quality “driving cars” fun” products to enhance the driving experience. We have reason to expect that the addition of Haohan will further accelerate Dongfeng Fengshen’s popularization of high-end performance.



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