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In the name of exploration, Haval Kugou x Discovery music chat documentary program Chaoku is launched

In the name of exploration, Haval Kugou x Discovery music chat documentary program Chaoku is launched

Everyone has an adventure dream in their hearts, because the spirit of exploration is the driving force of human civilization. Only by constantly exploring the unknown and challenging the limits can we achieve a better self.

On December 10th, Haval Kugou and Discovery Channel co-produced a music chat documentary program – “Explorer’s Night” Chaoku was launched, combining the hottest camping culture nowadays, conveying the spirit of exploration with stories and releasing inner desires with music , bringing the audience an audio-visual enjoyment full of imagination and healing power.

  To pay tribute to the spirit of exploration, Haval Kugou x Discovery opened the “Explorer’s Night”

“Discovery” means to explore and discover the unknown. The Discovery Discovery Channel is world-renowned for its high-quality documentary programs. It is rich in images and spirits of exploring the unknown and challenging the limit, attracting countless audiences around the world. This spirit of exploration is also reflected in Haval Kugou , with its inherent light off-road genes and smart technology far superior to the same level, the new car fully meets the personalized and diversified needs of users, and gives young people the courage to explore far away.

The youthful tone of Haval Kugou perfectly fits the exploration spirit of Discovery Channel, and this cross-border cooperation is also logical. The new “Explorer Night” program created by the two parties takes exploration as the theme. The well-known musician Zhang Zhenyue incarnates as the special host of the camp, and invites 4 senior explorers from different industries to gather at the camp to chat about their anecdotes during their respective exploration journeys. stories and rich life experiences, and pay tribute to the endlessly exploring life with singing, share the spirit of exploration together, and bring enlightenment to the ideal life to the audience.

The cooperation between Haval Kugou and Discovery not only brings the audience an immersive camping experience back to nature, but more importantly, by sharing wonderful and extraordinary exploration stories and presenting music works that touch the soul, it is hoped that it can be conveyed to the extreme The spirit of exploration and courageous attitude encourage young people to bravely explore the unknown and pursue dreams and beauty.

  Looking for courageous young people, 3/4 scale cool car to accompany you bravely

In the program, Haval Kugou with a cool appearance and the natural atmosphere of the discovery camp complement each other, returning to life, Haval Kugou brings Discovery’s challenge and exploration spirit from online to offline with its unique “daring” temperament, helping young people People are brave enough to break through.

The inherent urban light off-road gene makes Haval Kugou the best partner for young people to explore. Equipped with an intelligent timely four-wheel drive system and intelligent dynamic torque distribution, it can calmly get out of trouble in the face of rugged mountain roads and Gobi deserts, and easily unlock more car use scenarios; 1.5T+7DCT high-power power combination, millisecond-level response and instantaneous burst of kinetic energy, no matter High-speed overtaking or climbing over the top of the mountain, the power is on call; the chassis performance is fully upgraded, the ground clearance is 196mm, the wading depth is 420mm, the approach angle of the actual vehicle is 21°, the departure angle is 25°, and the longitudinal passing angle is 18.4°. Five driving modes, including snow, grass and gravel road, realize all-terrain galloping and help young people “pass customs” steadily all the way.

True exploration, every step is fun, every moment is enjoyment. Blessed by the V3.5 coffee intelligent platform, Haval Kugou is full of “black technology”, bringing a comfortable driving experience far exceeding the same level. The whole series is equipped with L2 intelligent driving assistance system as standard, and has adaptive cruise control (ACC) , AEB active braking, intelligent parking, traffic sign recognition and speeding alarm and other functions, will give you all-round protection at all times, making daily travel easier; dual 12.3-inch full-color LCD screens, dual-screen linkage can easily control wonderful journeys; industry-leading The advanced 50W wireless flash charging can save 60% of the charging time each time, and completely get rid of power anxiety; it supports FOTA upgrade of all series, so that young people can continue to enjoy the joy and expectation of “driving a new car”.

Travel with music, follow the rhythm to upgrade your happiness, and meet everything in the melody. Haval Kugou teamed up with the JVC brand to create an 18-speaker high-end stereo surround sound system, using a super three-way frequency configuration and a kilowatt-level digital power amplifier, and went to Europe for customized tuning to create a rare “perfect sound field, matching the same rhythm as Maybach technology Seats, fragrance systems and 64-color ambient lights bring a 4-dimensional immersive experience of hearing, touching, seeing and smelling, allowing young people to share a time accompanied by music and adventure.

In the name of exploration, dare to set out. Today, when the quality of life is of great concern, Haval Kugou joins hands with Discovery to give more beautiful imaginations to young dreamers who advocate a free life. Lock up the official WeChat video account of Discovery, and explore a more exciting cool life with Haval Kugou.

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