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Jiusan Group focuses on technological research and development to accelerate corporate transformation and upgrading

Jiusan Group focuses on technological research and development to accelerate corporate transformation and upgrading

In recent years, Jiusan Group has actively promoted technological innovation and product research and development, refined categories according to different consumer groups and market needs, accelerated product innovation and upgrades, and protected the Chinese dining table with diversified edible oil products.

  Taking innovation as the driving force, transforming from “production-oriented” to “innovative”

Jiusan Group continues to enhance its awareness of innovation, increase investment in research and development, promote the transformation of enterprises from “production-oriented” to “innovative”, and enhance the level of corporate technological innovation. During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period alone, the group invested nearly 300 million yuan in R&D funds and technological transformation, developed more than 30 new products with corporate characteristics, industry leadership, and can promote corporate profit appreciation, and applied for more than 80 patents. In 2023, a total of 53 patents were applied for, including 51 utility model and design patents, and 41 patent certificates were issued; 2 invention and creation patents have entered the substantive review stage.

Jiusan non-GMO edible oil production line robot

Jiusan Group gives full play to the role of the National Soybean Processing Technology R&D Sub-center and Postdoctoral Research Workstation, actively participates in the formulation and revision of soybean series standards, and becomes the first national standard formulation and revision base for soybean series in the country. It has systematically formulated and revised more than 10 soybean series standard. Participated in major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects in Heilongjiang Province and won many awards such as “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, which greatly improved the group’s scientific and technological status in the oil and fat field and played a positive leading and supporting role in the group’s development.

  Superimpose “health” and “functionality” through achievement empowerment

Jiusan Group attaches great importance to technology research and development, pioneering advanced technologies such as “natural vitamin E and plant sterol extraction” and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. Its strong scientific research strength provides endogenous power for enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and win market opportunities. At the same time, Jiusan Group attaches great importance to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, strengthens cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes, universities, etc., establishes an agricultural industry technology innovation alliance with enterprises as the main body, deeply cultivates the field of high-end soybean oil products, and realizes the transformation from traditional manufacturing production methods to Transformation and upgrading of high-tech value-added production methods.

Jiusan Group product exhibition booth

It is understood that in 2022, the Jiusan organic soybean oil produced by the Jiusan Group passed the triple organic certification of China, the United States and Europe, in 2023 the Jiusan Group launched SHOWLIFE soybean diester edible cooking oil, and in 2024 the Jiusan Group launched the “Zhidangjia Organic” Walnut oil” supplementary edible oil for infants and children. Jiu San Group takes consumers’ healthy and diversified dietary needs as its starting point and provides consumers with a wealth of product choices.

  Building a foundation with quality to protect the “tip of the tongue”

Jiusan Group strictly implements the main responsibility for food safety, builds soybean planting bases with partners, and actively explores a new model of production and marketing integration of “origin IP + omni-channel + omni-scenario”. Through the construction of the base, Jiusan Group has established a traceability management system for all soybean processed products from the processing source to the processing process to product sales, ensuring that the traceability rate of raw material origin reaches 100%.

Jiusan Group’s scientific and technological R&D personnel conduct product research and development

From the entry of raw materials to the delivery of products, Jiusan Group strictly controls 58 procedures, 28 key processes, and 15 special inspection points to protect product quality with practical actions.

In the future, Jiusan Group will continue to place technological innovation in an important position, take the drive of technological innovation as the guide, improve the level of technological research and development, and continuously provide momentum for the high-quality development of Jiusan Group.

At present, Jiusan Group has developed eight series of Jiusan edible oils, led by organic, high-quality, pressed, and flavored, covering seven categories including soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, and rapeseed oil.

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