Is 64G tablet enough for getting started?understand in seconds


Tablets are not the same as mobile phones, at least in terms of dependence. Tablets are far inferior to mobile phones.

Taking the mobile phone we are using as an example, a large part of the storage space is dedicated to WeChat chat records, another part is dedicated to photos/videos, and another part is dedicated to games (for users who do not play games).

As for the space occupied by mobile apps, including the data used by these software, it is actually relatively small. Not to mention the mobile phones that are inseparable from us every day, not to mention the tablet computers that we often use infrequently.

For tablets, first of all, there is basically no storage requirement for storing WeChat chat records. At the same time, there should be no one who uses a tablet computer to take photos and videos every day. Occasionally, a photo is only 3-5MB, and 1G is enough. Take 2-300 photos.

  about playing games

At present, the mobile game files on the mobile terminal are not particularly large. For example, games such as Happy Match and Ball Battle are already considered large. Generally, a game is only 3-500MB. Other popular mobile games, such as League of Legends, King of Glory, Peace Elite, etc., generally have a game of about 3-4 GB. As long as it’s not a game like Yuanshin that consumes a lot of memory, and the data can occupy 10GB at once, there will basically be no problem.

Because it is impossible for you to download and use all of them, and the average game player only plays one or two games for a long time. Of course, if you want to store this type of game on the tablet for a long time, you must consider 128G/256G memory, which is more reliable.

  About Watching Movies and Watching Dramas

In fact, it is completely sufficient for the daily needs of watching dramas (watching dramas online does not take up any storage space), postgraduate entrance examinations, and studies. Of course, for those who like to download caches to watch dramas, this space is indeed not small. If conditions permit, I still recommend watching online, and you can delete the records after watching.

If you are going out and want to download some episodes in advance, as long as you keep the habit of deleting after watching, a cache and 3-5 movies (10G), 5-10 episodes of TV series (10G), 64G space should also be enough .


So to sum up, the storage capacity of 64G is of course no problem for the entry-level use of tablet computers. Of course, this premise is also based on the fact that our budget is limited, we don’t play games very much, we don’t watch dramas locally, we save a little, and we clean up junk files frequently. It’s no problem to use it for about three to five years!

In short, when the budget is limited, try to reserve a part of the budget for the memory. The use of more memory can greatly increase the service life of a tablet, and harvest the cost performance in a different direction. For example, you can buy an iPad Pro with a budget of 6,000 yuan, but you can only buy an entry-level 128GB model. However, you can buy a 256GB iPad Air with a budget of 6,000 yuan, leaving a part of the budget to buy essential tools such as the Apple Pencil. Why not? Why not?

at last:64G is enough, 128G is the best, 256G is ample, 512G is not necessary don’t waste money, rich people say otherwise.


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