Survive with a broken arm?Lenovo Rescuer mobile phone was revealed to cancel N+2 compensation

Survive with a broken arm?Lenovo Rescuer mobile phone was revealed to cancel N+2 compensation

A person certified as a Lenovo employee wrote that on March 20, Lenovo Group officially notified that Lenovo’s own mobile phone brand Savior mobile phone business was abolished across the board, ranging from newcomers to B10.

According to the source, Lenovo will only retain Motorola’s mobile business, which was acquired for $2.9 billion that year.

According to Sina Technology’s information from Lenovo insiders,The number of abolished personnel is controlled within 100 people, and within 3 days after the interview, they will sign N+2 compensation for resignation. Another employee said that he had been transferred to other business lines such as tablets.

A Lenovo internal employee who has been interviewed and signed the agreement said, “I was still evaluating the project in the morning, but I was interviewed in the afternoon.” According to the employee, the number of layoffs is between 50-100, about If you sign within three days after the negotiation, you will be paid N+2 for resignation compensation. If 3 days pass, you can only pay N+1 compensation.

Some Lenovo insiders said, “Every company will have normal layoffs, but the layoff of the entire business is a bit exaggerated.”

According to’s sales data, at present, Lenovo’s rescuer Y70, Y90 and e-sports mobile phone Pro and other mobile phones, the sales volume of many stores is generally around 200 pieces, and among the top ten merchants on the search display page, only one sales volume exceeds 1,000. On Tmall, Lenovo’s official flagship store sold only 54 units of the Savior Y70, and few of the other stores sold more than 200 units.

Some netizens felt emotional when they saw this scene. Lenovo’s mobile phone can be described as “a good hand and a poor player.” In the past, only Huawei can play the four major mobile phone King Kong of the “China Cool Alliance”.

In the performance conference call after the release of the third-quarter financial report, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said with emotion, “The company believes that the smart device market is now in the worst period.” Based on this, “adjusting the workforce to reduce business expenses” has also become a measure to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Now it seems that the unsatisfactory Lenovo mobile phone has become one of the “sacrifices” for reduction.

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