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“Insurance, Prevention, Relief, Rescue and Compensation” Integration China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. fully responds to the critical period of flood control

“Insurance, Prevention, Relief, Rescue and Compensation” Integration China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. fully responds to the critical period of flood control

Affected by the northward circulation of typhoon “Du Su Rui”, heavy rainfall occurred in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places, and it showed the characteristics of long duration and large cumulative rainfall. The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a red rainstorm warning at 10:00 on July 31. At the same time, after the typhoon “Dusuri”, “Kanu” took over, which may have a greater impact on the coastal areas of East my country.

Facing the menacing typhoon and storm, China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd.’s headquarters and sub-branches coordinated, and the production and life linkages, adhered to the integrated service of “insurance, prevention, reduction, rescue and compensation”, deployed disaster prevention and mitigation work in advance, launched a green channel for catastrophe claims, and simplified the documentation process. Compensation as soon as possible, quick compensation and early compensation, countless “CPC Blue” walked with the masses in the wind and rain, and used practical actions to build an “insurance levee” to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.

  Race against time, rush to help in the wind and rain

At 9 a.m. on July 31, it was still raining heavily in Beijing. China Pacific Insurance Beijing Branch immediately dispatched “Roadman” volunteers to participate in traffic relief after learning that many vehicles on Wujiacun Road in Fengtai District were flooded due to stagnant water. Volunteers handled the flooded vehicles in a timely manner with nearly 60 centimeters of water, and guided passing vehicles to avoid dangerous areas and safely drive away from congested road sections.

At 2:00 pm on the 31st, the staff of Beijing Fangshan Branch of China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance came to Dinggezhuang Village, Doudian Town, Fangshan District in the rain, to investigate Mr. Chai’s 96-acre vegetable greenhouse, and reminded to pay attention to the safety of the living environment. Mr. Chai said gratefully, “I didn’t expect you to come here so fast even in the wind and rain! After the rain is over, I still have 40 acres of corn land and I will also be insured by CPIC!”

In the face of the sudden disastrous weather, China Pacific Insurance Beijing Branch deployed ahead of time to activate the disaster emergency plan as soon as possible, set up a disaster emergency response command center, activated the disaster platform, and monitored the disaster situation in various areas of Beijing in real time. For the rescue and investigation of disaster-stricken vehicles, nearly 1,400 rescue vehicles were prepared in advance, and professional equipment such as waterproof endoscopes and connecting rod measuring instruments were used to improve disaster response capabilities. At the same time, cooperate with experts in fields, fruit trees, facilities, etc. to do a good job in guiding farmers’ post-disaster production, disease and insect pest control, etc., to reduce farmers’ losses.

As of 15:00 on July 31, China Pacific Insurance Beijing Branch received a total of 584 reports of car insurance disasters; properly handled 1,158 applications for vehicle rescue; at present, China Pacific Insurance has damaged 326.6 acres of planting and economic crops 214.6 mu, and 52 mu of protected agriculture were damaged. More than 50 agricultural insurance claims personnel and 15 investigation vehicles have been dispatched to the suburbs of Fangshan, Shunyi, and Changping to check the losses of farmers as soon as possible.

Quick claims settlement, help flood prevention and disaster relief

On July 28, a trading company in Handan, Hebei reported that the ceiling and goods were damaged due to water entering the house. The claims personnel of Hebei Branch of China Pacific Insurance P/C Insurance went to the scene to check the property losses immediately, and assisted customers to investigate potential risks and avoid continuous rainfall. It caused the second expansion of the property loss of the enterprise, and started the flood season claim settlement channel, completed the signing of the compensation agreement within 24 hours, and quickly completed the payment of compensation. The person in charge of the trading company praised China Pacific Insurance’s quick compensation service!

“It’s a good thing you came here to help check it. If it leaks rain, we will suffer a lot.” On the evening of July 29, the person in charge of a pharmaceutical company in Baoding City said this to the visiting staff of China Pacific Insurance P/C Hebei Branch. While communicating with the pharmaceutical company about the inspection of disaster response measures during the flood season, the staff of the Hebei branch of China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Company found that there was a rain leak at the connection between the two warehouses, and promptly helped the company to transfer the goods, effectively helping the company to prevent floods and disasters.

In order to do a good job in disaster prevention before the heavy rain and flood, China Pacific Insurance Hebei Branch comprehensively sorted out disaster prevention and response, claims protection and other work, especially for customers in high-risk areas, carried out pre-disaster visits and patrol services, focusing on inspections of storage materials piling areas The rain prevention situation, as well as the flood control and drainage situation in the engineering construction machinery area, have completed visits to 221 key flood control enterprises so far, and put forward suggestions on risk point reinforcement and preventive measures.

Prevention is more important than compensation, intensive re-survey and visits

Shanghai Branch of China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd. conducts special research and deployment of typhoon defense work, adheres to the work concept of “prevention is more important than compensation”, implements risk reduction service measures, and organizes full-time risk survey engineers to carry out intensive on-site survey visits in groups and regions, focusing on warehousing Customers in vulnerable industries such as logistics parks, printing companies, and super high office buildings.

In the early morning of July 31, the wind survey team of Shanghai Branch of China Pacific Insurance P/C Insurance Company rushed to an environmental protection base in Shanghai to conduct on-the-spot surveys of leachate plants, waste incineration plants and landfills in the base, and conducted a survey of the affected areas in previous years. Back-survey will be carried out on the parts affected by the typhoon with large losses. At the landfill site of the base, the wind survey team conducted a detailed survey of the anti-seepage membrane in the landfill area to ensure that the operation process of initial film covering, mid-term covering, and later soil covering was strictly implemented, and worked together with the base staff to do a good job in anti-typhoon Prepare.

An automobile manufacturing company in Jinshan, which has been flooded by typhoons in previous years, moved to a new factory this year. The risk survey engineer from China Pacific Insurance Shanghai Branch rushed to the company’s new factory for on-the-spot investigation and risk warning, focusing on checking the finished product warehouse. The flood control settings and fire-fighting facilities, etc., remind customers to take corresponding water-retaining measures at the entrance and exit of the warehouse.

Serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, reducing risk by rushing to harvest

“I didn’t expect you to rush to the scene so soon to investigate and assess the damage, gave us reassurance, and helped us to snatch and harvest…” A certain grain farmer in Taizhou, Zhejiang said with emotion.

This year’s No. 6 typhoon “Kanu” has been upgraded to a strong typhoon and is expected to move into the East China Sea at night on August 2, which may have a serious impact on Zhejiang Province. It is a critical period for the ripe harvest of crops such as rice, melons and fruits. China Pacific Insurance actively leverages its professional advantages to provide services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Hidden danger.

China Pacific Insurance Zhejiang Branch organized a 32-person agricultural insurance commando from the province on July 29, dispatched 30 survey vehicles, and 15 drones to Taizhou to assist local farmers in carrying out risk investigation and risk reduction work. During the period, the local agencies of China Pacific Insurance Co., Ltd. actively coordinated the harvesting of agricultural machinery and clothing to reduce damage, arranged harvesters and dryers to provide farmers with early rice harvesting and drying, and visited the local agricultural office and village committee to investigate the irrigation and drainage facilities of the farmland and dredged them. Ditches; Actively mobilize villagers to take measures to prevent disasters, help implement emergency protection work such as greenhouse reinforcement, film removal, and film cutting, and make every effort to protect food safety and ensure that summer grains are returned to warehouses.

As of July 31, Zhejiang Branch of CPIC P/C has carried out pre-disaster visits to 928 households, assisted farmers in Shaoxing, Taizhou, and Jiaxing to harvest more than 400,000 mu of early rice, and assisted farmers in picking pears, grapes, and vegetables. , melons and fruits and other crops, the loss area reached 2,841 mu, and the loss amount was nearly 6 million. In the future, we will further rely on the “Hui Nong Express” to carry out disaster prevention and loss reduction and catastrophe claims settlement, start the green claim settlement channel in time, ensure that disaster-stricken farmers resume production as soon as possible, and use professional strength to protect the “rice bags” and “vegetable baskets” of the people.

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