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like!Take risks

like!Take risks

On the morning of August 6, Ma Qiqiong and 8 other team members from the Wujiang District Lifesaving Association of Suzhou City temporarily ended the rescue in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province and returned to Wujiang, Suzhou.

  Recently, under the influence of typhoon “Dusuri”, most of Hebei Province experienced heavy rainfall. Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, which suffered severe floods, has affected the hearts of the people across the country.Heart.

  Ma Qiqiong, who lives in Wujiang, Suzhou, is a staff member of China Pacific Life Insurance Suzhou Branch.After paying attention to the serious situation in Zhuozhou,Immediately contacted the lifesaving association of Wujiang District, Suzhou City, and strongly expressed the determination and desire to go to the front line to fight floods and rescue disasters. When it was learned that Ma Qiqiong was going to the front line for rescue, the Suzhou Branch of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance strongly supported it, and repeatedly asked Ma Qiqiong to protect his life, and will actively provide rescue materials and other support.

On August 2, Ma Qiqiong formed a nine-person rescue team with the Wujiang Lifesaving Association. They traveled day and night, carrying assault boats, kayaks, torrent vests, lifebuoys, and emergency power supplies, to assist Zhuozhou, Hebei Province in flood fighting and disaster relief.

(The picture shows Ma Qiqiong helping the victims at the rescue site)

After a 12-hour long journey, Ma Qiqiong and his teammates arrived in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province in the early morning of August 3. Without taking a break, they rushed to the scene where the masses were trapped. With the sleepless efforts of Ma Qiqiong and his teammates, on the morning of August 3 alone, 66 trapped people, including a villager with a spinal injury, were successfully transported. “Time is life, we must rescue as quickly as possible, hoping to rescue more trapped villagers.” Ma Qiqiong said.

Ma Qiqiong is a veteran. The sense of mission and responsibility of a soldier has always driven him to devote himself to public welfare. Last year, he joined Wujiang District Lifesaving Association, a local public welfare rescue organization in Wujiang, Suzhou, and participated in the search and rescue of those who accidentally fell into the water and those who committed suicide. Task.

Ma Qiqiong said that going directly to the front line is rescue, and insurance is also a kind of rescue. Insurance is to provide rescue for yourself who may encounter risks in the future by taking precautions in daily life. During the rescue process, colleagues from China Pacific Insurance also gave him encouragement and help. The local branch of China Pacific Insurance also went to the forefront of emergency rescue and disaster relief in order to reduce the personal safety of customers and more people, and to reduce the loss of customers’ property. .

After this rescue, he has strengthened his determination to engage in the insurance industry. Insurers are also the protagonists in reducing the “secondary injury” of the affected people and improving residents’ self-rescue and reconstruction capabilities! “I hope that I can be the person who reminds, warns, and delivers insurance protection to everyone, so that everyone has the ability to rescue themselves when they are in danger,” Ma Qiqiong said.

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