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China’s only health-care famous wine Zhuyeqing Liquor launched in Malaysia “Three cups of Zhuyeqing a day, live longer and younger” | Business News

China’s only health-care famous wine Zhuyeqing Liquor launched in Malaysia “Three cups of Zhuyeqing a day, live longer and younger” | Business News

(Newspaper News) Quality upgrade. Traditional and innovative, China’s only famous health wine[Bamboo Leaf Green Wine]is grandly launched in the Malaysian market.

Guided by the concept of health,[Bamboo Leaf Green]has three major highlights: high-quality wine, refreshing taste, and Chinese-style appearance, which make drinkers flock to it.

Liqun, a century-old Chinese printmaker, tasted[Zhuyeqing]and even praised “Three cups of Zhuyeqing a day, live longer and younger”, which has become the most powerful proof of this bottle of China’s famous healthy wine.

Three cups of green bamboo leaves a day will make you live younger.

Bamboo Leaf Green Liquor is high-quality Fenjiu as the base liquor. It adopts the traditional formula of Fu Shan, a medical scientist and calligrapher in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, and soaks it with 12 precious Chinese medicinal materials.

Bamboo Leaf Green Liquor is golden yellow and slightly emerald. Its color, aroma and taste all come from the natural pigment and aroma of Chinese medicinal materials. It is a natural green wine. It has a unique aroma mixed with Fenjiu and medicinal materials, which is mellow, mild and sweet, and has an endless aftertaste.

The 12 flavors of Chinese herbal medicines in the formula of bamboo leaf green wine: bamboo leaves, gardenia, tangerine peel, clove, kaempferen, woody fragrance, angelica, Amomum seed, tonka, sandalwood, fragrant papaya, and chrysanthemum, have six major functions, namely, immune regulation effect. Antioxidant. Anti-fatigue. Regulate human intestinal flora. Protect the liver. Promote vitamin synthesis.

Bamboo leaf green wine is a thousand-year-old famous wine in China. It is the wine that appears most in the martial arts novels of Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, and Gu Long.

In addition to drinking directly, bamboo leaf green wine can be mixed with cocktails. It tastes better after being chilled. It can be mixed with mineral water, and you can mix it with goji berries, etc. bamboo leaf green wine is suitable for pairing with sports/juice drinks, such as: orange juice, grape juice, watermelon juice, pulse, etc. Serve with drink.

Green and healthy, classic and fashionable; nourishing body and spirit, coordinating yin and yang. It appeals to emotions and demonstrates wisdom; the wine is harmonious, and tolerance is great. Suitable for all ages, both refined and popular; can be melted drinks, more refreshing with ice. Ask the wine industry in the world, who has such a grandeur?

The flourishing age is clear, and the new wind is blowing; Fengjia is nine days, and the dragon is flying for thousands of miles. The cool breeze comes slowly, and the dark fragrance fills the sleeves; the drizzle dreams back, and the heartbeat is still intertwined, and the bamboo wine is poured with love; so far in life, what can I ask for?

The six functions are as follows:

1. Immunomodulatory effect

– NK cells are important immune cells in the body, bamboo leaf green wine can increase the activity of NK cells by more than 30%.

2. Oxidation resistance

– After drinking Zhuyeqing wine, the SOD activity in serum was twice that of the blank group. It has a remarkable effect of improving antioxidant capacity.

3 fatigue resistance

– Drinking bamboo leaf green wine in moderation can significantly improve the body’s anti-fatigue ability.

4. Regulate human intestinal flora

– Promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and diarrhea.

5. Protect the liver

– Drinking bamboo leaf green wine can make spoilage bacteria in the body work, excrete toxic metabolites, reduce the burden on the liver, and protect the liver.

6. Promote the synthesis of vitamins

– Drinking bamboo leaf green wine can promote the natural formation of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid, thereby improving the body’s metabolism level, improving immunity and antibacterial power.

Welcome to inquire about the purchasing agent: Daming Group, Shanxi Xinghuacun Fenjiu International Trade Co., Ltd.

Malaysia General Distribution Tel: 04-537 1688

Cyndi Ooi: 017-347 1688

Sharon Ooi Huang Chaozhi: 013-584 5688


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