Industrial Bank released the “2022 Annual Sustainability Report”


Recently, Industrial Bank released the “Sustainable Development Report 2022” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). Sustainability Report.

The “Report” shows that in 2022, as China’s first equatorial bank and a domestic systemically important bank, Industrial Bank will continue to uphold its original mission of “exploring ways for financial reform and making more contributions to economic construction”, with “the biggest country” in mind, Grasp the trend of the times of green development, common prosperity, and technological innovation, continue to enrich the connotations of the “three business cards” of green banks, wealth banks, and investment banks, continue to promote high-quality development and practice social responsibilities in the same direction, and interpret the “meaning in A new story of industrial development with “profit” will open up a new future of sustainable development.

  Leading the trend of ESG and promoting sustainable development

The “Report” shows that in 2022, the bank will take the initiative to integrate the concept of sustainable development into its development strategy and corporate governance, fully practice the concept of growing together with customers, shareholders, employees and the society, continue to guide, encourage and actively explore various To fulfill environmental and social responsibilities, establish a long-term mechanism for sustainable development, and move forward steadily on the road of high-quality development. As a pioneer in the practice of ESG in the domestic banking industry, the MSCI ESG rating of the bank has been ranked A, the highest rating in China’s banking industry, for four consecutive years.

In 2022, the bank officially renamed the “Strategy Committee” of the Board of Directors to the “Strategy and ESG Committee”, established an industry-leading ESG management decision-making mechanism, and guided and encouraged the management to actively explore multiple channels and fully fulfill environmental and social responsibilities. At the same time, it is the first in the industry to establish an “ESG Management Center”, which incorporates ESG management concepts and plans into the development strategy plan, comprehensively promotes the construction of the ESG management system, and continuously improves internal governance capabilities.

  Widely cited financial flow to serve high-quality development

As of the end of 2022, Industrial Bank loans increased by 554.704 billion yuan compared with the end of the previous year, an increase of 12.53%. Focusing on stabilizing the economic market, Industrial Bank made efforts in a proactive and precise manner, and the credit increment and growth rate continued to remain at the forefront of joint-stock banks, achieving effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity.

Faced with the transformation of the economic development model, Industrial Bank actively leveraged the advantages of group operation, continued to consolidate the basic market, laid out new tracks, and advanced the main channel of transformation and upgrading of the real economy. The “Five New Circuits” of finance have taken new steps to improve the fit between the business structure and the national economic structure. Last year, the year-on-year growth rates of green loans, science and technology innovation loans, strategic emerging industry loans, and manufacturing medium and long-term loans exceeded 40%, 50%, 60%, and 70%, respectively.

As the first “equator bank” in China, Industrial Bank actively serves the “dual carbon” strategy, accelerates the group’s “all-green” transformation, and effectively transforms the advantages of green finance into new drivers for the construction of a modern industrial system. As of the end of 2022, the bank’s green financial financing balance was 1,629.760 billion yuan, an increase of 243.057 billion yuan or 17.53% over the end of the previous year, ranking first among domestic joint-stock banks.

At the same time, the bank innovatively incorporated ESG and climate risks into the comprehensive risk management system, formulated ESG credit granting policies and embedded the ESG risk assessment system into the credit granting process of the three major business lines, and further refined environmental and social risks including biodiversity risks Whole process management specification.

Serving common prosperity, Industrial Bank actively meets the growing diversified financial needs of the people, vigorously develops inclusive wealth management, and actively creates wealth products that ordinary people can understand, afford, hold, and recover. Ranked No. 1 in the comprehensive financial management capabilities of national commercial banks in Puyi Standard for two consecutive quarters

To plan the layout, Industrial Bank draws a “planning map” and “road map” for high-quality services for rural revitalization, and constantly explores effective financial service models for rural revitalization with Industrial characteristics, so as to promote high-quality and efficient agriculture and make rural areas livable and suitable for business , The farmers are rich and rich. As of the end of 2022, the balance of agriculture-related loans was 580.982 billion yuan, an increase of 24.10% from the beginning of the year.

  Accelerate digital transformation and build an ecologically empowered bank

In 2022, Industrial Bank will accelerate its digital transformation and increase investment in technology. The annual technology expenditure will exceed 8.2 billion yuan, and the number of scientific and technological talents will reach 6,699, an increase of 102.82% over the previous year.

Entering the digital age, Industrial Bank continues to strengthen technological innovation and application, establishes a financial technology research institute, and becomes the 10th digital RMB operating institution in the country. Five major online platforms”, implement the “five major process optimization projects” of big risk control, big investment bank, big operation, big wealth, and big marketing, and promote the “five standardizations” of process standardization, data standardization, model standardization, development standardization, and operation standardization, Build an enterprise-level structure and plan a “future bank”.

  Pass financial temperature and practice social responsibility

To make finance more warm, Industrial Bank actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, continues to polish the “Xing Public Welfare” brand, and actively carries out activities such as disaster relief, assistance to the poor, and donations for education. The activity was nearly 80,000 person-times, and won the first “Fujian Charity Award”. As of the end of 2022, the bank’s cumulative external donations have exceeded 650 million yuan, of which the bank’s external donation expenditure in 2022 will reach 81.18 million yuan.

In addition, the Industrial Bank has also stepped up efforts to provide relief and assistance to difficult enterprises and industries, providing a total of 18,000 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households with deferred loans of more than 80 billion yuan in repayment of principal and interest; effectively reducing the financing costs of small, medium and micro enterprises , the balance of inclusive small and micro loans increased by 35.27% over the previous year.

Adhering to customer-centricity, Industrial Bank is committed to providing high-quality financial services to customers, and continues to carry out solid protection of financial consumer rights and interests. By formulating and implementing security requirements covering the entire life cycle of personal information, it strictly implements purpose-specific, open, transparent, and informed policies. Based on the personal information protection principles of consent, minimum necessity, safe handling, and subject participation, customer satisfaction surveys were proactively carried out. In 2022, the overall score of customer satisfaction at the bank’s business outlets was 9.63 (out of 10 points), and customer experience continued to improve.

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