China Life Insurance: Serving the national strategy and empowering the high-quality economic development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

China Life Insurance: Serving the national strategy and empowering the high-quality economic development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

Time is an objective witness and a great writer.

From a pioneer of reform and opening up to a pioneering demonstration area of ​​socialism with Chinese characteristics, Shenzhen has always aimed to improve people’s livelihood and happiness, and strives to build a high-quality and comprehensive public service system and a sustainable social security system.

As a financial central enterprise rooted in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for more than 30 years, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) Shenzhen Branch has always actively integrated into the overall situation of local economic and social management, giving full play to insurance protection and risk management functions, Committed to serving the implementation of national strategies, promoting the economic development of the special zone, assisting the construction of people’s livelihood projects, and improving the social security system, etc., it has fully demonstrated the corporate responsibility model of empowering the economic development of the special zone and protecting tens of millions of families in Pengcheng with practical actions.

  Be firm in our original mission: to ensure the operation of the real economy

The real economy is the cornerstone of economic and social development. The steady advancement of the construction of “dual zones” should focus on the real economy. Finance, on the other hand, should serve the real economy as the starting point and end point, and invest more funds and resources in the real economy.

In order to accurately support the development of the real economy, in recent years, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has made full use of market big data to segment the small and medium-sized enterprise industry, and launched group insurance protection plans in stages according to the different risk protection needs of small, medium and micro enterprises, and is committed to Provide tailored protection content and differentiated professional services for small, medium and micro enterprises.

In 2021, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch will focus on promoting the “small and medium-sized group order market development and supporting service support system” project, and has developed and launched products including China Life Industrial Insurance, China Life Traffic Insurance, China Life Store Insurance, and China Life Home Protection Insurance The “Eight Insurances for Group Bills” including 8 protection plans including China Life Xinxing Insurance, China Life Specialized Special New Insurance, China Life Science and Technology Insurance and China Life Very Short-Term Accident. This product combination protection plan is highly targeted, has a wide range of protection, and is cost-effective. It can be said to be a strong proof that China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch uses financial water to accurately drip-fed small, medium and micro enterprises.

At the same time, in order to greatly improve the response speed of small and medium group order quotations, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch comprehensively sorted out and optimized the group order sales process, and improved the corresponding small and medium group order sales support tools. Through the “small and medium group order market development and supporting service support The “system” gives sales staff a certain right to quote independently, further simplifies the quotation approval process, enables sales staff to respond to customer quotation needs in a timely manner, and provides differentiated, professional and refined insurance services for small, medium and micro enterprises.

As of December 31, 2022, the “Eight Major Insurances” for group orders have provided services for more than 190,000 employees of nearly 7,000 small, medium and micro enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, with a cumulative insurance coverage of nearly 130 billion yuan.

“As an important force to promote Shenzhen’s economic development, small, medium and micro enterprises play an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting people’s livelihood, and preventing risks. China Life upholds its original intention and focuses on customers’ pain points and difficult problems. Enterprises should provide solid backing for operating risks.” The relevant person in charge of China Life Insurance Company said.

  Bravely Assuming Corporate Responsibility: Helping the People’s Livelihood

“Protecting people’s livelihood” is one of the major issues that the party and the government are most concerned about. In recent years, as the government has further explored to weave a dense medical security network, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has further increased its participation in social protection of people’s livelihood. China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch can be seen in every major government insurance project.

In September 2020, the Shenzhen Municipal Government launched an urban customized commercial medical insurance project, opening an era in which Shenzhen medical insurance participants can use the balance of their social security cards to purchase exclusive health insurance. According to reports, the Shenzhen urban customized commercial medical insurance project aims at “government-led, professional operation, benefits from HP, and comprehensive protection”. It aims to continuously improve the health protection level of Shenzhen citizens by promoting the further integration of medical insurance and commercial insurance. Tiered health insurance coverage. Due to the characteristics of low premium, low threshold, high protection, benefiting all ages, focusing on high-incidence diseases, flexible payment, and simple procedures, the project has been widely accepted by citizens. As of the end of 2022, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has provided about 146,000 Pengcheng citizens with city-specific commercial medical insurance and “Shenzhen Exclusive Critical Illness Insurance” protection, with a cumulative total insurance amount of up to 430 billion yuan.

In order to focus on building an insurance service experience that is “anywhere, safe, reliable, efficient and convenient”, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch also innovatively launched the “Pengxin Compensation” service. Customers can settle commercial insurance claims while obtaining financial and medical electronic invoices Application, one-stop service continuation from emergency medical consultation to insurance claim. The service also upgrades the insurance company’s traditional passive waiting for customer applications to active claim settlement through the report reminder and service follow-up functions, and realizes the full integration of multiple processes such as customer commercial insurance report, salesman’s visit and condolences, and medical expense data transmission. coverage, bringing more convenient claims services. This service has been highly concerned by the government and the general public. In 2022, “Pengxin Compensation” has achieved full coverage of hospitals above the second level in Shenzhen, and has set up publicity service points in 33 hospitals.

In addition, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch also combined with the deployment of the party and the state, successively carried out military insurance projects such as “benevolent army insurance”, “peng army insurance” and “insurance to send elite soldiers” to provide “good placement, good service, and security” Good veterans and special care recipients contribute their strength.” Furthermore, together with the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs and the Aging Office, it jointly launched the “Silver Age Ankang” exclusive accident insurance for the elderly, giving full play to the important role of commercial insurance service agencies in the social pension security system.

  Adhering to the Origin of Insurance: Developing Financial Services for New Citizens

“When you come, you are a Shenzhener.” As a pioneer city of China’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen continues to attract batches of new citizens. Shenzhen has a large number of new citizens, so it is of great significance to provide financial services for new citizens.

In order for new citizens to better enjoy the convenience of life brought by insurance services, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch provides customers with nationwide insurance policy business services, and solves the problem of new citizens’ insurance policy services in different places in one stop.

By making full use of intelligent digital technology, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has upgraded a number of service measures. For example, at the front end of the policy becoming effective, various “e-verification” tools represented by “verification trial calculation” and “Mr. He” provide customers with solutions such as pre-insurance plan design, pre-underwriting of health abnormalities, pre-underwriting of large-amount policies, etc. Underwriting service support. The application of “underwriting e-point communication” has realized the one-to-one scene-based online communication between sales personnel and underwriting personnel during the insurance application process. In order to ensure uninterrupted investigation services, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch actively uses online investigation channels, and through remote video online interviews, to ensure that relevant investigations are completed quickly and with high quality.

Among the new citizens in Shenzhen, many are elderly people who moved here with their children. Meeting the needs of the elderly and improving their happiness in life have also become an important part of the service optimization system for new citizens. At all counters under the jurisdiction of China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch, elderly customers can not only use reading glasses, magnifying glasses, convenience medicine boxes and other “aging-friendly” items, but also enjoy a number of “exclusive green channel services”; while online services Among them, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch actively promoted the life insurance app “Respecting the Elderly Model” to help elderly customers bridge the digital divide. The font size of the life insurance app respecting the elderly has been upgraded, the voice broadcast service has been added, and the “air customer service” button that can be called with one touch has been added, so that the elderly can easily handle business without leaving home. Since the beginning of this year, China Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch has provided more than 1,000 elderly people who are in the counter with the “exclusive mode” heart-warming service at the counter, and provided more than 4,000 elderly customers with the “priority access” function of telephone service.

With the “big country” in mind, China Life Insurance Company has always resolutely implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, focused on the insurance needs of new citizens, innovated and empowered development, and continued to optimize services. It is committed to bringing simple, high-quality, and warm services to new citizens. experience.

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