Minsheng Bank Cup? 2023 “Nankai Five Tigers” Badminton Spring Tournament Successfully Held in Tianjin

Minsheng Bank Cup? 2023 “Nankai Five Tigers” Badminton Spring Tournament Successfully Held in Tianjin

Spring is the preface, and all things sing in harmony. On April 9, 2023, the Minsheng Bank Cup · 2023 “Nankai Five Tigers” series of badminton spring games was successfully held. The event was jointly organized by Tianjin Branch of China Minsheng Bank and Tianjin Alumni Association of Nankai University, guided by Tianjin Badminton Association and supported by Tianjin Xiqing District Sports Bureau.

The purpose of this competition is to build the Minsheng Bank’s “Salary Life” brand. A total of 24 teams were invited to participate, including key enterprises, well-known chambers of commerce in Tianjin, and alumni associations of well-known universities in Tianjin. The 24 teams brought together many Tianjin badminton masters. Everyone competed in the same field, exchanged skills, and also gained profound friendship.

At the opening ceremony, Gu Qing, member of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress and deputy director of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress; Li Yidan, deputy secretary, Pan Zheng, director of the Sports Bureau of Xiqing District, Tianjin, Yang Yidong, secretary-general of Nankai University Tianjin Alumni Association, Liang Qian, general manager of the Retail Finance Department/Internet Finance Department of Tianjin Branch of China Minsheng Bank, Zhang Danhui, sports committee member of Nankai University Tianjin Alumni Association Chairman Lu Jian of Nankai University Tianjin Alumni Association Badminton Branch jointly kicked off the competition, and the competition officially kicked off after the kick-off ceremony.

24 teams competed fiercely. During the competition, the players went all out, embraced the love of badminton and the determination to constantly challenge themselves, enjoyed the joy of sports, and presented one wonderful game after another. In the end, the game The top three teams will be determined, and the guests will present certificates and trophies to the winning teams.

Minsheng Bank is committed to creating a respectful experience for customers, and this badminton match further promotes the “Salary Life” agency service brand. Salary life – come for salary, live for joy. The selection of professional financial products is only to better serve the operation and development of the enterprise, to select and enrich the rights and interests, and to better repay the support and recognition of customers. Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, contribute to regional financial strength, focus on customers, continuously improve customer service experience, provide customers with high-quality financial and non-financial services, and strive to become a distinctive, innovative and innovative company in the regional market. Make unremitting efforts to become a benchmark bank with value growth and stable operation.

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