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Huawei Assists Tianjin Petrochemical in Digital and Intelligent Transformation

Huawei Assists Tianjin Petrochemical in Digital and Intelligent Transformation

Nangang Industrial Zone is located in the south of the Bohai Bay coastline in Binhai New Area, Tianjin City. It used to be a barren saline-alkali flat, but now there are dense pipeline corridors, towering refining towers, and cargo ships shuttle. An “industrial oasis” is emerging by the sea.

Dagang and Nangang fly side by side

At present, Sinopec is actively building an industrial structure of “one base, two wings and three new”, and Tianjin is a key development area. Sinopec Tianjin Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Petrochemical”) is actively promoting the “dual-core layout of Dagang and Nangang” – in Dagang, oil refining is the core; Extend to fine chemical industry.

Tianjin Petrochemical Dagang Park is adjacent to the coastal wetland, with flowers in three seasons and evergreen in four seasons. It was named a “garden-style factory” by the Tianjin Municipal Government. Facing the Nangang ethylene project, Tianjin Petrochemical adheres to the concept of green and sustainable development, fully absorbs the construction and management experience of Dagang Park, aims at the goal of smart factory 3.0, comprehensively promotes intelligent construction, and promotes the traditional petrochemical industry to transform into high-end, intelligent, green and integrated upgrade.

If the park is to be built well, the infrastructure must be solid

Smart factories aim to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs through digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 5G. If a smart factory is compared to a tree, then the ICT infrastructure is like the “root” of the tree. The “root” of the tree is well supplied with nutrients, so that production control, business applications, and operational decision-making can flourish.

As the long chain unit of the green petrochemical industry chain, Tianjin Petrochemical has implemented the national deployment requirements of “promoting high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry” in its projects under construction and planned projects, and unswervingly promotes high-quality development. During the construction of the Nangang Large Ethylene Park, Tianjin Petrochemical paid more attention to the sustainable development of industrial greening and green industrialization, emphasized the construction of digital infrastructure, and promoted the twin construction of the Nangang ethylene industry factory and the digital factory to create a A modern industrial system that requires high-quality development.

As a world-leading ICT infrastructure provider, Huawei has always been committed to extending ICT technology capabilities to all walks of life, cooperating with customers and partners in technological innovation, giving full play to the enabling role of the “carbon fingerprint” of the ICT industry, and protecting nature with technology. Based on more than ten years of exploration and practice in the oil and gas industry, Huawei and its partners have jointly created smart solutions covering the entire upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry, injecting digital power into the digital transformation and intelligent development of oil and gas customers. Therefore, Huawei has also become a reliable companion on the road of Tianjin Petrochemical’s digital, intelligent, and green transformation.

Based on the overall needs of Tianjin Petrochemical’s smart factory, Huawei provides comprehensive ICT infrastructure and services such as cloud, wireless network, data center and interconnection, and video conferencing for Tianjin Petrochemical, helping customers build a digital base for petrochemical smart factories.

  In terms of the overall intelligent factory digital platform architecture, it is consistent with the strategy of Sinopec Group to ensure the unified linkage with the group side in the future.Construct petrochemical industry cloud;

  In terms of computing and storage resources, followThe design concept of “partition + layer + sub-plane + security”,In addition to satisfying the migration of the original system to the cloud and the deployment of the new system of this project, a certain amount of resource redundancy is reserved for future business development.Provide highly reliable services for key businesses;

  In terms of network resources, the core networks of Nangang and Dagang parks are connected by dedicated lines, managed by a unified intelligent platform, and at the same time, the wireless networks of the two parks are guaranteed to realize business mobility and network mobility.

Tianjin Petrochemical Nangang Park adopts the model of “data + platform + application”. Based on stable and reliable ICT infrastructure such as cloud computing, storage, and network, it promotes unified management and control of resources, and forms a management, production operation, production process control, and basic support structure. Further consolidate the digital foundation, so that business applications in various scenarios can be “received, run fast, and used well” on this basis.

The transformation is at the right time, the wind is just sailing

As the leader of Sinopec Tianjin Nangang’s high-end new material project cluster, Tianjin Petrochemical Nangang project will give full play to the demonstration and leading role of the smart chemical park. Through the construction of Nangang ethylene smart factory, it will comprehensively support the transformation and upgrading of operation management and production operation business, improve the level of intelligent control and intelligent service, promote the safety and reliability of the company’s operation, improve efficiency and benefit, realize lean, efficient and green intelligence in operation and production business, and improve Tianjin Petrochemical Governance modernization level.

Huawei has always been working hand in hand with industry customers and partners. Relying on new ICT technologies such as AI, 5G, video cloud, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, with a unified digital platform as the core and new ICT construction as the starting point, Huawei will serve refining and chemical enterprises Build a solid digital base to support refining and chemical enterprises to achieve safe, green and efficient development.

Next to the blue sky and blue sea, a world-class energy and chemical industry base is emerging in Nangang, Tianjin.

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