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How deep is the routine of the MCN organization named by the Cyberspace Administration of China?

How deep is the routine of the MCN organization named by the Cyberspace Administration of China?

Recently, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China released the “Notice on Strengthening the Management of “We Media””, 13 requirements are interlocking, pointing at the chaos of We Media.

It is worth noting that the “Notice” also specifically named some MCN organizations behind the self-media, requiring that the management of relevant institutions be strengthened, and the name of the MCN they belong to be displayed in a prominent manner on the homepage of the self-media account.

What is MCN? Why do you say it is a traffic operator?

“Notice on Strengthening the Management of “We Media”” (Source: Netcom China)


MCN is an organization that provides content planning, publicity and promotion, fan management, signing agency and other services for Internet celebrities and self-media. simply say,MCN is equivalent to a “star broker” in the Internet field. It can not only make the general trumpet bigger, but also realize the traffic.

According to reports, about 40% of the “big guys” with more than 10 million fans on the top online platforms have signed contracts with MCN agencies. There are even more than 300,000 MCN-related accounts on a key platform, and the average annual production information exceeds 33 million. It is an exaggeration to say that MCN can artificially create “network hotspots” and influence the public opinion field by moving its fingers.

Originally, MCN is a key link connecting platforms, self-media and users. Internet celebrity incubation and IP derivation in different fields can bring more fresh and high-quality content to netizens.However, in recent years, some self-media and MCN have become the initiators of Internet chaos by virtue of their strong influence.

For example, the common “selling miserably”: Some time ago, a video of “I still can’t figure out why I was diagnosed with liver cancer” rushed into the hot search. After investigation, the content of the video was not the real experience of the blogger, but a “sorrowful cash card” carefully crafted by the team behind the scenes.

A staff member of MCN said that now all kinds of self-media competition is fierce, and only traffic can make income, and some organizations rely on “selling miserable” to attract attention. In order to avoid being held accountable, they will type the word “fiction” in the video, but the font size is extremely small, “If your naked eye vision is less than 5.3, you really can’t see it.”The script is also very particular: “When you get sick, you must be young, or you must be in the ‘best stage of life’, and you must be born in a rural family, your partner is not motivated, and you must work hard on your own. profit.”

Another example is that children are used as cash cows: a 3-year-old child is fed 70 catties by his parents for “eating and broadcasting”, a 5-year-old girl teaches everyone how to make up for the camera, and a 6-year-old boy walks a tightrope blindfolded… According to industry insiders, Many Internet celebrity children are supported by MCN agencies. “Some parent-child self-media media are simply sharing daily life in the early stage, but as long as there is a little traffic, MCN will come to sign a contract to induce parents to borrow their children to make money.”

There are also MCNs who concoct controversial topics and incite netizens to confront each other in order to defraud traffic;Jointly publish content with wrong value orientation in the fields of knowledge popularization, academic research, history and culture, international relations, etc., mislead the public, and endanger national ideological security.

Some MCNs attract attention by “selling miserable”.Source: CCTV


Some MCNs did not create high-quality content, but they have developed their “internal skills” in cheating and abducting.

The first is to bet widely. MCN often signs a large number of self-media accounts, and then focuses on cultivating seed players with Internet celebrity potential. As long as one account is popular, the whole company “doesn’t have to worry about eating and drinking”.Once a certain account touched the bottom line of the law, MCN quickly banned the account, and then used a new account to “regain a new life”.

The second is to lay the script. A former MCN employee told Daomei that script writers usually only have “middle school composition level” and can “write 10 books a day” at the fastest. For example, a marriage proposal script used by a live broadcaster said that as long as the sales reached the target, he would propose to his fiancee on the spot, using exaggerated language and fast-paced background music to fool netizens into spending. In just a few days, the anchor “proposed three times” in the live broadcast room.

There is also a linkage script. Previously, two Internet celebrities “teared each other” because of their girlfriend’s cheating incident, which attracted a large number of onlookers.Unexpectedly, one of them did not play the cards according to the MCN script, and the “opponent actor” couldn’t bear it anymore, and directly filmed the script in front of the camera, making the fans who frantically swiped the Rockets dumbfounded.

Then there is false marketing. The brand side puts forward promotion needs to MCN, and MCN “receives orders” and “recommends praise” in batches through its accounts or purchases from the navy. Some media broke the news that in this type of marketing, MCN only needs to pay each amateur a maximum of 500 yuan to earn high commissions for false transaction volume; Nothing.

Finally, contract fraud. The aforementioned MCN employee said that MCN will make crazy promises before signing a contract with We Media, such as providing massive traffic bonuses, professional team guidance, and unlimited advertising resources, but the relevant data in the contract is not clear, and many We Media have not even set a good share. The proportion and division of responsibilities fall into the trap of MCN, allowing it to directly intervene in the content.As a result, it was the self-media that distorted the facts and incited public opinion, and it was MCN that cashed in the “star-making data” to receive the award.

Industry Relationship Map of MCN Institutions (Source: Network)


It is urgent to rectify the chaos of MCN.

Before the release of the “Notice”, “rectifying the chaos in the information content of MCN institutions” was listed by the Cyberspace Administration of China as the key task of the “Qinglang” series of special actions in 2022. The person in charge of the relevant department said that although the network chaos is related to the management of the website platform, it is also closely related to MCN.To strictly control MCN, the key is to “realize the organic combination of platform management, government supervision and social supervision”.

For example, the platform should establish an MCN hierarchical management system as soon as possible, clarify the standards and responsibilities of its information content business activities through the MCN settlement agreement, and strengthen the handling of violations;

The government needs to further draw a red line, and strictly prohibit MCN from creating public opinion, gossiping about hot spots, manipulating its accounts to fabricate views and ratings, and publishing homogeneous content in batches to mislead the public;

As for strengthening social supervision, it is necessary to further disclose MCN information, display the name of the MCN on the self-media account page, and establish a special report acceptance channel.

Some people in the industry admitted frankly that the domestic accountability mechanism for MCN is still insufficient at this stage.It is suggested that the measures of “continuous sitting” may be adopted under certain circumstances. Once the “incident” of the account under MCN is discovered, the organization will need to accept different degrees of punishment such as commission reduction or even banning.

Some practitioners also suggested a more refined hierarchical management of content review, “Copying the review standards of radio and television is a direction, but the workload is huge.”

Of course, the MCN industry is still a sunrise industry,Regulating MCN is not to “kill it with a stick”, but to promote the organization to operate legally and compliantly.

According to industry research data, as users’ demand for high-quality content is increasing, in 2022, among the key content expressions of MCN, the proportion of life-oriented, personalized, and knowledge-based content will increase and remain high, and creativity and professionalism will become increasingly important. The “hard core strength” of MCN’s accounts.

In the past year, some MCNs have developed rapidly in the short drama track, and the food field has also become the vanguard of their “local life business”. Sannong content and live broadcast of agricultural assistance have become new directions to target… These are healthy traffic, It is worth encouraging.

Some sources of information in this article: CCTV, Banyuetan, Jiemian News, etc.

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