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Selling good cars and pushing cars to sea products “Global Link”

Selling good cars and pushing cars to sea products “Global Link”

On June 29th, Global Connect 2023 Automobile Export Practical Conference was successfully held in Tianjin. The conference was guided by the China Automobile Dealers Association, co-sponsored by the auto trading service platform Selling Good Cars, the Russian China General Chamber of Commerce and the Russian China Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Exhibition and Sales Center, and representatives from industry associations More than 500 people, including leaders, experts and practitioners in the field of automobile export, attended the meeting.

There is no suspense in the export of 5 million vehicles. Opportunities and risks coexist

China’s car going overseas is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the industry at the moment. Compared with the gradual recovery of domestic auto sales, the export market has performed strongly. According to data from the Passenger Association, China’s auto exports reached 1.934 million units from January to May this year, showing a sustained strong growth of 75% year-on-year. The main driving force is still China The improvement of product competitiveness, especially the huge increase in exports brought about by the improvement of China’s new energy export competitiveness.

Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of National Passenger Car Information Association

  Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the Federation of Passenger Cars, analyzed at the conference that export will become an important force for the future growth of China’s automobiles to reach the annual sales target of 40 million vehicles.This year, China’s auto exports exceeded 5 million vehicles, so far there is no suspense.

Promote GSM product upgrade platform service capabilities

  To better serve the majority of car dealers and avoid “stepping on the pit” is the original intention of Selling Good Cars to launch its overseas series of products “Global Access”.Hu Fei, the founder and CEO of Sell Good Cars, said at the conference that due to lack of understanding of overseas markets, a large number of automobile products have been stranded in Dubai Port in recent years, which also exposedAt present, the industry is hot, but it faces the contradictions of “trust, efficiency, and settlement” that have not been fully resolved.Through the personal stories of three car dealers, Hu Fei showed on the spot how the latest “Global Link” product can solve the pain points of export car dealers.

Hu Fei, Founder and CEO of Selling Good Cars

“The efficiency of cars going overseas is directly related to the profits of car dealers. There are problems every day, but there is no profit.” Hu Fei said that in the process of going overseas for several months, car dealers are facing countless uncertainties. In order to solve the problem of efficiency, the GSM series first landed to solve the problem of “warehouse”. Selling a good car through the foreign “sample warehouse”, the “front warehouse” of the port, the three-level storage system of the “stock warehouse” all over the country and the nationwide The “7+7+7” service of purchasing advance funds within 7 days, domestic logistics within 7 days, and customs clearance within 7 days solves the problem of efficiency.

In view of the exchange rate risks faced by many car dealers in the export process, and even losses, Selling Cars teamed up with domestic banks to continue to upgrade services and introduce corresponding settlement policies, so as to realize T+0.5 days for Chinese car dealers to receive RMB, effectively avoiding currency risk.

“We have encountered situations where car dealers went overseas blindly due to uncertainty, and the vehicles were placed abroad for their ‘birthdays’. The export industry does not require every car dealer to reinvent the wheel. We have prepared it for everyone to use. The landing warehouse, We will prepare the money and channels for landing.” In the field of car export, Hu Fei promised at the conference that “only water will be sold, and no households will be sold.”

It is understood that in the past three months of trial operation of related products, 1,000 Chinese cars have been successfully served overseas. Next, resources from all parties will be integrated to achieve exponential growth in business volume. On this basis, the “Global Link” series of Haoche will gradually launch targeted products to enter the South American market and the ASEAN market.

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