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Honor MagicOS 8.0 released, defining a new generation of human-computer interaction

Honor MagicOS 8.0 released, defining a new generation of human-computer interaction

On January 10, Honor officially released its self-developed operating system MagicOS 8.0 (Chinese name: Magic OS 8.0), the industry’s first new generation of human-computer interaction – platform-level AI-enabled intent-recognized human-computer interaction, defining a new paradigm of intelligent terminal interaction ; With platform-level AI fully enabled, Magic OS 8.0 achieves experience evolution in four major areas: smart interconnection, smooth performance, privacy and security, and technological aesthetics. In addition, Honor officially released the self-developed 7 billion parameter (hereinafter referred to as 7B) large model – “Magic Big Model” – on the Magic6 series, which supports the “new kernel” of the operating system – platform-level AI, further creating a “better and better with more use” , a personalized operating system that gets to know you better the more you use it. At the press conference, Honor also announced the launch of the “Hundred Models Ecological Plan”, using Magic OS to provide access to China’s top 100 models, and working with industry partners to create a new ecosystem of large model services, unite the power of China’s AI, and open a new chapter in China’s AI.

Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., said that Honor will use AI to redefine human-computer interaction, from the launch of the Magic Live smart system on the first generation of Magic in 2016, to the deployment of platform-level AI in Magic OS 7.0 in 2022, to Magic OS 8.0 and beyond. Platform-level AI creates a new paradigm of human-computer interaction with intent recognition. Honor has firmly embraced the AI ​​wave from the beginning. Over the years, Honor’s AI R&D expenses have accumulated to 10 billion, and the number of AI patents has reached 2,100. In the new chapter of AI, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers represented by Honor will combine with Chinese Internet manufacturers to create AI application services suitable for local culture and social patterns, empowering the personal productivity and creativity of 200 million Honor users. , forming a technological innovation that attracts global attention, we believe that China’s AI power will become the glory of the world.

  Platform-level AI enablement, MagicOS 8.0 first release intends to recognize human-computer interaction

The new wave of AI is pregnant with great changes in operating systems. Following Command Line Interaction (CLI), Graphical Interface Interaction (GUI), and Natural Interface Interaction (NUI), Magic OS 8.0 is equipped with the industry’s new intent-based smart terminal interaction paradigm – Intent-based Human-Computer Interaction (Intent-based UI, referred to as IUI), which breaks through the traditional way of finding services based on needs and brings a direct way to services based on intent. Based on the scene perception, intention decision-making, and user understanding capabilities of Magic Live platform-level AI, the IUI of Magic OS 8.0 supports multi-modal interaction methods such as natural language, voice, pictures, gestures, and eye movements, and can intelligently identify user intentions and conduct Quickly reason and make decisions, proactively provide personalized services, and efficiently complete closed-loop tasks in complex scenarios, greatly reducing the OS usage threshold and improving interaction efficiency.

This new paradigm of IUI benefits from the “new core” of Magic OS – platform-level AI. Different from application-level AI, platform-level AI can serve as a technical base to fully enable the OS. The traditional OS kernel is mainly responsible for managing hardware resources, while the “new kernel” of platform-level AI is responsible for “managing” human-related factors, such as personal knowledge base, location and status, habits and portraits, etc., to help the OS accurately identify users. Intention, efficiently schedule system services, and bring a smart experience of “guessing what you want and understanding what you need”.

The IUI of Magic OS brings a “magic” experience – any door, based on intent recognition, allowing services to achieve one-step direct access and intelligent flow across applications and devices. At present, Honor Any Door supports more than 100 mainstream Chinese application services, covering seven high-frequency scenarios such as travel, office, social networking, search, entertainment, shopping, and food. Baidu Maps, Bilibili, AutoNavi, Didi, Douyin, Youku, Alipay, etc. have opened any door to realize one-to-one address taxi/navigation, one-to-one search of proper nouns, one-to-one price comparison/shopping of product pictures, Taobao password, One-drag the password to unlock the password, one-drag the file/text to print, one-drag the movie title, one-drag the file sharing/global collection and other services. It can also be combined with the trust ring to transfer the service to the car, printer and other equipment.

  The Magic 6 series debuts Honor’s self-developed “Magic Big Model” and supports the operating system’s “new kernel”

This time, Magic OS 8.0 also debuts Honor’s first terminal-side platform-level AI model – Magic Model – on the Magic 6 series. After in-depth cooperation with Qualcomm for development and debugging, Honor’s self-developed 7B large model was quantitatively compressed and deployed on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3, achieving smooth operation on the device side and overcoming the problem of balancing performance and power consumption.

Magic Big Model brings powerful natural language understanding and efficient multi-modal information analysis capabilities to Magic OS, allowing platform-level AI to achieve a leap from perception to cognition, further blessing the “new core”, and thus bringing personal benefits to users. A new experience that is personalized, humanized and more privacy-protecting. Magic OS integrates the capabilities of platform-level AI large models into specific scenes, bringing a number of IUI “magic” experiences: “conversation into a movie”, using natural language to talk to YOYO, automatically selecting specific materials in the personal gallery, and quickly editing Turn into wonderful personal videos; “Multi-modal schedule management”, drag complex text information, pictures, photos, conversation screenshots into any door, and generate schedules in one step through deep semantic understanding and image and text understanding; “Gallery semantic search”, use natural language It can accurately search pictures in the gallery, and also launched a semantic video search function, which can locate the specific position of the picture in the video and jump with one click.

  Released the “Hundred Model Ecosystem Plan” to build a “new ecosystem” of large model services for device-cloud collaboration

Interactive changes drive ecological changes. In response to the problems that netizens “don’t dare to ask” and “can’t ask” when using the cloud-side large model, Magic OS 8.0 innovatively launches a “new ecological” paradigm based on IUI, using YOYO intelligent assistant as the carrier to fully collaborate with the end-cloud large model Ability to bring more “magic” experience of “direct intention”: the terminal-side platform-level AI large model serves as the central control, understands user intentions, disassembles and orchestrates tasks, efficiently and securely connects to the cloud-side large model, distributes and integrates , schedule atomized services and complete closed-loop complex tasks. During the process, the client-side large model filters out personal privacy through the client-side protection network and ensures that personal information is not uploaded to the cloud to protect privacy security.

Based on this “new ecological” paradigm, Honor has released the “Hundred Models Ecological Plan” to work with partners to create a “new ecosystem” of large model services for device-cloud collaboration. Honor will provide access to the top 100 models, making large models universal on the cloud side. Large models in various industry verticals can be integrated into Magic OS through shelf integration, and a wider range of third-party applications can also easily call Honor Magic large models to enhance the application experience. At the press conference, Honor joined hands with three partners to bring three innovative experiences of device-cloud collaboration:

Experience 1: Join hands with AutoNavi to create an efficient travel experience. Tacit dialogues, such as “First go to my wife’s company, then go home, and then go to the old place to meet old friends.” In the future, it will be quickly parsed by the large model on the device, and AutoNavi will automatically generate multi-segment itinerary navigation.

Experience 2: Working with the cloud-side universal large model – Baidu Wenxin large model, YOYO Assistant creates more professional user services, bringing localized text creation, knowledge Q&A, life advice, etc.

Experience 3: Join hands with the large model of Yunside Vertical Domain – the large model of Air Travel Zongheng Qianrang to create an efficient air travel experience. In the future, users only need to briefly describe their ticket booking needs without repeatedly prompting for personal demand information. The large model on the client side can automatically combine personal schedule, distance to destination, personal flying habits and other information to pull up the cloud large model to complete ticket booking efficiently.

The above application upgrade experience will be completed in the first half of 2024, and more exciting large-model service experiences will gradually flourish with the development of the 100-model plan and the participation of more ecological partners.

This time, at the Magic OS conference, Baidu Smart Cloud became a strategic partner of Honor’s large model ecosystem. In this regard, Shen Dou, executive vice president of Baidu Group and president of Baidu Intelligent Cloud Business Group, said at the Honor conference, “MagicOS is a highly innovative and influential mobile application ecosystem. I believe that in the era of large models, it will Provide developers with broader opportunities, provide users with intelligent experiences, and continue to promote the development of the industry. As an ecological strategic partner of the Honor Magic Model, Baidu Smart Cloud will work with Honor to continue to focus on the in-depth integration of the terminal and cloud models. Let’s work together to promote ecological prosperity.”

  Platform-level AI enablement, the “human-centered” experience of Magic OS has been fully evolved

Enabled by the continuously evolving platform-level AI, Magic OS 8.0 not only brings changes in human-computer interaction, but also achieves experience evolution in four major areas: intelligent interconnection, smooth performance, privacy and security, and aesthetic design.

Fang Fei, product line president of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., said, “Honor has designed a picture of products and services from the beginning, building a people-centered cross-system, cross-device, and cross-application product and service ecosystem, and integrating it through MagicOS. Get through and put forward the concept of service and finding people. Honor’s ideal has never changed. After three years of hard work and persistence, we finally bring a new magic OS today to create a new smart world with seamless connections and traceless experience.”

In terms of smart interconnection, the “people-centered” experience of the MagicRing trust ring, one of the four root technologies of Magic OS, has been fully upgraded. Through full-stack reconstruction, the trust ring realizes the transition from point-to-point networking to full-connection networking, reducing power consumption by 25%, increasing networking speed by 500%, and supporting up to 8 concurrent services – allowing simultaneous calls, notifications, and keystrokes. Automatic transfer of mice, files, windows, cameras, audio and video and other services; at the same time, printers (Canon, Lenovo, etc.), watches, headphones, cars and other equipment and supporting services are added to the trust ring, covering sports and health, office education, smart Travel, smart home and more life scenarios. Honor introduces platform-level AI into the Internet technology stack, and the intelligent decision-making layer senses the devices currently used by users, bringing an experience where service intelligence flows with people. In the travel scenario, Honor has established a trust loop with mainstream car companies such as Changan Automobile, Great Wall Motors, and Guangzhou Automobile Group. With the support of any door, services such as music, audio content, navigation, video calls, and online ride-hailing orders can be transferred with one click. , seamlessly get into the car, and the pictures and videos captured by the driving recorder can also be transferred to the mobile phone on demand. In addition, the trust ring also supports cross-system and cross-screen dragging of application windows, so that mobile phones, PCs and tablets can be extended screens for each other; PCs and tablets can also directly call the mobile phone camera to take pictures and insert them into documents.

In terms of smooth performance, with the support of platform-level AI, the Turbo High-quality, stable and smooth experience such as super touch control and continuous disconnection on weak networks; according to Honor Extreme Lab data, in 297 fluency tests against iOS, the proportion of Magic OS advantageous scenes increased to 42% (MagicOS 7.2 period) is 30%).

In terms of privacy and security, based on the evolution of end-side AI technology, Magic OS 8.0 brings a system-level secure space. The “parallel space” will cover candy bar models. Pictures and files can be transported to the parallel space through any door. In addition, the application life cycle management system has been further improved, and the anti-harassment radar has been upgraded to accurately intercept “Shake” ads.

In addition, with the blessing of platform-level AI, Magic OS 8.0 also brings more intelligent interaction and technological aesthetic experience: Smart Capsule. Honor launched Smart Capsule on the V20 hole-digging screen for the first time in 2018, which is combined with YOYO recommendations on Magic OS 8.0. It brings a more systematic design, providing multi-modal smart experiences such as capsules, cards, sounds, and eye control, and can display 8 categories of “taxi-hailing, takeaways, flights, trains, express delivery, music playback, movies, games, and system services in real time” The task status of “scene” can be accessed globally and known at a glance. It can currently be experienced on Baidu, Didi, Amap Taxi, Hanglv Zongheng, Meituan Waimai, Fengchao, SF Express, QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music and other applications to; magic lock screen, family and pets are integrated into the lock screen to create an exquisite poster-like effect; publish atomic applications and drag desktop icons to expand the display of atomic services; ever-changing desktop: atomic applications and folder transformations allow users to freely match their personalities Customized and scene-based desktop; smart table setting, when placed horizontally, the mobile phone transforms into a beautiful clock, calendar, electronic photo album, and motto; personal affairs center: water and electricity payment, air tickets and hotels, loan repayment, personal schedule, violation fines, medical registration, Various notification information such as live broadcasts of dramas will be automatically parsed and stored in the personal affairs center “My Day”, and cards based on AI intent recognition will automatically remind you; in the personal knowledge center, 300+ applications can be quickly collected by swiping down with three fingers to collect web pages, videos, Files and other content also support multi-device transfer.

In addition, the new Honor consumer cloud service has launched a comprehensive self-developed product matrix for the Chinese market, including application market, game center, theme center, smart services, etc., unlocking new growth for ecological partners through new channels and new traffic. In 2024, the Honor Voyage Plan will be completely upgraded and the amount of support resources will be increased to 2 billion yuan. It will integrate all scenarios such as application distribution, service distribution, and content distribution to accelerate the encouragement and support of developers to innovate and achieve breakthroughs in commercial value.

At the press conference, Honor also released the public beta plan of Magic OS 8.0, which covers 42 mobile phones and tablets including Magic series, Honor digital series, X50 series, X40 GT, Honor Tablet 9, MagicPad 13, V8pro, etc. Different models will The public beta will be launched in batches in the first half of 2024.

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