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December Steam hardware survey results: RTX 3060 dominates the list

December Steam hardware survey results: RTX 3060 dominates the list

As the world’s largest game platform, Steam has hundreds of millions of players around the world. While providing rich game resources, it is also the world’s most valuable collection of player hardware. Its monthly game hardware survey report shows us Understand the ebbs and flows and changes of the hardware market.

Just recently, Steam released a hardware survey report for the last month of 2023. Some of the information about game graphics cards is worthy of our analysis.

  The RTX 3060 tops the list with a share of 5.04% in November. It rose again by 0.25% in December and currently accounts for 5.29%.

The second place is the familiar GTX 1650.It decreased by 0.07% from the previous month, with a share of 4.69%.The third place is GTX 1060, with a drop of 0.45%, only 3.87%, which is almost the same as the fourth place RTX 2060.

Another thing worth noting is that among the graphics cards, both RTX 3060 Laptop GPU and RTX 4060 Laptop GPU have climbed to the forefront.

The proportions of the two graphics cards are 3.48% and 2.03% respectively. As for AMD and Intel, both of them are core graphics, and NVIDIA’s dominance in the Steam hardware survey cannot be underestimated.

Of course, our old friend the desktop RTX 40 series graphics card cannot be forgotten. At the forefront is the RTX 4070, and its share has increased by 0.34% compared to last month. Sure enough, mainstream graphics cards are the first choice for players.

Followed by RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 4060 Ti, both share about 1%. As for the RTX 4060, which promotes itself as a dessert card, it ranks fourth.

The only 7000 series graphics card on Su Ma’s list is the 7900XTX, but its proportion is a bit pitiful, only 0.32%.

In terms of other data, Microsoft has already launched Win11, but players seem to be more fond of Win10. Currently, Win11 and Win10 are basically evenly divided.

  MacOS and Linux are still in the minority, and the two together do not even account for 4%. I wonder if MacOS will see a growth after Apple solves the problem of MacBook AAA.

In terms of CPU, in the latest statistics, Intel and AMD processors accounted for 65.64% and 34.36%, with the former having a slight increase of 0.34 percentage points. In terms of core count, six-core processors still rank first, with a slight increase in share, from 31.9% last month to 32.11%.

In terms of VR equipment, Oculus Quest 2’s share dropped by 2.58%, leaving only 37.87% this month. However, the biggest change was Meta Quest 3, which increased its market share by 2.55% in December, basically taking it away. The share of the old Oculus Quest 2.

It can also be seen from the table that the number of users using VR devices to play Steam also dropped by 0.05% this month. If they want to increase the number of users of VR devices, manufacturers may also need to find a “balanced strategy” between weight, experience and pricing. .

Finally, let’s take a look at the most commonly used configurations on the Steam platform. Finally, it is no longer the GTX 1060 that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Most players have finally used the RTX 3060, but other parts have not changed much. They are still Win10 with a 6-core CPU. , 16GB memory and 1080P screen.

It is worth mentioning that Steam conducts such a hardware survey once a month, and Steam collects data on the types of computer software and hardware that users are using.

Of course, participation in this survey is not compulsory, and your consent is required before it is collected. The entire process is anonymous.

The reason for collecting hardware information is to allow more game developers to understand the current hardware configurations of mainstream users, and also to help officials decide which technologies to invest in and develop and which products to provide.

  Editor’s comments:

Last month’s list was quite interesting. In terms of graphics cards, we can see that NVIDIA still has an absolute advantage. The 40 series graphics cards have been launched for more than half a year. Players obviously recognize the 70-level graphics cards more, and the 60-level graphics cards are more popular among notebook users. In use.

As for AMD and Intel graphics cards, I can only say that there is a long way to go. There are basically no changes to the CPU, it is still the same layout.

The biggest change is in the field of VR. It is also rumored that Apple’s Vision Pro will be launched soon. I don’t know if the VR market will set off another wave of enthusiasm. Let’s wait and see.

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