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Can’t find the drug instructions?You can scan it with WeChat

Can’t find the drug instructions?You can scan it with WeChat

Open WeChat and “Scan” to scan the QR code on the medicine box to directly access Tencent Health Medicine Box, where services such as disease science popularization, medication reminders, and prescription refills can be opened “on the code”. Recently, Tencent Health and AstraZeneca announced that the two parties have built a patient-centered full-cycle medication service in the fields of respiratory asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases through pill box scanning, and the cumulative number of service users has exceeded 5 million.

Scan the QR code of the medicine box via WeChat “Scan” to directly access the Tencent Health Medicine Box

The “Sixth National Health Service Statistical Survey Special Report” shows that the number of people with chronic diseases in China has exceeded 400 million, the incidence rate of people over 15 years old exceeds 34%, and the incidence rate of people over 65 years old exceeds 60%. Due to the long course of chronic disease treatment, chronic disease medication management faces many pain points, especially for middle-aged and elderly patients, which is more difficult to manage. Not only do patients often forget to take doses, skip doses, and re-use medications, but the lack of knowledge about the disease and nursing care also leads to poor disease control, and there is also the inability to follow up with doctors and refill prescriptions conveniently and on time. In response to these medication pain points, Tencent Health built the WeChat “scan” medicine box into a health medicine box, relying on Tencent Medical Dictionary’s objective and in-depth disease science popularization, as well as management tools such as medication management and health records, while integrating the latest large medical models, district Digital technologies such as blockchain traceability provide patients with a one-stop medication information and medication service platform.

According to a user survey of Tencent Health Medicine Box, nearly 50% of users who are interested in diabetes and cardiovascular disease medication services are over 50 years old, and functions such as medication reminders, disease science popularization, and querying nearby pharmacies are “the most popular”; while in the field of respiratory asthma, , users tend to get younger, with 50% of users aged between 25 and 49 years old. Disease science and popular medication guidance have become a critical need for users.

Disease science popularization and medication reminders have become urgent needs for users when taking medication

In the medication scenario, Tencent Health Medicine Box uses WeChat “scan” to provide patients with one-stop services for medication use, medication inquiry, and drug purchase, including drug verification and traceability, drug information and instruction manual inquiry, medication reminders, medication guidance, health Management and other services. For example, “Medication Reminder” can remind patients to take medicine on time every day, and “Drug Instructions” provides drug instructions with “bringing a magnifying glass”. In addition, a voice instruction broadcasting function is also designed, and an AI digital human is used to design a medication guidance function, which not only broadcasts drug instructions to patients, but also allows digital human pharmacists to interact with patients to answer questions, in response to the national “Drug Instructions for Aging and Accessibility” Reform the pilot work plan” policy to solve pain points such as patients’ lack of drug knowledge and high medication threshold.

In the science popularization scene, Tencent Health Medicine Box provides scientific, authoritative, and easy-to-understand disease science popularization information display, allowing patients to learn more professional medicines, diseases, diet, exercise and daily management knowledge in a timely manner, as well as diversified disease science popularization content, including Pictures, texts, comics, videos, health questions, etc. can be reminded through WeChat to view updated disease science content to further enhance users’ health awareness.

  In health management scenarios,Provide refined health management services based on disease characteristics, supporting medical insurance information inquiry, online consultation and online registration,Health monitoring and other tools,Provide patients with more efficient, convenient and practical health services, and achieve full-cycle scientific and standardized self-health management.

Tencent Health and pharmaceutical companies have jointly created a new smart medication model of “Pill Box as a Service”, which optimizes and upgrades the traditional medication process through digital technology. Patients can enjoy the service by scanning the QR code on WeChat, helping to improve patient medication safety and satisfaction. .

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