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Home appliances + home furnishing, home consumption presents a new trend

Home appliances + home furnishing, home consumption presents a new trend

In recent years, China’s home appliance consumption structure has undergone significant changes. More and more new categories and new brands have emerged. Large home appliances have stabilized, while small home appliances have surged. Innovation speed and efficiency have continued to increase, showing a development trend of consumption recovery and quality growth.

First of all, there is still a lot of room for development in the home consumption scene. Especially in the field of home appliance consumption, major manufacturers have successively launched the business and consumption model of “one-stop shopping for home appliances and home furnishing”, integrating the advantages of online and offline omni-channels, creating solutions that match the needs of different consumers, and building a healthy life and a technological new home. and other different consumption scenarios to promote the high-quality development of the entire industry.

Secondly, the consumption of environment-improving electrical appliances and health-protecting electrical appliances continues to boom. TVs should be able to protect the eyes, refrigerators should be purchased with three functions of freshness preservation, antibacterial and deodorization, washing machines should be efficient in removing mites and bacteria, and air conditioners should be able to purify the air… These new consumption trends show that consumers are paying more and more attention to In good health, I hope that all kinds of electrical appliances used in daily life can improve the quality of life. At present, environmental and health appliances show great potential market development prospects, and have become an important breakthrough for the high-quality development of home appliance companies.

Again, Shilao Electric has transformed from “caring” to “adaptive” and “intelligent”. With the growth of the elderly population and the rapid rise of the silver-haired economy, electrical appliances for the elderly came into being. At present, the relevant electrical appliances are becoming more and more subdivided, and have gradually developed from the single “caring” products such as heaters, massage chairs, and foot tubs in the past to various home appliances that adapt to more life scenarios, and have rapidly entered the market. into the homes of elderly consumers.

Finally, with the diversification and subdivision becoming the trend, the popularity of large appliances with core innovative technologies has not declined but increased. For example, in the TV industry, Chinese companies have been able to innovate and integrate optical systems, image processing technologies, and display technologies, and the display quality and clarity have reached a leading position in the world.

From the emergence of the “stay-at-home economy” in 2020 to the current “home consumption scene” leading the trend of home furnishing integration, the home appliance industry needs to further improve the channel operating environment, lay down channels, drive the industry to improve quality, and stimulate the industry through product, price, and service upgrades. Consumption potential, jointly create a healthy industrial ecology, and provide consumers with a reassuring, money-saving and trouble-free consumption experience.

Reprinted from/Economic Daily (Planner/Li Tong Li Hefeng, author Lu Fei, senior researcher at JD Consumer and Industry Development Research Institute), original title “Higher Integration of Home Appliances and Home Furnishing Consumption Scenes”

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