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China’s game industry “broke the circle” in an all-round way

China’s game industry “broke the circle” in an all-round way

China’s game industry is “breaking the circle” in an all-round way, and game technology is becoming an important “toolbox” for “digital-real integration”. At the 20th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (2023 ChinaJoy), “AI Galaxy” and “Yijie Jinlan” Duozhan and other relevant achievements in promoting cultural inheritance, empowering the real economy, and exerting social value were displayed. The powerful spillover effect of the game industry.

The “digital therapy” product “AI Galaxy” aimed at rehabilitation training for children with autism.Photo by Wang Ji

“Digital Medicine” is one of the key fields of Shengqu Games. Based on the “GAME+ Laboratory” of Shengqu Games, Century Huatong invested in the establishment of the ecological enterprise Digital Pharmaceutical Intelligence, relying on the rich digital content development experience of Shengqu Games, and based on the scientific research results of cutting-edge neural networks, it provides a diagnosis and treatment for cranial nerve diseases. Digital drug therapy means. According to reports, at present, Shuyao Intelligence has successfully developed a variety of digital drug products, including “AI Galaxy” for children with autism, and “Attention Intensive Training Software” for children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Among them, “Attention Intensive Training Software” has obtained the second-class medical device certificate issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, becoming the first “electronic prescription drug” approved in this field.

As a “super digital scene” that condenses cutting-edge technology and cultural achievements, providing more “solutions” to social issues is an important application direction of the game. Zhang Wei, vice president of Tencent Interactive Entertainment, revealed that in order to make the game play a wider social value, Tencent has explored in multiple fields: jointly launched the “Silver Hair Project” in the field of aging-friendly services, and under the guidance of experts in related fields, jointly developed Developed an auxiliary training APP to help the elderly with mild cognitive impairment complete rehabilitation exercises through digital therapy; created the industry’s first standardized game vibration and tactile system in the field of information barrier-free technology, helping the visually impaired to better to travel and live.

In the field of aviation, Tencent and China Southern Airlines launched China’s first fully self-developed full-motion flight simulator visual system, which is jointly built based on Tencent’s self-developed game engine and China Southern Airlines’ virtual image display technology. flight training. Zhang Wei said with emotion, “Through the game PCG and AIGC technology, the panoramic modeling of a large city can be completed in half a day, and an airport can be restored with high precision in 3 days, so that the production efficiency of digital assets can be increased by more than 10 times. In the breakthrough in the field of cutting-edge equipment , we see the great value and possibility of game technology as digital productivity.”

The first game empowerment exhibition was unveiled at 2023ChinaJoy.Photo by Wang Ji

At the same time, games are also providing “new touchpoints” for ancient and modern cultures. There are many such products in the game empowerment exhibition launched by ChinaJoy for the first time this year. For example, Yingying Network’s self-developed IP “Legend of the Blue Moon” has cross-border linkage with traditional Chinese wooden structure construction techniques, using mortise and tenon techniques to restore the classic Dragon City, 28,000 pieces of wood are interlocking, giving traditional culture vitality; and Jianyao The cross-border linkage of Jianzhan’s firing skills has launched a customized pair of “Yijie Jinlan” to help intangible cultural heritage culture better integrate into modern life. The “Yijie Jinlan” paired cups exhibited here are divided into blue moon cups and legendary cups. The classic shapes and patterns-“blue unicorn” and “golden oil drop” are selected. The brotherhood of benevolence and righteousness has the same effect, and combined with calligraphy and seal cutting, it leaves the classic blue moon mark on the bottom of the cup.

According to Lu Xiaoyin, Co-CEO and President of Perfect World, games have become a way of cultural inheritance that combines tradition and modernity with the characteristics of interactivity, immersion, and creativity. Through the innovation and application of digital technology, people can personally experience historical events, cultural legends and traditional arts, and stimulate interest and awareness of traditional culture. The national style map launched by the light sci-fi open-world mobile game “Magic Tower” has attracted many players to check in; “Fantasy New Zhu Xian” and the Peking Opera Theater of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group have released the Beijing song “Nian Nujiao”, which interprets the fairy tales in the form of Peking opera. The connotation of Chinese classical aesthetics… “We hope that in the future, more people will be able to learn more about traditional culture through the carrier of games, and pass on the treasures of Chinese culture.”

Sun Shoushan, chairman of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, pointed out that in the first half of this year, China’s game industry began to enter a recovery period after being under pressure. The cultural value of games has become more prominent, and game technology has gradually spilled over into various fields of economic and social development. “Game technology with high intelligence, high interaction and high fidelity features has unique cross-border application potential. We should vigorously tap and release this potential to let the public realize that games are not only a form of entertainment, but also a cross-border application of technology. A ‘toolbox’ for world-wide applications.” (End)

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